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So Irresistible!

mz-bl-saropettoThis black and blue Saropetto jumper is in the lucky chair at Studio M’z.  The black boots are also in the chair.  These boots are unisex and very nice!  These boots and the dress will be removed from the chair on the 28th, so call all your friends!



At Irresistible there is a wall of L$1-L$3 items.  Check the back of the store and the right side when you walk in.  From the back wall, I picked out the L$3 red bandanna shorts and floral top.  This outfit includes the black mules.  On the side wall I grabbed the dollarbie denim jumper set.  BTW, you can take the shirt off under.

The Lovely Firehouse 2 skin is a group gift from Curio.  Farah told us about this awesome group gift a few days ago in her post A quick one.  To get this skin just do a group search for “Gala & Rita Design Announcements” and join.  Then look in the notices for the group gifts.  This skin comes in several different skin tones.  I’m wearing the moonbeam shade.

The blackberry colored pulled back ponytail hair is called Salmone and is free in the lucky chair at Curl Up and Dye Salon.


*Studio M’z: Saropetto Dress & Black Boots (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Kourinbou ( 6/177/22 )

*Irresistible: Denim set & Floral Set (L$1 – L$3)
Accessories ( 17/40/39 )

*Curl Up and Dye Salon: Salmone Hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Inari ( 32/218/23 )

*Curio: Lovely Firehouse Skins (Group – L$0)
Curio ( 128/130/38 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



The hunt continues at Crimson Shadow

There are 11 more bags to be found at Crimson Shadow — and they have all new items. There’s a little info at the Rezzable website. As before, all bags cost 0L$, and are super easy to find.

This time around you’ll find a couple dresses, some shirts for the guys, skins for guys and girls, flowers for your hair, and more jewelry. Gotta love the animation on the crystal ball!

cshuntHair is from the Artilleri sale (seems Farah and I have similar taste in hair, you go girl!), everything else shown above is from the Crimson Shadow hunt.

On the left:

  • skin: Caberet Doll 1- Red (Bag 11)
  • Juniper Dress (Bag 2)
  • Hairpin Flower (Bag 10)

On the right:

  • Handheld Crystal Ball (Bag 9)
  • Rockin Skulls Dress (Bag 8)
  • Pink Bunny Hat (Bag 6)

Have fun!

Crimson Shadow:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Crimson%20Shadow%20Rezzable/198/151/29

~ Shang

Chai Skins!

A great deal… you can’t miss!

 *I am wearing: LF CHAI Double-Shot – Love 05*

Chai Skins has the most fabulous shop, with gorgous skins! So I’m very happy to tell you that there are randomly free gift-cards to collect! What do you have to do? Just be there and every 45 min. a gift-card with a value of L$950 is given out to one person in the store!  This all ends on the 1st of March!

This is the description from the store:

“1 free card good for 1 double-shot makeup given away to a new person anywhere in the store every 45 minutes!  This ends March 1st!  1 winner per round, limit 1 per customer.”

Once you have got a gift-card you click the door of your skin-tone and choose a make-up-style you like! There are also free hair-colorpacks at every door for black, blonde or brown eyebrows (and other body-hair;))!


A free skin? Need I say more?

Head over to Chai Skins!

Other links:

Maitreya – Pumps – 15 colors (subscro-gift/also still in history) – ol

Not Free:

Maitreya – Faye Hair – not free

 Babydoll – White lace lingerie

On The Catwalk – Eyelashes – Doe – not free

Tuli – eyes steel luminous

(ty Renee for tp-ing me… and well… stealing your blog-post… lol 😉 ❤ u)


xxx Farah

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So you like tv do ya?



Well if you dont you should start to appreciate it esp in SL.  Fabulous Fashion TV Studio has some awesome freebies for the guys.  Sartoria has a whole suit for you.  Perfect for your date night or if you are just in a classy mood.  I love the elbow patches.  Next, One Soul has a great necklace that will make any outfit shine.  And last, but certainly not least, SFD has some great classy wear for the guys.  Prim collar and tie, heart cufflings on prim cuffs, and white scarf.

Over and Out.

Attituede Problem!


“Ooo the green shirt would look great on me!  Don’t you think so?” she asked.  “But look how cute I look in the purple!”

I’ve been meaning to show you these pose accessory packs for a few days now.  They are just adorable!  The poses are all from Attituede.  The shopping pose comes with three tube tops on hangers and three shirts from 7th Heaven that you can give to a friend or wear.  The shirt colors are plum, coral, and green.

