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Lemania has recoloured one of her best selling dresses, Diva Kitty, into ever popular black.. puuurfectly in time for the “Look What the Cat Brought” Hunt.  This dress includes kitty ears and a swishing tail.


The hunt starts tomorrow at noon, just look for the box that looks like a cat’s paw print. The hunt will run through 15 June.

“Look What the Cat Brought” Website: http://lookwhathecatbrought.blogspot.com

“Look What the Cat Brought” subscribo kiosk:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Dreams/171/214/719


reminder: make him over hunt!

Shang already announced this hunt a while ago… and well… it seems Syler is having troubles with his pc (is it fixed yet??)…. soooo here is a reminder… just for the guys! Girls… skip this… or.. noo keep reading.. goo help your man hunt! or go hunt.. and find one! loooollll… ^^ xxx


A hunt for guys only! Make him over hunt (MHOH)


Tp to Starting location at Kmadd Designs (slurl)- find the male signs or male symbol.. (u know the cirlce with the arrow stickig out). A gift will be placed inside, with a LM to the next stop.

The Make Him Over Hunt (blog link; read more on the make him over blog, also a list of  151 participating designers)


From June 1st – june 30th, soo enough time to find all the goodies!




credits – farah man (lol!!):

hair from Kmadd designs (mhoh gift)

sneakers from hoorenbeek (mhoh gift)

shape and skin from BeReal (mhoh gift)

skull sweater from Curiosity – oL (groupgift in notices)

jeans from Maschienenwerk – 0L

sunglasses from HOC

poses by Elisa


Thank you Malte Antfarm for helping me find the MHOH goodies!



“Finally something just for guys”




xxx Farah (-man)


it’s your little secret… ssshhsss…

U know that feeling, when u’r wearing a gorgeous lingerie-set, underneath your clothes?… like it’s your little secret… these lingerie sets from Wanderer the Wind (by Tomoe Zenovka) … are just gorgeous… and will definitaly make you feel special, sexy and very fabulous! I really wanted to focus on the lingerie.. so I’m not wearing anything else… xxx enjoy ^^

pic 1
Farah for FabFree

pic 1 available at WTW at starry light mall
shown: lingerie ver3 sp – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

Pictures below are available at WTW at Trenza

pic 2
Farah for FabFree

pic2: shown from left to right:
ver 18 red – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )
ver 15 light pink – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

pic 3

Farah for FabFree

pic 3:
ver 11 sp – 1L

Pictures (pic 4-7) below are available at WTW at cherry – mainstore

pic 4

Farah for FabFree
pic 4: ver 6 babypink – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

pic 5
Farah for FabFree

pic 5: ver 21 dots – oL (50 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )
eye masks dots – oL (also eyemasks satin version available)

Farah for FabFree

pic 6: bikini – nugikake nr 2 – 1L(also other colors available for 1L)
negligent cardigan gray- 0L (also pink color inside; lucky board)

pic 7
Farah for FabFree
pic 7: ver 12 black – 0L (lucky board)

other items shown: poses by ELISA, Izumiya and RaySkin; skin – seduction – copper by Cupcakes; hair amber by Maitreya; chichi pumps brown by Maitreya


xxx Farah


dare to be fabulous!

 Farah for FabFree

a piece of candy – may groupgift dress ‘liv’ – 0L (groupgift); scarlet skin lip 4 – 1L

The skins is ahunt item from A piece of Candy: find the yellow diamonds inside and outside a piece of candy mainstore for clothing, 10 skins, shoes and more! – 1L/yellow diamond!

other items shown: hair from Tiny bird; Coquette heels by Kalnins; poses by LAP

 Farah for FabFree

leyda style – Eliezel dress – 1L (ALSO great MEN dollarbie outfit available!) Thank you Dany Bimbogami for sending me the dress. I modded the skirt slightly >> I only unchecked ‘full bright’ at the texture-tab. The dress is abusolutely Fabulous!!

poses by dare – robert longo poses (not free;  blogger appreciation week gift)

skin by Tuli – june pick rewards gift – oL (it may take up 24-48 hours for the script to recognize your pick, be patient please… xxx)

other items shown: hair piper II by Maitreya; Coquette heels by Kalnins; necklace, earrings, bangles by chuculet (1l/each)


xxx Farah

Rock Me!

Rock Me Amadeus had a cool trio of badly damaged denims on sale, damaged in a good way. The dollarbie pack includes pink, black, and blue denims. These pants might even work for you guys out there.


Paired with shirts from Kosh for 1L$ (left) and Concrete Flowers for 0L$ (right) these will take you through a day a half of hard partying (don’t ask me how I know this, just take my word for it).

Sneaks are not free, and are from Spider Productions.



i love my job! xxx

a threesome again… a sweet adorable dress… a more different look…. and if u love a nice beautiful skin with natural makeup.. keep reading… enjoy ^^ xxx … just a reminder: who doesn’t want to spend the entire day searching for freebies?? I do!! I love my job! xxx


pic 1:

Farah for FabFree

AV Vlodovic – yellow lemon dress – oL (subscribogift)

skg shoes – bengal tiger open toe heels – 1L

other items shown in pics above: hair by maitreya, skin by cupcakes


Farah for FabFree

twee  – folky groupy dress – 1L; gabby glasses shades – 1L 

Lostwood – magical sword necklace – oL (freebie of the day!); star snack – 1L; legwarmers – oL >>> Thank you Sydd Sinister for telling me about this cute shop!! xxx much love ❤

other items shown in pics above: poses by Elisa; bangles and flats by chuculet(1l/each); hair by Tiny Bird, skin by cupcakes.

pic 3:

Farah for FabFree

 sugarcube at fashion mode  – pink house party dress – 1L

sinuous shapes – allessia rielle skins vip frekcles skin – oL (subscribo option 3 in history)

other items shown in pics above: hair by ETD, coquette heels by Kalnins


xxx Farah


Sweet Belladonna and Belladonald


It seemed like the perfect place to settle, the land was lush with plants, there was plenty of water.. and it was blessedly free of other people. Exactly the way they liked it.

belladonnaSee.. they didn’t like people snooping into their personal business. There was a pile of bones out in back of their old house lie testament to the fact that they didn’t like snoops.

