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I’m Flatlining…


blog_007blog_006 /me takes a deep breathe.  Get ready for it…and GO!!

PULSE has two male skins for 1L each in celebration of their newly remodeled store.  Guys get over there and pick up these skins.  One is from the male tone 7 collection (pictured left) and the other from the male tone 3 collection (pictured right) located in the men’s section.  Not sure when this one is going to end so mark it high on that to do list of yours.  While you are there, be sure to join the PULSE group so you can get notices of when they might be so generous again 🙂

Now guys, I don’t know about you, but hair is one of my favorite finds in second life and today was one of those hit the mother load kinda days.  Fabulous Fashion TV Studio has a bunch of freebies just ripe for the taking.  Several of them include MADesigns, PE, and Mechanism.  There are some more on the lower level so be sure to cam around til you got them all.

In the MADesigns gift you will find two color options (blonde and black) of their Alex hair (pictured to the right and below).  Mechanism has a white belt, scarf with buttons, retro tee – perfect for that emo look we know you all enjoy from time to time.  But to really complete the emo look you may need a hair that is a bit less kept than the Alex style.  Well, you are in luck.  Also at Fab Studios is Philotic Energy’s rhodri mochachino hair pictured directly below.  Pretty kick ass huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.


blog_005blog_009Ok, ok…can you see why I’m so excited about today?  And it just keeps getting better.  Sweeter than Candy has an awesome new male freebie.  Pictured right is STC’s tan hoodie that has prim cuffs, hood, and bottom, but there is a jacket option as well so you don’t have to mess with the resizing of the lower part of the hoodie if you don’t want to.  So you got the accessories, the top, the hair, the skin, but I guess you might be needing some pants before you take these looks out on the road.  L.A. Couture’s male freebie of the week is just the thing you need to complete your look – offering some stylish  grey khakis.  And now you are set.

Over and Out.

5 thoughts on “I’m Flatlining…

  1. I wasn’t clear about this in the post -sorry for that – but to get the tan hoodie at sweeter than candy you need to join the sub-o. She gives out her freebies that way so be sure to join 🙂


  2. Wow, great freebies! This is an amazing post. I love the way you placed the images (wish i knew how to do that so seamlessly!).


  3. Hmm…can’t seem to find the free skin at Pulse. Has that ship sailed already?


  4. Can’t find the skins too. Are they still available?


  5. Hey,
    The skins are still available, but they are 10L, not 1L.
    You need to search for them in the male section.