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FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest : And the winner is….

This is the first month since the FabFree Flickr Contest first started, yay! And we have found our winner! Thank you… for everyone who entered! I hope you had great fun.. and will continue joining in our contest! But first things first… time to announce the winner!! *drum ruffles*. .. tatatatadaadada…. *Oscar-announcing voice*: .. and the winner.. for FabFree’s Monthly Flickr Contest is….

* Niobe Moomintoog *

About Niobe:

Niobe Moomintoog likes to chill in quiet places, listen to live music around the grid and hunt for freebies. Today she’s meditating in Silvanus Wood at Dreamworld.
Picture credits:
– Shape:  Haver Cole’s Lemon Free Female Shape (0L)
– Skin: Cher’s Rez Day skin (0L)
– Eyes: Clover Real Eyes #32 by Silk Mandel (0L)
– Nails: Reale Manicure in Black (1L)
– Hair: Pudge OMGWTF Barbeque in Crayon Red Group Gift (0L)
– Top: Tuli Asturias’ Cable Knit Cropped Vest in Black from the Journey Hunt (0L)
– Grim Brothers Color Patchwork Dress (upper) (1L)
– Phlow Candy Stripper Underpants, Belt and Rara Skirt (1L)
– Tights: Candice Morgwain’s Sweeter Than Candy Black Stocking with Small Bow (0L)
– Shoes: Shi Sexy Fashions Pepper Short Boots created by Sweet Honi (0L)
– Jewelry: Bracelet on left forearm from the TokeoPlastik Lucky Chair (0L)
– Bracelet on right forearm Sigma Jewels Rim Bangle Silver-Black (0L)
– Necklace “Oh my god, they’ve killed bunny!” from Hopscotch and is part of the Twisted Hunt (0L)
– Pose: Ivy Blaisdale of Cyanide’s “On the floor” (0L)


Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

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