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Dude, hurry!


Hey guys.  First off apologies for any typos along the way.  I’m way too tired to proof read at this point.  Anyway,  I was hoping to get this post up sooner this week since their availability is limited and time is running short – my b.  INDI Designs has started a new dollarbie puzzle and if these jeans are any indication of how great its going to be, I can’t wait to see what else she has coming our way.  As always, if you miss an item, you will get the chance to go back and pick up the missing piecings for 5L, but tp today and save the 4L!  (I know, I’m cheap).

Ok, now onto tops.  :::Line::: has a new freebie for the guys out.  This blue jacket that comes with a white shirt, prim tie and collar.  It has got the right amount of eye catching shading to make someone notice you across the room.  Looking for shoes?  Well just walk to the other side of the store and camp for a bit and you can be the proud new owner of these awesome grey vans.  Now look at ya.  You got a whole outfit and it only cost 1L and a little bit of time, and heck!  You could use that time to pay your bills online or clean out that inventory or make a real life phone call to home and let everyone know you are alive and not trapped in some virtual world…oh maybe you are, but at least let them know you are ok about it.


Last item on the list is this kick ass military pocket style top.  I had been hunting for one for a while now for a look I was putting together and Xstreet SL was my saving grace.  I hadn’t ever heard of the store before, but I am so glad I found them.  I thought I would pass on a bit of info about them because they are really awesome.  The shirt can be bought inworld at BadKatz or on Xstreet SL. This shirt is their weekly freebie so grab it before it costs you.  /me slaps his knee due to how awesomely bad that pun was.  Anyway, for all the noobs and deal seekers this bit you’ll especially like – 1. AV’s under 30 days get a coupon for a free outfit. 2. Tuesday and Friday they have a buy one get one free in the mainstore. (check the store for the coupon) 3.  More free things sprinkled about the store.  Yeah I know, I just made your day.  It is okay.  You don’t have to send a thank you card or anything.  /me mumbles and coughs “toolbag.”

Over and Out.

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