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My Betrayed Heart

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the Betrayed Heart hunt that is going on right now. At this point in time I’d like to say YOU MUST DO THIS HUNT!


From the hunt note card:

The hunt is spread over 3 sims. Though the stores are located on the Mischief, Tully and Illusion sims, it does not include all of the stores on the sims. Therefore, you will not find any of these hunt hearts anywhere other than in or around the listed stores.

You are looking for a number of hearts. The hearts may be located in any number of locations both inside and outside of the stores.

Each heart is named in the order of how many there are to find, so you will know when you have found them all:
“Betrayed Heart *DD* 4 of 10” is the 4th heart from *Dilly Dolls*
“Betrayed Heart GLD 2 of 6” is the 2nd heart from GL Gesigns

This hunt is separate from the Vain hunt, so please be respectful of the other hunters.

Please follow these few rules during the hunt….

1. DO NOT use the hunt store groups to tell others where the hearts are located. If you wish to help someone, please IM them directly.
2. DO NOT spam other groups about the hunt. Again, if you wish to tell someone about it, please IM them.
3. DO NOT try to block/hide the hearts from others.
4. DO NOT shout out the locations to other hunters. Some people enjoy taking their time, and do not want it ruined for them because some people have gotten impatient.
5. Once you have found all of the hearts, please TP out of the area so that others can come and do the hunt, and to help keep the lag to a minimum.


Shown above:  Heartbreaker Lolita from Dilly Dolls.

bhhShown above: Dress and shoes from GLD, hair (Pippin) from Bryce.

bhh2Shown above: Eyeglasses and clothes from Forbidden Thorn, hair (Edo) from Bryce.

Heart locations….

*Dilly Dolls*:  10 hearts located in and around the main store (Illusion)

GL Designs :  10 hearts. 5 are in and around GL Designs main store, 3 in Tully (near Bryce) and 2 in Illusion (by *DD*)

Bryce:  8 hearts located in and around the main store (Tully)

Forbidden Thorn: 6 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Mischief :  12 hearts located in and around the main store (Mischief Isle)

Gypsy Soul:  4 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Wicked Resistance:  2 hearts  located in and around the shop (Tully)

~ Shang

Messy, messy Cupid!

If it wasn’t enough that Cupid is losing arrows all over Crystal Springs.. now it’s hats! Lemania ought to think about evicting him.. except that, well, he is Cupid.li3

Shown is Sweet Sassy Stuff (#1 of 5).

Lemanis  needs people to help clean up after Cupid!  Check at her shop everyday to see which hat you will be looking for, and inside the hat is a whole outfit Cupid stole from their closets! (omg.. and he’s a thief to boot!)


Anway.. the hunt runs from February 9th – 14th (5 HATS to find for 1L$ each)

Lemania Indigo Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/195/158/28

~ Shang


Get Kissed and Greatest Love


Ok, so I’m not doing the entire Vain Kissed hunt — only bits and pieces of it. I’m sure that each and every one of the prizes is absolutely wonderful, and I appreciate the efforts shop owners, organisers, and designers who work so hard to bring us these fantastic, fun hunts — but, confession time: You know the grid wide ghost hunt back around Halloween? Well, I still haven’t opened everything from that hunt.


So, I’m cheating a bit. I’ll probably miss some stuff I wish I had picked up, but that’s the risk I run by doing it this way. There is a list of participating shops on the Vain, Inc website, I copy the name of the shop I want to visit, and paste it into my search tab. You can find a list of the Greatest Love hunt participating shops here (look on the right sidebar).  More information about the Greatest Love hunt is posted by Scotti here. I’ve been picking up the things from shops I like the most (my inventory is thanking me right now), and blogging the things I like the best… which brings us to this most recent post.

hunt_005These gifts are from two shops, and the pose is a freebie from VPoses (not a hunt item). The hair is from !!Calico Ingmann Creations!!.  There are styles for both men and women included (Romeo and Juliet), and thesey come boxed with a cajillion colours. Don’t forget t check the lucky chairs and group freebies while you’re there.

The clothes are from Passionate Neko Dreams. Again, there are gifts for both males and females included.

dahausDahaus has a round bed as its prize in the Kissed hunt, and it’s loaded with animations. I’m wearing the patchwork set from Moxi Polano with skin from Illuminati, and hair from Stringer Mausoleum. The Stringer Mausoleum lips also include a skin for men.


Invalde has a sweet dress, perfect for dancing the night away. Don’t forget to check the lucky chair too.. you never know, you might get a two-fer like I did.

dahus3WW Industries has a very cute cropped sweatshirt and rolled knee socks. There is also a sandbox for opening your gifts! Woot! Just remember to be polite and clean up after yourself. And don’t forget to check the lucky chair that is near the sandbox.

~ Shang

Serenity Style

Kurston Brody was nice enough to send me info on Serenity Style’s Grand opening, which is going on all this week.


The Toasty Sets (limited Valentine’s Day edition jackets, scarves, legwarmers, and booties) are in the Lucky Chair, and the Bear and Earrings are in the camp chairs right next to it. The chairs are located in the back of the store, behind the new release wall.

There is also a Lucky Dip loaded with cute & fun things, as well as some Diamond Hair sticks.

Store Cards will be on Sale for 50% off all week.

Serenity Style:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zebranky/10/129/22