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Who’s your Hero?


I felt very bad ass wearing these free avatar from Boxed Heros.  I have never ventured into a role playing sim, but both these avatars seem perfect for role playing.  The men’s outfit colors can be changed and both these avatars come with really sexy skin, too!

female-warrior-avatar-boxed-heroes arabian-armorav-boxed-heroes

There is also a box of female and male animations so you can make your own AO.  Plus there is a freebie box withtons of avatars.  Below are a few of them.  Each of these come with their own shape, skin, and everything seen!



*Boxed Heros: Chucks (L$0)
Plush Epsilon ( 67/54/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


It’s this W&Y!


There’s this little store called W&Y that is filled with free stuff.  After you grab all the freebies make sure you check out the other things in this store, because everything is so cheap! The free jewelry accessories give the black punk rock skirt, tank, gloves, and stockings a very Cyndi Lauper look!

The Red Camo Buckled and Strapped Platforms are free in the freebie ring at Shoe Fly Shoes.


At W&Y there are amazing wigs really inexpensive, plus some awesome free hairs too.  So… want to see the free hair styles?  The classy updo, pigtails, pink knit hat hair, and the long pulled back styles are all completely free in the store.  The last hair is has a bow shape and is in one of the lucky posters in the store.


Looking for some free skin?  W&Y has this peachy skin with fusha lips and red nail polish.  The comes with an adorable shape, but I am wearing my normal Renee Shape.  There is also a blue formal dress, tiarra, headband, and men’s belt that I haven’t shown.  These are all free in the W&Y store.


Love is in the air!  While at W&Y, grab these free pink heart eyes and show the world your love.  Or bettter yet change them up and see if your special someone notices.  Valentine’s day is just around the corner!



*W&Y: hair, skins, accessories, clothes, eyes (L$0)
TSUKIJI ( 155/223/22 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Red Camo Buckled & Strapped Heels (Freebie Ring – L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



New Camp For at Dark eden

Dark Eden announced through it’s subscribo group today that it has new never-to-be-sold boots as a camp-for item.

darkedenThe Vagabond Boots in Blood are not to be missed. Like all Dark Eden products, there are very nicely made. Don’t forget to get the matching skirt, which is a camp-for item also.

Dark Eden:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olive/159/234/41


Fabulous Goodies to collect!


Lis Noir – Skin and Shoes – 0L

A Bomb – Gray Sweater – 1l (until sunday, ty for the tip!)

Heart Cupcakes– White Jeans – 0l


Heart Cupcakes – Dresses – 0l

FabFree – 2009 Heels – Groupgift

On The Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series ligttan – 0l (lucky chair) 

Ruffian –  Silver Bangles –  1l


Fleur – Newbie Skin – 0L (different skin tones)



Sky Everett – Eyelashes pack – 0L (thannks for the tip, they are fabulous!)

All Hair shown is from ETD.

xxx Farah

Medieval Fantasy and Gorean Faire

fairM’lords and ladies, today is the opening day of the Medieval Fantasy and Gorean Faire. Many of your favourite vendors will be participating in this huge event.. and many of them are offering free samples of their goods to entice you into their shops. Don’t disappoint these fine shoppe keepers.. go grab some goodies!

zibwareIf you find, when you arrive in this peaceful setting, that you’ve left your face veil at home.. not to worry! The fine folks of Zibware understand your predicament, and have provided one free of charge. When you arrive at the main drop off point, turn and walk to the board showing the locations of the merchant’s shoppes. Select the shoppe of your choice (in this case Zibware) to be magically transported there.

Now that you are more appropriately attired, go do some shopping!

Medival Fantasy and Gorean Faire:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gor-jus%20Events/125/68/27

~ Shang


Moulliez at Sacre Bleu has a handful of great, casual clothes they are giving away.

mulliezAll these great clothes, and what do pay? Absolutely nothing? Don’t forget to check out the other great clothes in this shop. Then go stroll the streets of Sacre Bleu and show off your Fabulous freebies, courtesy of Moulliez! Poses shown in these pictures are from LAP.

Moulliez:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sacre%20Bleu/137/94/26

~ Shang

Gifts from [42]

[42] has a free white tee-shirt out on it’s freebie board, right beside the luscious colour skins that are also free. While there, don’t forget to check the lucky chair. Items in the lucky chair rotate, I was fortunate enough to pick up these too cute striped socks. And grab a friend before you head to [42], because they also have a fortune telling booth.

sariThe cute red top and black skirt in these pictures are from fledgling designer, Saris Saenz of Saris Creations. The shirt is a group gift to the right of the door as you enter. The skirt is from the group vendor (10L$ per item) and is part of a skirt/blouse combination. Note though, that when I tried to ‘wear’ the skirt, it attached to my hand, so make sure you ‘attach’ it to your pelvis or stomach and adjust the position after attaching.

Boots are a past gift from NSD.

[42]:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/TROPICANA/192/64/22

~ Shang

Great Stuff From Ethereal Pixels Designs

Ethereal Pixels Designs has some cute freebies available for you. Amid the beautiful gowns are some casual wear pieces that are every bit as well made as those stunning gowns lining the walls.dressThis adorable dress is perfect for freebie hunting, and can carry you right through to a night on the town. I love the detail on the bodice, and the sheer prim sleeves. Although it doesn’t show well in photos, the waist and underskirt are decorated with delicate lace. This dress comes complete with earrings and a choker style necklace.

dress2This bohemian shirt has a low cut back, and will be perfect with capris and sandals.

dress3This cute set can be worn as separates, of course. The vest is beautifully textured and, paired with a slim skirt or silvery slacks, would be a very sophisticated look for evening.

Ethereal Pixels Designs:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Star%20Scythe/59/123/134

~ Shang