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FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest: April 2009

FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest: April 2009

Now that we have announced the winner for the FabFree Flickr Monthly Contest for March.. it’s time for a new month!

Soo let’s start all fresh with a new month.. and fresh looks, there are a whole lot freebies to collect or you might already have collected a lot of freebies.. (think of previous hunts, ongoing hunts and hunts to come.. and last but not least.. a whole lot of freebies in our Fabulously Free in SL group (look in notices for these freebies), these are exclusive for FabFree-members yay!!… because we now have 3000 members… yay!!!).. anyway.. you must find enough to create your own FabFree-look!

New things added to the rules are:

  • credit the items you are wearing by mentioning them in the description on Flickr (slurls don’t have to be included; the more free items used the higher your score will be)
  • post  your picture in the Flickr disscussion for that Month (on the flickr main group page)

 For designers:

Want your free items to be used in the FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest? Have it set up at the FabFree HQ, contact Scotti Rhode for more info.


New items for April 2009 are:

For the Ladies:  Eolande’s Basic Essentials – delicate pearl set (comes in silver and gold, wear whatever suits your look best)



For the Guys:  Something Different – Male Wooden Bead Choker



Get the jewelry sets at the FabFree HeadQuarters and start posting your pictures in our FabFree Flickr group!

Read more about the FabFree Flickr Contest rules here!


Did you know that you can win random gift cards just by adding the headquarters to your picks and being a Fabulously Free in SL group member?  Just send a notecard titled “FabFree PickRewards” to Renee Lowenhart.  Do not put your name in the title, but in the notecard include your full name, rez day, and you can tell us how awesome we are… hehe  really just including your name and rezz day is fine!


*Good Luck and Have Fun*


Sexy and Smart! Not an Allusion!

kunglers-march-giftAre you the sexy smart type?  Let it show in this brown leather dress from Kunglers.  The dress, stockings, belt, bangles, nail polish were the March 25th group gift from Kunglers Fashion Design.  The group now has a L$50 fee, but this ensemble alone is worth well over that!

The Scarlet Bellas heels were free from Shoe Fly Shoes in the Vain Kiss hunt.  If you missed out on these Bellas then you can pick them up at the store for L$450.   Be sure to grab a free L$150 Shoe Fly Shoes gift card or check the lucky chair for the random L$300 gift card to purchase these at a cheaper price!

The Nash glasses are from Solar Eyewear.  You can grab these glasses free at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.  Be sure to grab all the other gifts while you are at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.

The brown Hysteria shiniyon hair is from the lucky chair at art Lago.


fabfree-anniversary-gift-boxallusionsI also won a pair of golden jeans from the lucky chair at Kunglers.  These jeans look fab with the exclusive berries colored Tunic from Allusions!

The Tunic hasn’t been released yet, but will come in orange/purple, jemstone hues, copper, black/silver, white, and black versions.  The Berries color will not be for sale once the shirt is released and is an exclusive offer to the Fabulously Free in SL group only!  Group members can get it now!

Also included in this gift are 12 pair of Exclusive eyes!  These will not be sold anywhere EVER and are only available for Fabulously Free in SL group members!

Activate your Fabulously Free in SL group tag and head over to Allusions and grab this gift before the week is over!  And be sure to check the FabFree notices for more exclusive gifts all week long!

Guys the tunic may be for the ladies, but the eyes are unisex!

The eyes come in Glitter-diamond, Glitter-Eyes-brown, Glitter-Eyes-Rain, Glitter-grey, Glitter-hues, Glitter-ice, Glitter-Jeweled, Glitter-sapphire, Glitter-soul, Glitter-topaz, Nebula, and Universe.





  • Kunglers: Brown Leather Ensemble (Group – L$0)

Fashionate Island ( 189/189/22 )

  • Allusions: Exclusive Berries Tunic & set of 12 eyes! (FabFree – L$0)

Nevermore ( 86/210/2 )

  • Fabulous Fashion TV Studio: Nash – Solar Eyewear (L$0)

Northpoint ( 190/79/37 )

  • Shoe Fly Shoes: Scarlet Bellas (Kiss Hunt – L$0)

Greystone ( 234/190/108 )

  • art Lago: HYSTERIA shiniyon Brown (Lucky Chair – L$0)

Ryumin ( 128/202/29 )

  • Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)

Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

  • Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0-L$50)

Festivale ( 53/197/27 )



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DYN Easter Basket Hunt!


I’ve figured out that my SO (Significant Other) secretly enjoys hunts, so anytime a hunt has guys stuff it’s double bonus!

DYN clothing is having an Easter Hunt in the store.  There are 10 Easter Egg Baskets filled with goodies including ladies and men clothing, shoes and also a couple of novelty Easter items.  It only took the SO and I 15 minutes to find all the baskets, this hunt is extremely easy!


The unisex prizes are white Bunny slippers and a huge brown cuddle bunny.  How cute would this be for a child’s room?  The prizes for the ladies are a yellow Poppy top, pink Peaches top, Lola Bunny t-shirt, Indigo Boot Cut jeans, and Sunny Wedges.



The prizes for the men are Jack jeans, a light blue Hoody, Blue Allstar sneakers, and the unisex Bunny slippers.  The hoodie looks pretty nice on women as well!

The skin is from the new Infinity Skin Studios skin line.  This skin isn’t free, but it is absolutely beautiful!  I’ll go find you some free skin soon!

The auburn colored Puppytails hair style is free in the Bewitched Hair/House of Heart hunt.  The Farewell To Lemon Island Hunt ends today.

While you’re at DYN clothing don’t forget to grab the Bunny Hop Egg, which is #46 on the grid hunt.  The Bunny Hop Egg has another outfit for the ladies!  The Bunny Hop Egg includes Diamond black jeans, a white Bronwen top, and another cuddle bunny.


The Couple15 Frame pose in the top picture is from StAr PoSeS.  You’ve seen this free pose frame and many others before on FabFree.  Each frame comes complete with pose, background, and silver frame… so it’s like a 3d photo!  All the other awesome poses are from Striking Poses.


*DYN Clothing: Easter Basket Hunt (Hunt – L$0)
Cymru ( 218/147/24 )

*Bewitched Hair: Farewell To Lemon Island Hunt (Hunt – L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 191/94/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

*StAr PoSeS: Couple15 Frame pose (L$0)
Hillies Dreamland ( 178/59/28 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest : And the winner is….

This is the first month since the FabFree Flickr Contest first started, yay! And we have found our winner! Thank you… for everyone who entered! I hope you had great fun.. and will continue joining in our contest! But first things first… time to announce the winner!! *drum ruffles*. .. tatatatadaadada…. *Oscar-announcing voice*: .. and the winner.. for FabFree’s Monthly Flickr Contest is….

* Niobe Moomintoog *

About Niobe:

Niobe Moomintoog likes to chill in quiet places, listen to live music around the grid and hunt for freebies. Today she’s meditating in Silvanus Wood at Dreamworld.
Picture credits:
– Shape:  Haver Cole’s Lemon Free Female Shape (0L)
– Skin: Cher’s Rez Day skin (0L)
– Eyes: Clover Real Eyes #32 by Silk Mandel (0L)
– Nails: Reale Manicure in Black (1L)
– Hair: Pudge OMGWTF Barbeque in Crayon Red Group Gift (0L)
– Top: Tuli Asturias’ Cable Knit Cropped Vest in Black from the Journey Hunt (0L)
– Grim Brothers Color Patchwork Dress (upper) (1L)
– Phlow Candy Stripper Underpants, Belt and Rara Skirt (1L)
– Tights: Candice Morgwain’s Sweeter Than Candy Black Stocking with Small Bow (0L)
– Shoes: Shi Sexy Fashions Pepper Short Boots created by Sweet Honi (0L)
– Jewelry: Bracelet on left forearm from the TokeoPlastik Lucky Chair (0L)
– Bracelet on right forearm Sigma Jewels Rim Bangle Silver-Black (0L)
– Necklace “Oh my god, they’ve killed bunny!” from Hopscotch and is part of the Twisted Hunt (0L)
– Pose: Ivy Blaisdale of Cyanide’s “On the floor” (0L)


Silver Love

“Haven’t I seen you before?”, he asks her.

“I don’t know, maybe.” she replies with a smile touching just the very corners of her lips, the kind of smile that whispers “I have a secret”. Handing the woman the money, she takes her ticket and turns to make her way into the darkened theatre.


Not to be deterred, he hastily pays for his ticket, and follows her. “I know I’ve seen you before.. a model.. or a movie star perhaps?”

She laughs, and stops, turning to look at him. “I’m flattered.. but no. I’m neither, I assure you.”

It’s the kind of dress that makes an unmistakable lasting impression.. and it’s her little secret. You can have it too.. or one just like it. It’s being retired by Lemania Indigo Designs at 9:00 am tomorrow, only 1L$

Lemania Indigo designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/148/169/30

Lemony Snippet

goodbye-lemonFarewell To Lemon Island Hunt ends today!  *edit: The hunt has been extended a day, now you have until the 31st!*  So for all you last minute hunters, head over to Tropical Escape and find some lemons!

Many of you know by now that Lemon Island has been closed and Bewitched Hair has been moved to Tropical Escape with House of Heart.  Be sure to update your landmarks!

Lemons from Bewitched Hair, House of Heart, TeaLane, Lala Foofoo, Bewitched Designs, and EarthStones are spread all over the island.

