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More Great Gifts from Discord


I just can’t say enough about the Discord sim shops: the prices are great, there are a good number of freebies and dollarbies that change frequently, there are lots of lucky chairs, and Orange Meili gives out some of the best group gifts ever!


  • Hunt items: female (left), male  (right)

There are two  outfits in hiding, and Orange Meili always includes two hunt prizes: one for males and one for females. In searching for the hunt items, I also ran across two cute freebies, and hit the lucky chair for a couple items. Then, after I had finished the hunt, I camped for another wonderful gift. All this gifty goodness.. for free?


  • Above Left: Girls Style (freebie)/ Shoes are a Discord lucky chair prize
  • Above Right:  Girls Style  (dollarbie)/ Shoes are a dilly Dolls midnight mania prize


  • Above left: Lucky Chair prize.
  • Above Right:  Camp-for item (30 minutes)/ Shoes are Dilly Dolls midnight mania prize

Yep! This is one of the reasons I actually spend L$ in Discord (besides the outstanding quality of the clothes) — because the sim owner and the shop owners are so generous to their customers.

How much did I spend on all of this great stuff?  Only 1L$.

pssst.. need to know where the Discord hunt hearts are located? Check here.

Discord:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Discord/38/109/18

~ Shang

4 thoughts on “More Great Gifts from Discord

  1. hey shang! love your posts lately. could you give a slurl for the girls style outfits? they have a bunch of locations and search doesn’t work for me atm. also there’s a puffy timepiece dress i think you would LOVE here: check it out on the wall at the coords http://slurl.com/secondlife/AmaZingg/27/35/669 it’s at house of alisha, i think it’s just your style


  2. I completely 100% agree with you about Discord, Shang. I didn’t even know about them until someone blogged a freebie and I have been hooked ever since. I LOVE them. They’re one of my favorite stores.

    Awesome quality, so generous, and they don’t overcharge… if anything they under-charge! So good is their stuff. ❤ I luff them, and they treat their customers SO well. Their freebies aren’t watered down versions of the real stuff, either, they are just as good as their pay for items, and they come out with free stuff so regularly. More stores should learn from Discord. Every time I give over $L to Discord, I feel happy about it, lol. XD

    Thank you for this, their store is so massive I didn’t even manage to find two hearts. ~.~ So that helps a lot! ^__^ Now I’m going to shop shop shop 😀


  3. And lastly, they don’t charge for their demos! THANK YOU! /me cheer


  4. okrebecca, here is the lm for Girls Style shop in Discord.


    Discord does not permit a direct teleport, you will have to go to the general landing point, and follow the bouncing red arrow to the shop. The shop is located on the upper level.