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Mayhem, Inc.


There’s a little shop in the dark city of Carpathia known as Mayhem, Inc.

Stop by for a pair of wings that aren’t so dark; in fact, they’re wonderfully bright and ethereal. These wings would be so perfect for a mermaid, fairy, angel.. or any other fantasy creature that needs a light, airy set of wings.

carpathiacityfree1And see those fantastic goggles I’ve done the detail of in the lower left corner? Those will be added as a freebie soon. So stop by to get your wings on, then stop by later to get your goggles so that you’re not blinded by the brilliant wings.


Carpathia is a role playing sim, so don your “Observer” tag and walk on over to Eoma’s World (it’s not far) where you can pick up the dress shown above. Be careful though, it’s in a pile of boxes inside the shop.. and not everything in that pile is freebie.

To get to Eoma’s:

  • Teleport to Mayhem Inc.
  • Take the elevator to the first floor and walk outside the shop.
  • Head south to the first intersection.
  • At the first intersection, turn left to go east.
  • At the next intersection you come to, turn right to go south again.
  • Eoma’s World will be the first shop on your right.

Mayhem Inc:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carpathia%20City/66/215/105

Eoma’s World:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carpathia%20City/150/66/81

~ Shang

5 thoughts on “Mayhem, Inc.

  1. where did u got this pair of tights?


  2. where did u get this pair of tights?


  3. The tights are from Canimal, dsfg. They’ve been in my inventory forever, I love them.


  4. i cant find the pile of boxes ???? of even something that looks like this dress .


  5. I’ve updated the directions in my post to make it easier to find the dress at Eoma’s World, sanna. If you still have difficulty finding it, please don’t hesitate to contact me in world.