It was this pile that had forced their hasty departure.

But.. change is good, no?

belladonna2They built a home; no small cottage, mind you. The gate they erected to keep out trespassers should have kept any visitors away, but every once in a while someone would squeeze past.

belladonna3Although they didn’t want a hoard of people through the gate, the occasional visitor was easily dealt with.. they had to eat you know.

What are they wearing?

Belladonna and Belladonald from Prim & Pixel Paradise, of course.

Belladonald will be placed next to the Pick’s Reward board in front of the shop and set out as a gift to the gentlemen out there; this offer expires Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 11:50 PM LST.

ßelladonna, a wonderful gothic gown with tons of options, is available as a picks reward for the ladies. Have fun with this, mix and match the black rose lace with the silken damask layers, be unique.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I’d add to that rubies, and emeralds, and gold, and sapphires, and anything else pretty, sparkly and expensive!

Cathlin Carter Designs can help you with the pretty, sparkly stuff.. but it won’t cost you a fortune — it only looks like it cost a fortune! But let’s keep that little secret to ourselves.. ok?

Pure - Butterfly from Caithlin Carter DesignsPure – Butterfly from Caithlin Carter Designs

I hadn’t heard of this shop before, Sheyla Mills told me about the great gifts here.. thank you Sheyla! There is a whole wall of lucky chairs in this shop, a subscribo gift, and a dollarbie. Don’t forget to look through the shop too, there are some terrific deals on jewelry here.

Pure - Faith from Caithlin Carter DesignsPure – Faith from Caithlin Carter Designs

Caithlin Carter Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/HollandCoast%202/67/64/31


Oh My Cupcakes!

Have you ever wanted to join the ❤ Cupcakes Update Group, but just didn’t have the L$250 enrollment fee?  Well, for a limited time the ❤ Cupcakes Update Group enrollment fee is only L$100!  Plus, this morning the group received a fatpack of seduction skin.  This gift has 8 different skin tones, each with a freckle option.  The ❤ Cupcakes Update Group also was given this black and red dotty dress today!  The value of both these gifts are well over the L$100 enrollment fee!

Cupcakes Seduction


The Summary hair is a dollarbie at UnPick.  The necklace and earrings are prizes from the Twinkleberry lucky board.  This jewelry has intricate details, well worth the wait!  The scarlet Bellas hunt gift from Shoe Fly Shoes.


*Cupcakes: Dotty Dress (Group – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 74/163/22 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Scarlet Bellas (Past Hunt Gift)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*Twinkleberry: Jewelry (Lucky Board – L$0)
Brackish ( 79/101/331 )

*Cupcakes: Seduction Skins (Group – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 74/163/22 )

*UnPick: Summary Hair Pack (L$1)
Brackish ( 86/134/331 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )




OMG, I LOVE this skin!

These two Giselle dresses are free from UnPick after a 50 minute camp for each.  The black Elise2 Mary Jane heels are free from Tesla.  The jewelry worn is from the Twinkleberry lucky board.  The Summary hair comes in a fat pack of colors for a dollarbie at UnPick.

(UP) GF Giselle[black](UP)GF Giselle[white]

Still in need of a few good swimsuits this summer season?  The golden olive strapy bikini was a gift to SYSY’s sub-o group members.  From the lucky chair at OPIUM Everyday you can win the green and gold “Raquel” bikini.  The pale Heather skin is absolutely stunning from CIPRIA COUTURE.  This skin was delivered from the Designer Showcase Network system.  If you are already a group member of the DSN and didn’t receive this skin, try the redelivery Designer Showcase Network system.  The system randomly gives a gift from the data base, so you may not have gotten this skin and you might get it in the future.  It’s all random.  The site states:  “The network creates random subscriber/creator pairs each day for every single transaction. There is no “creator of the day” who’s samples get sent to all subscribers. Instead, the system tries to cover as much creators as possible with the daily transactions. Provided the designer does not change their sample, your friend might receive the item tomorrow, next week, or even in a couple of months.”  For more info check out the DSN FAQ Page.

sysy'sOpium Everyday

The floral Hawaiian bikini is in the CIPRIA COUTURE subscribe-o-matic.  There is also a midnight mania bikini, so be sure to register for that!

Bikini - Floral Hawaiian (CIPRIA COUTURE)


*UnPick: Giselle Dresses (Camp – L$0)
Brackish ( 101/148/331 )

*Tesla: Elise2 Mary Jane Heels (L$0)
Tesla ( 48/29/54 )

*SYSY’s: Golden Olive Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Rigby ( 128/206/24 )

*OPIUM Everyday: “Raquel” Bikini (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 226/222/31 )

*Twinkleberry: Jewelry (Lucky Board – L$0)
Brackish ( 79/101/331 )

*UnPick: Summary Hair Pack (L$1)
Brackish ( 86/134/331 )

*CIPRIA COUTURE: Hawaiian Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Zanzibar ( 82/48/23 )

*DSN: CIPRIA COUTURE – Heather Skin (L$0)
Takalo ( 240/218/144 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )