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More Randomness

Just a few more random items before the flowers are gone.

The Indigo Glow Fairy Costume is from the flower at PixelDolls.  The silver peacock dress is from the flower at Total Betty.  The white lizard long sleeve shirt and green slacks are from the flower at Frozen Turquoise Valentine.  The black Diamond Studded heels are free in the lucky chair at She’s So Unusual Shoes.


adoreabhor1The I love Zombies Shirt is in the flower at Adore&Abhor.  The flower at G&T Fashion has the Happy Easter Basket and the Easter dress.  The Emerald gown is from the flower at Silk Dreams Fashions.


the-most-random-hunt-ever-29-violet-voltaireThe violet necklace, earrings, and hair bows are in the random flower at Violet Voltaire.  The flower at PixelDolls also has this charcoal Eugene jacket that is totally awesome for both the men and women of SL.  The dark gray jeans, white tank, and layered brown tank are in the hunt flower at Naive.  The Naive gift lead to me buying several awesome outfits.  The edible Candy panties at LustY DesignS are so much fun!  They were fuller but my SO ate a few.  The candy disappears when your partner nibbles at them… and btw he said they taste yummy!  The purple Easter Bunny Slippers are free from the Battle Fairy Purple – Easter Bunny Slippers subscribe-o-matic.


cuddle-bunny-pajamas-hctThe random flower at Here Comes Trouble has two pair of jeans, two tee shirts, and an adorable orange plaid cuddle pajama set.  This gift is unisex and looks extremely nice on the men… maybe we can talk Syler into showing what they look like on guys.


sugar-millThis posable Wheelbarrow Full-o Pillows is in flower #24 at MudHoney Designs.  The Over The Rainbow pose set is from the flower at Sugar Mill.  This pose prop comes with a Slide, My Gold, and Cloud sit.

wheelbarrow-full-o-pillows-mudhoneythe-most-random-hunt-ever-56-doux-petit-dahlThe flower #56 at Doux Petit Dahl has two Oddly Stacked Loungers in pink and brown, JoyLove Canopy, and Braces for your teeth (just try not to get any of the candy panties stuck in them!).  The flower at Insatible Fashions has the cutsie green Beauty Queen, pink Blush Addict, red Skater tank tops.  The awesome black unisex Luce/Lucas jeans are in the Flower #44 at WoE.


All the poses are from Striking Poses.   The skin is all from the new Infinity Skin Studios skin line.  I fell in love with the Elizabeth skin from Infinity Skin Studios and decided to spoil myself!  The skins are from the same designer (Annyka Bekkers) who makes my favorite Blowpop skins.  The Dana hair is from Zero Style.  This hair is not free, unless… you have a totally awesome SO who likes to spoil you like mine does.  P.S. my man is taken…


20). Here Comes Trouble: Happy Easter Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Troubled City ( 184/113/25 )

24). MudHoney Designs: Wheelbarrow Full-o Pillows (Hunt – L$0)
Endellion ( 36/131/25 )

28). G&T Fashion: Happy Easter Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Family Tree Estates ( 198/194/22 )

29). Violet Voltaire: Earrings, Necklace, Hairbows (Hunt – L$0)
Muse ( 27/48/44 )

30). PixelDolls: Fairy & Eugene Jacket (Hunt – L$0)
BelleStar ( 235/98/23 )

32). LustY DesignS: Edible Candy Panties (Hunt – L$0)
Juicy Del Mar ( 98/159/24 )

41). Naive: Gray Jeans, White Tank, Brown Tank (Hunt – L$0)
Erin Isle ( 188/39/23 )

46). Silk Dreams Fashions: Emerald Gown (Hunt – L$0)
Bermuda ( 107/148/554 )

47). Frozen Turquoise Valentine: Lizard Shirt & Pants (Hunt – L$0)
Spathi ( 47/180/22 )

51). Total Betty: Silver Peacock dress (Hunt – L$0)
Montego Island ( 25/12/29 )

52). Sugar Mill: Over The Rainbow Pose (Hunt – L$0)
Sugar Mill Grove ( 29/153/25 )

53). Insatiable Fashions: Over The Rainbow Pose (Hunt – L$0)
Montego Island ( 45/9/23 )

55). Adore&Abhor: I Love Zombies (Hunt – L$0)
Bloodlines ( 9/56/22 )

56). Doux Petit Dahl: Oddly Stacked Loungers, JoyLove Canopy, Braces (Hunt – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 177/235/519 )

Things Not on the Hunt:

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Black Diamond Studded Heels (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Thistledown ( 202/122/25 )

*Battle Fairy: Bunny Slippers (Sub-o – L$0)
Stumbleine ( 122/167/75 )

*Zero Style: Dana Hair (Not Free)
Zero Style ( 123/138/38 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



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Sweet Turquoise Dreams!


vinyl-cafe-specia-edition-ankle-boot1Yesterday the FabFree group was a buzz about the gift at Vinyl Cafe.  Just join the ‘Vinyl Cafe Addicts‘ group for free and head over to the brand new sim to get the Turquoise Dreams furniture set for free.  The CHIC bedroom suite in turquoise, tan, black and white colors comes with a modern bed with a full sex and cuddle menu, two side chairs with animated sits, a coordinating chest, lamps and multi-picture frame.  This gift also comes with a pair of gold and turquoise suede ankle boots.


The bedroom set is soooo cozy that I may just have to cuddle with the SO a bit!



*Vinyl Cafe Addicts: Turquoise Dreams Set (L$0)
Vinyl Cafe ( 33/159/23 )



Some Randomness

If you haven’t done the most random hunt yet, you might want to start!  Here are some of the things you will find on the hunt.  The red and black “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” umbrella is gift #1 on the Random hunt and from Modd.G.  The black Skull & Heart sweater dress is gift #4 from Crush Factory.  The aqua “Chin Up Octopus” tee is #2 from THUSORAS.  The Aila Dress, Silver Bangles, & Shorts is is definately one of my favorites in the hunt.  This dress is gift #3 from PR!TTY!  The green Shamrock Irish Punk Boots are a free pick reward from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  The black Diamond Studded heels are free in the lucky chair at She’s So Unusual Shoes.


lecosse-designs1The silver shimmer Heather dress and shoes is gift #5 from Inga Wind Clothing.  There is also a male gift in the flower at Inga Wind Clothing.  Gift #6 can be found at Rockberry.  The Rockberry gift contains four different skins.  The green and black Patsy dress is gift #7 from LIKKA*HOUSE.  This dress comes with hat, choker, and a pants option.  The heart and flowered “Spring In The Air” Picture frame is gift #8 from Lecosse Designs.  The orange mingo flower tank is gift #9 from !Mingo! and the blue plaid Tartan lowrise pants are gift #10 from Fear & Clothing.


whimsy-graphic-is-rockwhimsy-yellow-ribbed-tankThe blue Graphic Is-Rock tee and yellow ribbed tank are both in gift #11 from Whimsy.  The dark green Flower Crazed Icon Pants and one strap tank are in flower #12 at SD Wears.


balinese-longhouseFlirt is #14 on the hunt.  There are three flowers to find at flirt.  Flower one has this wooden low prim Balinese Longhouse.  Flower two has jasper Bloom earrings and flower three has a jasper Bloom necklace.

flirt-bloompididdleFlower #35 from PIDIDDLE contains a pair of ghost earrings.  From flower #37 at Cheeky Soul has the choco tube candy.  The coffee pinstripe slacks and wannabe bra top and white sweater are all in gift #15 from Apple May Designs.  The silver Ang3L mini dress is from 4Eva GuTta.  The turquoise corduroy pants and teal top are from gift #18 at Elle!.  The flower at Elle! also has a men’s gift.  The Little Fish flower is #36 and contains an aqua flowered Sunshine t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and yellow stockings (not shown).


slab-eyesThe retro sky blue bikini is flower #27 from Digit Darkes.  If this bikini is any indication on how this years bathing suits will look then I will definately have to make room!  The cute green Bubble Fun Flats and pink bracelet are in flower #23 from Pretties.  The pink Blossom tank top and Blossom skirt are in flower #21 at Bluebells.  The Khaki Tasty Shorts are in flower #18 at Slab.  This flower also contains 2 pair of eyes, Men’s Lava Boardshorts, and two tees.


white-longoria-necklace-alienbears-designs1The yellow and navy Polly dress #26 from Dani’s Fine Fashion.  The Sky blue Kaylee dress is in flower #33 from Elate!.  The copper shimmery La Plume dress is in flower #31 at JE*REPUBLIC.  The breathtaking white Longoria Necklace is #43 from Alienbear’s Designs.  The short Jemini hair comes in cocoa, cream, and mango and is flower #38 at +IROLLIC+.


acid-mala-creationsFlower #39 is at Acid & Mala Creations and is an Asian huggable doll.  Audacity is #45 on the hunt with a fat pack of random side swept hair.  The pink Most Random Tank Ever is flower #34 from EloileLove Soul has flower #40 with navy skull pants and a Chinese noodle necklace.  The Baked Battled Neutral skin and Bloody Eyes are in flower #22 at Loser Designs.  Flower #44 is from WoE is the unisex Luce/Lucas Jeans, Black Studded Belt, and Random long sleeve shirt.  The Cool Beans shorts and Name Tag shirt are in #42 flower at Your Majesty.  This gift also includes 3 other shirts and three gestures.



