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Last Chance!!


Valentine’s Day is over, but don’t be too sad because there is still one day left in the Vain Kiss Hunt, so guys, go go go.   The skin I’m wearing is from Belleza, gotta love the emo tear drop.    I kinda have a thing for pandas, so I’m including the shoulder panda from Pink Fuel because seriously, it’s adorable.  Alphamale has a cool outfit for the guys.  Army shirt and pants with black beanie.  And at PixelDolls there are some cool striped black pants for the guys–I’m also including the linen pants that was in the girls gift bc they are a nice unisex cut and can dress up an outfit nicely so dont throw it out just bc it has “girl” written in huge bold letters.  it still works.   The two white shirts I’m wearing unfortunately aren’t part of the hunt.  But the V neck is a giftie from alphamale.  Okay lots more for you to find so hurry because it is your last chance!


Over and Out.


Gunz and Pantz – What more could you ask for?


BANG! Free stuff always makes me happy.  So today, for the guys, I decided to feature some fun gadgets called “guns.”  I know…I know…you may be asking, “what this is thing you call ‘gun,'” but trust me you are going to want it.  Menu driven, fire options galore, holster included with draw animation, stand anim, and just bad ass all around [see pic above].  There are several to win on the lucky chairs at TacTECH so bring friends and you can all have your very own guns. *please use responsibly*  You will also notice I’m sporting the latest group gift from Mechanism.  Prim cuffs, and just killer pants so join the group, they always give you cool stuff.


Over and Out.

ONE Hunt & Some Pudge Barbecue!

Hunt Time!  There’s a new hunt going on at ONE Fashion Design/RenegadeONE.  Look for 20 Hearts around the shops.  Each heart is 1L.  This hunt is fairly easy… Look even Phillip Linden found a heart!



The heart shaped cuddle rug is in one hidden heart.  Want to see what else you could find?

It’s almost swimsuit season so these prizes are perfect.  The purple Heaven bikini and red Nautica bikini are from DEKA.  The pink Heart hotpants and tank are another hunt prize from DEKA.


This red Valentine’s Babydoll is from D.J.  Another hunt prize from DEKA is this pink SWEET JUNGLE dress.  The OneBeMy ensemble might be the outfit that puts a little zest in your SLife.


dqvalentine-clogs-redDEKA has this red open heard Tina top and striped capri pants.  This outfit looks perfect with the Valentine’s Clogs from DQ.  The red Valentine classy halter and black skirt is in a heart from DEKA.  I wonder how many will tp into this hunt after seeing the sexy sheer DJ Valentines mini dress?


The back of this Valentines tank is so cute and perfect for year round wear.


Need some sexy lingerie?  You’ll love the Midnight Secrets green lace panties and camisole.  Or what about the pink and purple panties (These panties come in one prize).


This red classy Valentines Heart mini comes with a short and longer skirt.


I really like this SheerOneCrossed Gown.  Check out the back view.


Another prize is the red BlackHearts necklace.  The matching earrings can be found in a separate heart.  There is also a really nice shape (not shown) in one hidden heart.  I know some of you are in serious need of some shape help, so try this shape out.  I think I’m missing one heart hunt prize… so number 20 will be your surprise!


The OMGWTF Barbecue hair style comes in this Crayon Red color and is free for “PUDGE update group” members.  If you want this style in a different color it is L$225 for a three pack of colors at the Pudge Hairspray 2 location.  I really like this style and can’t wait to see more from this designer!  To receive this gift join the “PUDGE update group”.  If you can’t find the group look up Crystyle Bukowski (the designer) and join from there.  Also, make sure you tp to the store and grab the dollarbie goodie bag.  The goodie bag comes with 12 different shades of the “Let’s do this thing” style and five adorable poses!


The Cinderella pumps are free from Fairy Tail and the beautiful skin is a dollarbie from Imagen.  This Lia skin comes in the Este, Norte, Oeste, and Sur tones.  You can see the other skin tones in the Imagen a Fairy Tail post.


*ONE Fashion Design: All Clothing and Accessories (Hunt – L$1)
Jingyo ( 219/46/54 )

*Fairy Tail: Cinderella Pumps (L$0)
pareja ( 130/224/25 )

*Pudge: OMGWTF Barbecue hair (Group – L$0)
Hairspray 2 ( 113/107/52 )

*Imagen: Lia Skin (L$1)
Daffodil Island ( 6/97/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Primalot Full Avatars

Primalot has some one-stop-shopping for new comers to SL. There are a few nice avatars for absolutely free. If someone needs a ready-made fantasy or neko look.. direct them to the freebie section of Primalot.

primalotOn the left is the Queen Moth, which costs 0L$. On the right is Kimmilu Pussycat, also for 0L$.

Primalot:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blackmount/6/149/702

~ Shang

Burrough down in a camp chair at Shop SEU!

silver-heart-amo-necklace-bracelets-burroughsNeed to sort your inventory?  Want some new hair?  Well camp out at Shop SEU and get this fuwabob hair in the brown color.  The camp wait is 300 minutes, so you could even plop yourself on the chair and sleep.

