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New Group Gift at Discord


There is a new group gift at Discord! This group just keeps growing and growing; it seems they just hit 2k members.. and now they’re up to 3k. Wow!

The gift is located in the new Discord North sim, and it’s just as chaotic as the old Discord sim, prepare to be disoriented. Along with the new group gift, there is a new hunt with four nice hairstyles (three unisex, and one that is geared more toward females). Hint: there is one hairstyle in each quadrant of the new sim.

discord15febShown above are the newest group gifts from Discord, and two of the hunt hairstyles.

Discord North:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Discord%20North/142/149/18

~ Shang

2 thoughts on “New Group Gift at Discord

  1. Just to say that the dress looks even better on than in your picture–and I’m eyeing the guy suit too LOL


  2. I have to agree with you Samara. This outfit — both of them — are gorgeous. Orange Meili in one of the most generous designers in SL, his gifts are always stunning.

    And yeah, get the guy outfit too.



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