There have been 24 lemons just from Bewitched Hair and House of Heart alone hidden all over the island.  If you need to pump up your hair styles then definately wont go wrong with these lemons.  You can find Amber in wheat, Daphne in steel, Tapika in mahogany, Demi in natural blonde, Roselyn in bitter chocolate, Disturbia in glow, Rock-Star in brown, Gigi in yogurt raisins, Night-life in vanilla, Calolily in nugget, Magic in canapl, Tousled Isabella in latte, Puppytails in aub, Bailey in blonde, Maria in straw, Gwendolyn in berry, Jackie in cloud, Windsong in wheat, Cyndi in dkbrown, plus even a male hair hidden amongst all these styles!


All the skin worn with the hairs is the new gift from the ❤ Cupcakes Update Group! This group does cost L$250, but I joined this group before there was an enrollment fee.  If you aren’t in the group, this resent gift might be worth the fee.  The special group gift is from the new Seduction skin line.  The skin gift is in all tones, Alabaster, Cameo, Champagne, Choco, Copper, Nutmeg, Sambuca, and Wheat.  Honestly, I think my favorite is the darker Nutmeg tone!  The gold Leah Cami Tank is from the lucky chair at WoE.

tl-eos-coronaPick the Farewell To Lemon Island Hunt lemons from TeaLane and you will have this complete lemony goodness Eos avatar.

After finding the TeaLane lemons you will be ready for any best in yellow party!

Show off your lemons in this low cut golden Saphrynne gown and matching pumps.  The other TeaLane lemons include eyes, skin, Kate hair, gold leaf earrings, necklace, and a Corona (crown) of gold leaves.  I was just thinking how awesome would this skin look in old yellowed pictures!



All poses used are from Long Awkward Pose.

Now, I’m off to go find the Lala Foofoo, Bewitched Designs, and EarthStones lemons!


*Bewitched Hair: Farewell To Lemon Island Hunt (Hunt – L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 191/94/23 )

*House of Heart: Farewell To Lemon Island Hunt (Hunt – L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 63/97/23 )

*WoE: Gold Leah Cami Tank (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Serendipity Drive ( 135/63/24 )

*Cupcakes: Seduction Skins (Group – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 72/160/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0-L$50)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )




Butterflies Are FabFree!

li-butterflies-are-fab-free-box-exclusiveWow… just wow!  It’s been a long busy blah of a RL work day, but guess what has me grinning from ear to ear!

Today is my rezz day and I turn one!  But that’s not the exciting part.

Today is also the start of FabFree exclusive gift week!  That’s right… if you aren’t one of our fabulous groupies, you might want to join the “Fabulously Free in SL” group!  We have always had amazing designers that are incredibly generous.  I didn’t realize so many would already have exclusive gifts for our members!  Looks like I’m gonna be blogging like mad this week and I’m so excited!

Earlier this week I got a sneak peek at the whimsical Butterflies Are FabFree ensemble from Lemania Indigo.  This gift comes with the pink and blue butterfly dress and blue buckle pumps!  You can grab this exclusive gift only in the Fabulously Free in SL notices.  Beautiful, isn’t it?


The pink hope dress is the weekly group gift at Lemania Indigo Designs.  This gift went out on Wednesday March 28th and will be available for one week.  When you tp to the store be sure to join the Lemania Indigo Designs subscribe-o-matic group.  Also, be sure to grab the daily dollarbie Eggplant Elegance dress before it is retired forever.  Check out how nice it looks on Shang in her post Eggplant is always delicious...



*Lemania Indigo Designs: Hope (Weekly Group Gift – L$1)
S Crystal Springs ( 158/143/29 )

*Zero Style: Dana Hair (Not Free)
Zero Style ( 123/138/38 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )



Hitting it big at Ema’s

I am in the subscribo group for Ema’s, and I was happy to hurry on over there to pick up a freebie being offered over by the muffins. I know, I know.. freebies and muffins sounds like the opening line of a farmer’s daughter joke.

Anyway.. I pick up the freebie, then notice the great camp for-items there, no wonder the camping chairs are always occupied every time I stop by Ema’s. Not only are they great items, but you get to choose which item you want to camp for! /me dies. I pick up the freebie, then camp for the fantastic Spider Silks dress, and just as my camp time is up.. the lukcy chair pulls an “S”.

A three-fer! High five!


Left to right:  red Velvet Spider (camp-for), Caledonia (freebie), Clair Cat (Lucky Chair)

Also shown: Posing Stool by DieselWorks, shoes from Dilly Dolls, other poses from Juicy (Bunny Hop Hunt).

Ema’s:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/196/110/26

Eggplant is always delicious..

Especially when served up as this wonderfully elegant gown, which is appropriately called Eggplant Elegance,  by Lemania Indigo Designs.

lieggplantThis luxurious purple gown (the colour of kings and queens, you know) can be yours for 1L$ until tomorrow at 9:00 am SLT.

Lemania Indigo Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/148/169/30

~ Shang