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belleza rewards us again!

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So, way back after their new years gift I hinted that the Belleza group was going to start costing to join so i hope you all took my advice…but I wont be mad at you if you didn’t.  /me gives you the stink eye.  Okay, so if you aren’t already in the group it costs 250 to join, BUT this is the second skin release this month!  Two male skins for $L250 is a great deal…a steal really.  So guys, go camping, beg for you friends (not group chats though bc that is just annoying) and save up enough to join this group.  It is so worth it.  Thank you Belleza.  thank you.

Over and Out.

One thought on “belleza rewards us again!

  1. Omg.. I ❤ belleza skins.. and I’m soo happy for u guys to get these great awesome skins as there are very few great gifts for men around! ^^