The red Valentine Heat Pillow pose set is in the Greatest Love hunt box at Attituede.  This pose includes the red pillow and the white stool.



Another dollarbie pose set from Attituede is called Phone Terror.  This pose pack comes with a pink cell phone and two poses.  One phone pose is for talking and the other is texting.


The fan pose set is in the lucky chair at Attituede.  The purple Monroe Gradation dress is from the lucky chair at AOHARU.  Special thanks to Ms. Suri Christen for TPing me to this lucky chair.


The sand colored cable knit cropped vest in the first picture is from Tuli.  This sweater is part of the Journey hunt.  If you’ve been putting off this hunt, it ends today!  The gray jeans are on the free/dollarbie wall at Cupcakes.

brown-engineer-boots-bukka1The amazing unisex brown engineer boots are free in the lucky chair at BUKKA.  When I was there this chair was moving pretty fast, because everyone wants these boots!  There are three lucky chairs with a watch, ipod, and the brown boots.  Each chair is set at 10 minutes.

The Lisette skin is only two lindens at TeaLane.  Lisette comes in the agave, hickory, honey, sugar, maple, and molasses skin tones.  I am wearing the sugar tone.   The new Mariposa skin is also L$2 and don’t forget the midnight mania board!  The pigtail  Unani- Sen Sen hair  is free in the lucky chair at Curl Up and Dye Salon.



*Attituede: Pose Sets (L$0 – L$1)
Million Island ( 245/61/29 )

*Tuli: Cable Knit Cropped Vest (Hunt – L$0)
Journey ( 130/107/25 )

*Cupcakes: Gray Jeans (L$0)
Le Zoo ( 74/179/24 )

*AOHARU: Monroe Gradation Dress (Lucky Chair – L$0)
AOHARU ( 138/90/23 )

*BUKKA: Brown Engineer Boots (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Baleful ( 66/85/31 )

*Curl Up and Dye Salon: Unani- Sen Sen hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Inari ( 32/218/23 )

*TeaLane: Lisette Skin (L$2)
Granymyr ( 246/190/42 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )





I knew that would get your attention.

Now that I do, Steam Powered Nuts/Unzipped has a freebie/cheapie section in their shop. There’s not a whole lot of stuff there.. but it’s cute stuff for girls, and some grungy, punkish jeans, jackets, and tee shirts for guys.

unzipped1Above, I am wearing the zipo pants, and the Santana top and gloves.

Unzipped:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/FairChang%20Ampere%20Main/90/88/24


Double Trouble at Pixel Dolls

Surely you’ve heard of them: Mindy and Mandy, the identical siamese twins that were joined at the elbow until they were three?

Well, twenty.. er.. something years old now, and they still like to fool people by dressing alike. The trick to knowing which twin is which is that Mindy always wears green, and Mandy always wears purple..


or.. wait..  is it Mindy who likes to wear purple, and Mandy who likes to wear green?

At any rate.. they both love Pixel Dolls clothes and they both love a great bargain.

Hibiscus blue and olive, 0$L, at Pixel Dolls:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/BelleStar/239/99/20

~ Shang


Tuli & the Indian Princess

The Tuli group is amazing!  Not only do members find out about hunts and other gifts long before everyone else, but we also get amazing group gifts!  Yesterday a skin pack was dropped on the group.  The Natalie skin comes in dark, exotic, gothic, light, pale, sunkissed, and tan!  This exclusive group gift is breathtaking.


The Ursula hair and wreath are free in the lucky chair at Curl Up and Dye Salon.

What to wear with this beautiful hair and skin?   Well the Indian princess Gharara ensemble from Mashooka of course!  The red version is a dollarbie.  The white and black colors are in the lucky chair along with several other beautiful colors!  The bindis are free on the side wall.  These round bindis come in a pack of blue, green, orange, pink, and red.



*Mashooka: Indian Princess (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Nerdaronie & Cheese ( 194/195/27 )

*Curl Up and Dye Salon: Ursula hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Inari ( 32/218/23 )

*Tuli: Exclusive Natalie Skin (Group – L$0)
Journey ( 130/107/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Holiday Reflection

Maybe it’s the outlandish hairstyles, or the over-the-top gowns she wears just strolling through town on her way to the bakery, or florist, or wherever, that got her the reputation as being a little.. eccentric.

holidayBut just look at this gown! One could practically live in a gown this fabulous!

You can have it too.. but shhh.. let it be our little secret, neh? Only at Lemania Indigo’s, only today, only 1L$.

Lemania Indigo:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/148/169/30

~ Shang