Shop SEU has a lucky chair with a three pack of socks.  This lucky chair changes every 10 minutes.  So while you camp out for the hair tp your friends in for the lucky chair!


There is also a 60 minute camping chair for this pink hana wanpi flower dress.  The Cinderella pumps are free from Fairy Tail.


Don’t you just love the beautiful jewelry?  Monday the designer interviewed at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio was Antoine Burroughs.  This is the creator of Jewelry Burroughs & Eyes.  Each week the interviewee on the Fabulous Fashion TV Show has the opportunity to leave a sample of their work.  The silver and ruby heart Amo jewelry set is completely free at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.  The jewelry has texture and jewel changing options.  Plus, the gift includes the entire Amo set (i.e. ankles, belly button piercing, bracelets, earrings, necklace,  and rings).  Be sure to click the subscribe-o-matic at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio to be informed of upcoming events.  I really enjoy attending these shows and learning more about the designers of Second Life.

The beautiful skin is a dollarbie from Imagen.  This Lia skin comes in the Este, Norte, Oeste, and Sur tones.  You can see the other skin tones in the Imagen a Fairy Tail post.


*Shop SEU: fuwabob hair (Camping – L$0)
Shimokitazawa ( 195/75/28 )

*Fabulous Fashion TV Studio: Burroughs Amo jewelry full set (L$0)
Northpoint ( 195/22/38 )

*Fairy Tail: Cinderella Pumps (L$0)
pareja ( 130/224/25 )

*Imagen: Lia Skin (L$1)
Daffodil Island ( 6/97/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Just when you thought the hunt was over..

March 1 – 30

twistedFrom the note card:
The Twisted Hunt will be a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. Sure, there will be plenty of fashion – but  by all that is unholy, there will also be sex! and blood! and everything else that isn’t polite or publicly acceptable.

It features MANY merchants across the grid, who invite you to their parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes!

Want to learn more? Visit the website:

More info inworld:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lasombra/67/158/51

~ Shang

Lemania Indigo

With most of the Valentine’s Day hunts winding down, the Greatest Love hunt still has a few more days to go.  Lemania Indigo has two GL gifts: Lady in Red and Rose of My Heart. Drop by now to grab these great gifts before they are gone forever.

li12Shown above:

Left: Lady in Red                                                                                 Right:  Rose of my heart

While you’re there, picture the icy beauty, Sugary Blue, which is being retired. If you missed this frosty offering before, don’t miss this second, and last,  chance to pick it up!

li22Shown above: Sugary Blue

Lemania Indigo Designs:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/189/138/22

~ Shang

Imagen a Fairy Tail?

This skin is sooo pretty!  There are four dollarbie skins at Imagen.  The Lia skin comes in the Este, Norte, Oeste, and Sur tones.



ojos-rosasAlso be sure to join the ( Imagen ) group.  In the notice there is a special group gift that was sent on the 14th.  This Valentine’s group gift includes large and small Ojos Rosas (pink eyes), a crimson Valentine Gown, and a hot pink Amor t-shirt.

crimson-valentin-dress-imagenNow, normally I’m not a huge fan of logos.  But… the rolled up jeans from MECHANISM are amazing!  These jeans are the latest subscribe-o-matic group gift from MECHANISM.  Guess what… The gift comes with a size for the men and the ladies.  These two poses are my latest winnings from the lucky chair at Striking Poses.  I swear I live by those four chairs!


cinderella-fairy-tailThe Cinderella pumps are from Fairy Tail.  The pumps are free and include Cinderella earrings and a necklace!  Fairy Tail has some very pretty jewelry.  There is a wall of cheap and free jewelry.

Also, upstairs group members can camp for blue and pink dog tag necklaces.  The necklaces are transferable and the pieces make a whole heart.  Soooo… give one to your SO and keep the other half for yourself.  There is also a 30 minute camp chair for a fur necklace and glove set.  I would have worn it with the beautiful dress, but they are in cream color and sorta clashed.


pair-dog-tag-heart-necklaces-fairy-tailIf you dont have room for the SL group, be sure to join the subscribe-o-matic group.  When you join you’ll receive a very nice diamond necklace.  I like delicate detailed jewelry and Fairy Tail definitely falls in this category!


The hair isn’t free…  but I couldn’t resist showing off my Valentine present again.  It’s from Zero Style and it’s amazing!


*Imagen: Lia Skin (L$1), Eyes, Gown, Amor Shirt (Group – L$0)
Daffodil Island ( 6/97/23 )

*Mechanism: Rolled Up Pants (Sub-o – L$0)
Ursa Major ( 55/247/1068 )

*Fairy Tail: Cinderella Pumps & Jewelry (L$0)
pareja ( 130/224/25 )

*Zero Style: Hair (Not Free)
Zero Style ( 123/138/38 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )