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For the Casual Guy


So, I’m a casual wear kind of guy and if you are anything like me you are going to want to march yourself over to Bete Noire because it is stocked full of goodies.  There are two jackets one blue and one yellow, some nice briefs, and a whole outfit (lavender sweater and jeans) just waiting for you to go – right click- and buy.  I tped a few friends in while I was checking out the place and the owner was there.  He was generously passing out  gift cards to all the patrons in the store.  Maybe, if you are lucky,  you too could reap the benefits of a designer’s generosity, but even if not think about spending some actual L on the place because he has some cool stuff.

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Treasure for da boyz


Renee posted about the Treasure Hunt on the Journey Sim, but I just wanted to let the guys know if they are asked to help their lady friends hunt, it is worth it for the two NOP treasures.  These striped pants have prim cuffs that really give it a sleek look and the detail on the shirt is amazing.  So ladies be sure to let your guys know that it will be worth it on this one to come help (or you could just be extra nice you and just get them for the guys bc these are the only two items that are transfer)  Happy Hunting.

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Journey ( 130/107/25 )

More Lemania Indigo Designs

Lemania Indigo is certainly keeping bloggers busy with all the dollarbies she’s been putting out!

Greensleeves (below, left)  is today’s 1 day freebie. It wil be put out at about 8 am SL time and staying til Sunday at the same time at which point it will be retired forever.

Greensleeves:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/148/169/30


It is time for a new group gift for Lemania’s  SL Divine Divas.  Party Girl Barbie (above right) will be available from about 8 am slt today until the following Saturday when it will be replaced by a new group gift.

Party Girl Barbie:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/158/145/29

~ Shang