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Help me find this dress!


exile-veronica-caramel-chocExile has this cute Veronica hair free for group members.  This hair comes in the caramel chocolate color.  Join the group and touch the poster to receive the hair gift.

The skin I’m wearing is a dollarbie for Damani Fashion group members.  I hope you were able to join this group when it was free to join.  There is now a fee of L$250 to join the group.  Hopefully many of you were able to get in this group when it was free during the generous Christmas Advent gift give.  This skin is set at L$1 for 48 hours..  The notice mentioned that next week there will be another surprise.  I have suspisions that the next gift will be for the men!

I’m loving this blue Ember evening gown from Black Swan.  It’s definatel  keeper!  This gown was sent to me for review, but I can not get to the landmark coordinates that were given.  The notecard attached says that this gown is a dollarbie for a very limited time.  If anyone finds the gown could you please tell us how to get to it with out being ejected from the sim?



Beauty Avatar recently gave out gift cards worth L$1000 to the group members.  The notices are now closed so these gift cards are no longer available.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I went walking throughout the sim and found several freebies for group members.  So it might be worthwhile to join this group and take advantage of the gifts.

In the main clothing section there is a awesome long sleeve shirt for the men.  Syler posted the shirt in the past.  Guys if you haven’t gotten it head there.

Ladies you can pick up this blue Salisbury camisole and panties set from the Malice Line.  Also from the Malice Line there are two bra and panties, one is the beige floral print Gila and the other is a maroon swirl print “Warren” set.



The Storm Schmooz black and pink slippers are free.  These sorta look like flip flops to me and they are adorable!


Black Swan: Blue Ember Gown (L$1)
Black Swan ( 29/57/21 )

Beauty Avatar: Malice Line Gifts (L$1)
World of Beauty ( 35/31/25 )

Storm Schmooz: Black and Pink Slippers (L$0)
ARSNOVA ( 67/227/24 )

Exile: Veronica Caramel Chocolate (Group – L$0)
Ivy Falls ( 155/105/27 )

Damiani Fasion: Madelaine 1 Year Special skin (Group – L$1)
Plush Meter ( 61/175/23 )

MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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4 thoughts on “Help me find this dress!

  1. The sim is no longer open admission. You have to buy the Black Swan watch for 199L and wear it so you’re not booted, which sucks because I just discovered the sim this weekend when it was still free. The dress was there when I visited, but I have no idea if it’s still there because I didn’t buy the watch.


  2. It’s still there and I was able to work around to get it, but that’s not really kosher, probably. If you walk all the way to the end of the corridor from where you rezz and go through the door that says “entry” it will drop you onto a platform. You’ll get a two-minute warning. You can jump off the platform and fly to 27, 64, 21 and pick up the dress before the two minutes are up.

    Again, don’t know how kosher it is. I really think it’s a shame that their retail area isn’t free, because I saw a lot of things I liked. I will not, however, pay just for privilege of shopping.


  3. hi wander if anyone can help me find get this blue gown, would appreciate it very much


  4. I think they’re in the process of moving the shopping to the skybox, cheapcorners. I did walk through and tp down to have a look, but before I did that, I went inside some of the rooms in the skybox and found they’d moved many of the vendors there.