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My Betrayed Heart

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the Betrayed Heart hunt that is going on right now. At this point in time I’d like to say YOU MUST DO THIS HUNT!


From the hunt note card:

The hunt is spread over 3 sims. Though the stores are located on the Mischief, Tully and Illusion sims, it does not include all of the stores on the sims. Therefore, you will not find any of these hunt hearts anywhere other than in or around the listed stores.

You are looking for a number of hearts. The hearts may be located in any number of locations both inside and outside of the stores.

Each heart is named in the order of how many there are to find, so you will know when you have found them all:
“Betrayed Heart *DD* 4 of 10” is the 4th heart from *Dilly Dolls*
“Betrayed Heart GLD 2 of 6” is the 2nd heart from GL Gesigns

This hunt is separate from the Vain hunt, so please be respectful of the other hunters.

Please follow these few rules during the hunt….

1. DO NOT use the hunt store groups to tell others where the hearts are located. If you wish to help someone, please IM them directly.
2. DO NOT spam other groups about the hunt. Again, if you wish to tell someone about it, please IM them.
3. DO NOT try to block/hide the hearts from others.
4. DO NOT shout out the locations to other hunters. Some people enjoy taking their time, and do not want it ruined for them because some people have gotten impatient.
5. Once you have found all of the hearts, please TP out of the area so that others can come and do the hunt, and to help keep the lag to a minimum.


Shown above:  Heartbreaker Lolita from Dilly Dolls.

bhhShown above: Dress and shoes from GLD, hair (Pippin) from Bryce.

bhh2Shown above: Eyeglasses and clothes from Forbidden Thorn, hair (Edo) from Bryce.

Heart locations….

*Dilly Dolls*:  10 hearts located in and around the main store (Illusion)

GL Designs :  10 hearts. 5 are in and around GL Designs main store, 3 in Tully (near Bryce) and 2 in Illusion (by *DD*)

Bryce:  8 hearts located in and around the main store (Tully)

Forbidden Thorn: 6 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Mischief :  12 hearts located in and around the main store (Mischief Isle)

Gypsy Soul:  4 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Wicked Resistance:  2 hearts  located in and around the shop (Tully)

~ Shang

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