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Dear LeLutka, thank you. <3




Okay guys if you aren’t part of the Lelutka group make room for it right now.  They just sent their spring group gift out (there is one for the girls too) and it is packed with awesome.    It includes an AO of 3 poses (pictured above) and 1 walk, blue polo with prim collar,  checked shorts with prim cuffs, sandles, AND AND AND a skin.  I mean come on!  This is like christmas all over again.

Over and Out.

6 thoughts on “Dear LeLutka, thank you. <3

  1. could you put the group inviter/profile up please because i searche LeLutka in groups on SL and it came up with nothing :/


  2. I tried going to their store, and the sim is closed to the public! Tragic…


  3. So i’m not logged into SL right now and won’t be able to for a bit to put up a inviter/profile thing – so for now…if you do a search for me (syler morgwain) it is in my groups and you can join via that route. Also, they were having a fashion show today and had to close the sim for a bit, but I hear this going to be a kick ass after party that is open to everyone. Anyway, hope that helps for now.


  4. They renovated the store and it won’t be open until 4pm SLT today.

    The AO poses were for the purse they sent out o.O


  5. haha, that they were and i’m not one of those guys who can pull off purses so i kept the poses for the photo booth save the purse.


  6. yay! ❤ ur posts… lol… u look sexy in the purse-poses… 😉

    xxx Farah