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I Know Where Shang’s Going After She Sees This…


The owner of Boxed Heroes dropped two different boxes on me.  These avatars are great for role playing.  Makes me want to go find a role playing sim and try to fit in.  Check out the Caunatha female av.


This comes with everything shown… and not shown.  You even get a hud specially made for this AV.  So all in all this gift comes with the Zhao hud, shape, skin, hair, helmet, eyes, gloves, swords, boots, and armored plated outfit.  Everything you might need to look the part on a role playing sim.


There’s even a gift for the men!  It also comes with the Zhao hud, shape, skin, hair, helmet, eyes, gloves, swords, boots, chainmail shirt and pants, armored plated outfit, and codpiece (I just wanted to say codpiece… hehe).  Yes these outfits are primmy and lagerrific, so do not expect to enter a busy sim and be welcomed.


Both these outfits are free in the lucky chairs or if you can’t wait you can buy them for L$350 each.  Here’s an idea… Join the FabLucky group and have a lucky chair party!



BOXED HEROES: Caunatha Avatars (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Plush Epsilon ( 69/37/22 )

Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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3 thoughts on “I Know Where Shang’s Going After She Sees This…

  1. omg.. and you posted a picture of the lucky chair with an “S”?!?


    But I forgive you.


  2. just a note that you use the phrase “role playing sim” pretty loosely. There are gorean rp sims, star wars rp sims, college rp sims, school girl rp sims etc…. being dressed for battle in an rp sim is great… if that particular sim is appropriate for your type of armor.


  3. LOL yeah I suppose I do use it loosely. But that is because I’ve never set foot on a rping sim. I stay on the shopping sims.
    ~Renee Lowenhart~