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I found a Rose at Indie Rose!

I could blow through a lot of lindens in the Indie Rose store…  I love it!  The prices are reasonable, plus there are two free/dollarbies upstairs and one downstairs.  I’m so excited I don’t know what to show you first!

The beige fur coat will keep you warm in these winter months.  The Blue Flower Blouse and White Flower Lace Shorts are great for the upcoming warmer days.  The knit grey vest is works alone or on top of another shirt.  All of these gifts are free or dollarbies.


Let me show you what you can win from the lucky chair at Indie Rose!  This black party dress is a great little black dress for your closet.  The retro print butterfly dress is fresh and fun!  The blue cashmere cardigan is a good one to throw on with a pair of blue jeans.  I must confess that I have had way too much fun matching the headband on the Renee hair from House of Heart.  This style comes free in the pigeon color or you can grab the color pack of your choice for only L$195!  Such a great deal, especially with all the options you have.


I am in complete love with the lingerie I bought at Indie Rose and I have to share it with you.  Yes, I bought it with actual lindens!  But OMG these prices are so low it’s unreal!  For only L$25 I bought this shimmery black and silver Kelly babydoll dress.  It is sheer and flowy and oh so seductive, plus it comes in five different colors!  While I was camming upstairs I couldn’t pass up the black Millie nightie with the purple ribbon accents for only 80 lindens.


white-heel-chucks-kkAs for the shoes… the white heel chucks are fabulous, aren’t they?  These shoes are absolutely free at Kakaue Shoes and Boots.  Not sure how long these will be out so grab them quick!  The black Temptress wedges are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These shoes aren’t free, but you can take a spin on the Shoe Roulette wheel for only 30L and win one of 6 shoes, a 500L gift card, or a bubblepipe.  I won the 500L gift card and bought the black Temptress wedges!


*Indie Rose: Gifts & Lucky Chair outfits (L$0-L$1)
Tia ( 232/217/22 )

*Kakaue Shoes and Boots: White Heel Chucks (L$0)
Bug City ( 176/27/24 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Temptress Wedges (Not Free)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*House of Heart: New Releases Styles (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 157/88/24 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


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Your Fashionality @ Honey Soul!

A while ago I was at Honey Soul and saw this free beautiful cute dress at Honey Soul, but totally forgot about it! While cleaning out my inv.. (finaly!!).. found this dress again, and decided to try to create a complete outfit with the dress… and this the result:

Honey*Soul – Dotted dress – 0L 

Nodoko house – hair gold – not free (30 L)
  Lya – Red Wedges – 0l (lucky chair)
 Sheer – stockings kisskiss – 0l

On The Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series ligttan – 0l (lucky chair) 

Tact – Red Glasses – ol (part of free outfit)

Ruffian –  Bangles –  1l (part of sexy santa outfit)

OMG! While working on this post I received an notice from Honey Soul, about a clearance sale!! The clearance sale include old collection dresses…. they are in the mainstore on the left wall!


I am not sure how long the dresses are for sale for 5L… sooo hurry! btw, there are different colors available for some of these dresses!

Honey*Soul – Pink Fur Dress – 1L, Other Dresses – 5L

Exile – Summer Blonde Hair – 0l

On The Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series ligttan – 0l (lucky chair) 

xxx Farah

Tart and the Farmer’s Daughter

Did you hear the one about the farmer’s daughter? I think we all have in more versions than I can even remember. Well, now you can be the farmer’s daughter — courtesy of T.A.R.T.


The checked shirt in the picture on the left is from Artilleri, and is not a freebie, but is sooo cute with these overall shorts. Pornstar sneakers are a past hunt gift. Pumps are from Maitreya.


The short bob hairstyle in these pictures is a dollarbie from JE Republic,  and they have this cute dress (also a dollarbie) that is great for when the farmer’s daughter wants to look a little more ladylike for her weekly shopping trip into town.


For drop-dead glamour, that little minx picked up this lovely black gown at Prim and Pixel Paradise. Bargain hunter that she is, she paid not a $L for it, but subscribed to Prim and Pixel Paradise and got it for absolutely free. Smart girl! Now she’s ready for that corn husker’s ball, all dressed up and looking every bit the elegant lady.

Hair in the last picture is a former hunt gift from Exile. Although it’s no longer free, it is still available in the shop. Skin shown in all these pictures was a gift from Rockberry. Check the Rockberry lucky chair for skins, it changes quite frequently. The lovely draperies in this picture are from the bargain basement in Gorged. All poses are from LAP.

T.A.R.T. :   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Steelridge/196/237/103

JE Republic:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Screamin%20Eagle%20Bay/88/60/23

Prim and Pixel Paradise:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Celaeno/15/87/27

~ Shang