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Lots of stuff happening at Dare Designs

The Midnight Mani board at Dare Designs has Viktoria II – Blood Latex up this time around, and it’s very hot. Also at Dare Designs are four lucky chairs.

18may2009 daredesigns

  • Shown above is Victoria II in Blood Latex, Dare Designs MM prize.

Also at Dare Designs is a hunt. Woot!

From the notecard sent by Dare Munro:

Dare Designs Wild Hunt

From mid May to the latter part of June has long been a period of Pagan celebration – from holidays devoted to the Norse gods, to the Teutonic wild hunts under the summer moon, to Roman festivals of various and sundry excess… to honor and celebrate this time of the year when passions run high as the days grow to longest and the nights are sweetly warm – Dare Designs is holding a sim-wide Wild Hunt.

Essentially, it is a treasure hunt – with (appropriately) thirteen prizes to be found. If you’ve been on one of our hunts before – you know the prizes will be good – and to whet your appetite for the search – I’ll tell you this, several of the prizes are brand new designs.


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