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“Is this real life?” [No it is second life]

Sorry for my tardiness in this post.  Lots going on this week…learning gimp, making shapes, and spending way too much time sharing hilarious blogs and youtube videos with my girl.    And because I have kept you waiting, I thought that today we would start off with one of my favorite youtube videos this week.   Anyway here it is.  I’ll wait here while you watch…

Adorable and hilarious, right?  I like the bit where he just screams.  Poor kid.  Anyway….on to the awesome cheapies/freebies.  Ok, so I have a lot of weaknesses, but one of them is plaid.  Thimbles stole my heart this week with their group gift.  Two versions of this plaid shirt with a prim collar and cuffs.  How can you go wrong?  Frankie came home and was showing off her pink plaid when she realized I had the blue one on.  Hehe…think you can beat me eh!  Dear, don’t you know I’m the Freebie Guru? 🙂  Ok, spousal style races apart, it looks amazing, so go join their group and get this one for those casual days around SL.

thimblespost21The list of goodness doesn’t end there.   INDI Designs released its next weekly dollarbie…Um can we say awesome?  Guys hurry on this one because the week is almost up!  But remember if you miss a week there will be a chance to get each piece for 5L, so check back at the store and make sure you snatch up all the missing pieces.


Tattoos make anyone sexier.  Like “bump you up a notch or two” on the hotness meter so why not get some great ones for free. SG Fashion is offering two tattoos that work well for both men and women.  Okay, so not a really a freebie you can go out and get, but a reason why people should join groups and stick with them.  Designers like loyal folk.  Kmadd has been sending group IM’s saying something along the lines of “the first [insert number here] to respond get a free prototype of our newest hair.”  I just happened to be quick enough one time and snag the Ferris hair (pictured below) that is soon to be released.  And yes – it did totally make my night.

celtictattooSteering off the course of 5L and under I got permission to tell you guys about some lowishbies.  Sorta rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  Lowishbies. /me repeats it over and over.  Hrm, can i coin that term?  Do I want to?  So many questions, but I digress.  So, I took some advice from one of our group members this week and did some shape making offering a range of sizes (this also including bigger heads and smaller arms).  The shapes featured above, both Frankie’s and mine, can be found at Doppelgänger for 25L for the no mod versions.  There are girl shapes too (designed by Frankie)  so if you aren’t getting enough cat calls check us out at Doppelgänger.  I said it twice only because I love the word.  The silver shirt Frankie is sporting above is only 10L at Random Fashions so ladies while your out go pick up this casual, yet sexy top 🙂  Well, I think it is sexy at least.  And last but not least…guys this is for you.  I am always on a quest for hair and shoes that, well I can afford and I think you are going to like this one….The grey and brown loafers pictured below were only 10L (for both pairs!! /me dies)  But since Valentines Day is coming up and you may want to try a little harder to dress up for your SO or just for yourself the pair of black dress shoes is only 30L.  Both Styles can be found at House of Curious.


One last thing for the lowishbie section of my post and this is for all those people out there who like to take pictures and are wishing they could afford some new poses.  For me I get a bit tired of the three varient poses for guys – arms to the side, crossed in front, and behind.  I mean classic and work well, but I was looking to expand my pose collection with some varients.  In my travels I stumbled upon a meca of poses at Kru’s Boutique for only 20L!!!  Yeah, I said it.  Two.  Zero.

Over and Out.


You meet the special someone of your dreams randomly.  A whirlwind of a night…you feel that click, exchange numbers and the spend the next 5 days patiently by the phone, just waiting.  No call.  You are devastated, heartbroken even.  You call your friends for comfort and they say “Maybe they just weren’t that in to you.”  Bah!  What do they know they don’t get it.  She was the one!  You are upset and everyone knows it, so why not show them just how much it hurts. [see photo] Show off to the world just how brokenhearted you are.  And then one day, when you run into your friends, and they say something along the lines of “God you have a gaping hole in your chest.  You need bandages for that.  I mean…birds could nest in there.” And you start to think, maybe this isn’t so bad…maybe you could use this.  The headlines read “Man Replaces Broken Heart with Rare Bird!”  People start wanting to talk to you.  You go on talk shows, radio interviews, get a book deal about how you cope with sharing your life with the great-white-endangered-something-or-other.  Now you have fame and fortune, but still feeling lonely, but it is all worth it when late one night the phone rings…it is them…

I’m just saying it could happen.


XDFusion has some cool freebies and i felt this one was appropriate with V-day around the corner.  Go check em out.

Over and Out.