1). Modd.G: “Rain On Me” Umbrella (Hunt – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 158/174/493 )

2). THUSORAS: “Chin Up Octopus” T-Shirt (Hunt – L$0)
Hector ( 219/144/1307  )

3). PR!TTY: Aila Dress, Silver Bangles, & Shorts (Hunt – L$0)
Hector ( 195/164/1307  )

4). Crush Factory: Skull & Heart Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Juicy Del Mar ( 231/218/24 )

5). Inga Wind Clothing: Silver Heather Dress & Shoes (Hunt – L$0)
Pitreavie ( 228/183/39 )

6). Rockberry: 4 skins (Hunt – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 33/81/68 )

7). LIKKA*HOUSE: Green/Black Patsy Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Sannomiya ( 219/211/28 )

8). Lecosse Designs: “Spring In The Air” Picture Frame (Hunt – L$0)
Lecosse ( 145/185/802 )

9). !Mingo!: Orange Mingo Flower Tank (Hunt – L$0)
Peronaut ( 85/138/45 )

10). Fear & Clothing: Blue Tartan Lowrise Pants (Hunt – L$0)
Goldbach ( 73/167/34 )

11). Whimsy: Graphic Is-Rock Tee & Ribbed Yellow Tank (Hunt – L$0)
Thibedeau ( 234/160/23 )

12). SD Wears: Icon Pants & Top (Hunt – L$0)
Dubya City ( 12/166/26 )

13). flirt: Bloom Necklace & Earrings & Long House (Hunt – L$0)
Juicy ( 28/230/38 )

14). Eolande’s: (Hunt – L$0)
Juicy ( 28/230/38 )

15). Apple May Designs: Coffee Wannabe Outfit (Hunt – L$0)
Fruitatious ( 169/135/24 )

16). 4Eva GuTta: Silver Ang3L mini (Hunt – L$0)
Prestige ( 185/97/23 )

17). Elle!: Turquoise Slacks & Top (Hunt – L$0)
Wiles ( 187/179/44 )

18). SLAB Designs: Eyes, Khaki Shorts, Lava Board Shorts (Hunt – L$0)
Pahringull ( 132/217/39  )

21). Bluebells: Blossom Skirt & Tank (Hunt – L$0)
SkyBeam Tradewinds ( 173/44/35  )

22). Loser Designs: Loser Baked Battled Neutral Skin (Hunt – L$0)
Dubya City ( 119/173/25 )

23). Pretties: Green Bubble Fun Flats (Hunt – L$0)
Endellion ( 163/116/22  )

26). Dani’s Fine Fashion: Yellow Polly Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Dubya City ( 139/105/24  )

27). Digit Darkes: Sky Retro Bikini (Hunt – L$0)
Addictive ( 32/115/295  )

31). JE*REPUBLIC: La Plume (Hunt – L$0)
Wayland Eagle Bay ( 3/65/24 )

33). Elate!: Sky Kaylee dress (Hunt – L$0)
Cupcake ( 148/128/38 )

34). Eloile: Pink Most Random Tank Ever (Hunt – L$0)
Ambrosius ( 54/237/22 )

35). PIDIDDLE: Ghost Earrings (Hunt – L$0)
Five Sisters ( 180/134/36 )

36). Little Fish: Sunshine Short Set (Hunt – L$0)
Amiaguas Azores ( 154/40/22  )

37). Cheeky Soul: Choco tube (Hunt – L$0)
Sera Korea ( 18/215/1/26 )

38). +IROLLIC+: Jemini Hair (Hunt – L$0)
Port Jewell ( 248/40/26 )

39). Acid & Mala Creations: Asian Doll (Hunt – L$0)
District 8 ( 37/177/34 )

40). Love Soul: Chinese Noodle Necklace & Skull Navy Pants (Hunt – L$0)
Nanba ( 149/70/21 )

42). Your Majesty: Cool Beans Shorts & T-Shirts (Hunt – L$0)
Bolton ( 180/20/31 )

43). Alienbear’s Designs: Longoria Necklace (Hunt – L$0)
Bratz ( 178/170/29  )

44). WoE: Luce/Lucas Jeans Outfit (Hunt – L$0)
Serendipity Drive ( 144/108/24 )

45). Audacity: Random Fat Pack Hair (Hunt – L$0)
Serendipity Drive ( 178/61/24 )

Things Not on the Hunt:

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Black Diamond Studded Heels (Lucky Chair – L$0), Shamrock Irish Punk Boots (Pick Rewards – L$0)
Thistledown ( 202/122/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )




It’s like they did it just for me…



Belleza just released a new male freebie skin via group notices.  It’s like they knew it was my birthday yesterday and sent this skin out just for me.  *sings happy birthday to me*  Thank you.  I feel honored, treasured, and well handsome.  I mean look at me in this skin.  And look even comes with a tattoo on the back.  You too could look this good.  Just go join the Belleza group and look under the notices and you shall see it.  Cheers everyone!

Over and Out.

Shape:: Doppelganger Shapes

Hair:: Gritty Kitty

Necklace:: Redgrave

Shoes:: Shiny Things

Skin:: Belleza

Jeans:: Armidi

Shorts:: Arai