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Dare Designs Easter Egg Hunt


The Dare Designs Easter Egg Hunt is happening now. You can find the eggs all over the store — 10 in all. More may be added as the hunt progresses.

This hunt runs from 5 April through 1 May.. maybe longer depending on the whim of the owner.

What are you looking for?

Small, crystal eggs like this..


What can you win?

  • dd-egg-hunt2A full set of jewelry for ladies broken up amongst various eggs – specially designed for this hunt and not available any other way.
  • Punkin.
  • Claw torc choker for men.
  • dd-egg-hunt3Special Edition ‘Vicious’ boots for ladies…

…and more…

Prizes may be added periodically, and will be announced.

Come hunt, but don’t give away the locations of the eggs.

To keep it fun for everyone, anyone caught publishing, shouting out, or giving away the locations will be ejected from the sim – possibly banned. This includes TPing people directly to the eggs. It’s called a ‘hunt’, so let’s keep it fair for everyone.

Dare Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dark%20Eternity/66/67/34

~ Shang

2 thoughts on “Dare Designs Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Hmmm….the SLURL doesn’t seem to be working for me. Odd. o_O;


  2. I just tried the link, and it worked fine for me. SL has been having teleport issues lately, maybe that’s the problem. If you’re still having trouble with the teleport, ask a friend tp there and send you an invite — that often works for me.