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Lemania Indigo


The good stuff never stops flowing from the design table of Lemania Indigo designs.  This time it’s Ziva, a wonderful gypsy style dress that is so perfect for night after a day at the beach, and a renegade French-style gown.

When I saw the Frenchman’s Creek gown, I immediately had visions of pirate ships, south seas adventures, and rocky shores.

li10marGrab the Frenchman’s Creek gown (picture on the left) today before 8:00 am.. it’s a beauty, you don’t want to miss it!

If you’re a group member of Lemania Indigo designs, don’t forget to pick up Ziva (pink dress on the right), which will be out all this week.

Lemania Indigo Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/148/169/30

~ Shang

4 thoughts on “Lemania Indigo

  1. love the hair on the right side model
    do you know where it is from?


  2. Whats the pink outfit…? Lovely pic but no explanation. 🙂


  3. ❤ ur hair in the pink dress!!

    xxx Farah


  4. Thanks Fashion and Farah. The hair I’m wearing was a gift a long time ago from miasnow, it’s the Wild Woman hairstyle, and I think it’s still available in the shop.. but not as a freebie.

    The pink outfit is Ziva, Marcella, and it’s the Lemania Indigo gifty to group members this week. I’ll update the post so that it’s a little more clear.