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Lucky Vixens have Reasonable Desires

vixen-zaphara-platinum-playthingVixen Hair has some amazing gifts in their lucky chair!  At least two of the prizes are complete packs including skin, shape, eyes, and hair!  This pigtail Blonde Zaphara hair comes with the Ivory skin with Jade eyeshadow and Gloss lips, plus blue eyes and a shape (not shown).  This hair reminded me of FabFree’s very own Blonde Bombshell!  Farah get your blonde self down there and win this hair!

The pulled back Minerva Blackmail hair comes with the Ivory skin with Burned Onyx eyeshadow and Gloss lips.

You can’t see it in the pictures, but both of these prizes include a shape, eyes, and eyelashes!  I soooo wish I could fit these eyelashes to my eyes cause they are very nice.  I ended up messing them up beyond repair.  Hopefully you have better luck adjusting them than I did.


There’s also a couple of trio packs in the lucky chair.  The Javierra long ponytail hair comes in blackmail, platinum plaything, and spice it up shades.


Lullaby is a braided fishtail ponytail style.  It also is free in the trio pack, blackmail, platinum plaything, and spice it up.  This style can be won from the lucky chair or add the location to your picks and return in 24-48 hours and get it free without waiting for your letter to be called.  There are 3 lucky chairs and the letters change every 5 minutes, so honestly the wait isn’t terrible.


The lime, strawberry, and lemon Sophie lingerie sets were free from the lucky chairs at Reasonable Desires.  The letters change every 20 minutes.  There are 6 lucky chairs with the lime, strawberry, lemon, poisonberry, raspberry, and blueberry lingerie sets.  You can also get the cherry color if you add the location to your picks and the plum set if you join the group and touch the poster.  That means you can get the entire line of Sophie lingerie absolutely free!


*Vixen Hair: Wigs and Skins (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Vixen Island ( 91/112/21 )

*Reasonable Desires: Sophie Lingerie (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Reasonable Desires ( 97/247/27 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )

Renee Lowenhart - FabRenee

… On the Catwalk …

On The Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series!

The owner of ::On the Catwalk::, Isabella Latte, has some really fabulous new skins in her new shop at the shopping mall in Las Vegas City! I absolutely ❤ On the Catwalk-Skins… they are the best!!


I love how the face looks, and the lovely details of eyebrows, ears and.. don’t forget the toes and fingernails! Greaaat work, Isabella, ty! ❤


The skins are from the Cherubic Skin Series from On The Catwalk and are all (!!) in the lucky chair! The chair changes every 5 minutes.. sooo you have to get lucky!

On The Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series – 0l (lucky chair) (store is to your right when you look at the teleportation-board)

Exile – Envy Hair – 0l


Your Fashionality – Slowkitchen Dress



This cute-dress is from Slowkitchen… it’s tooo cute… lol.. i ❤ the ribbon in the front.. and the subtle red lines in it.. look very close! Also there are two other summer-dresses at slowkitchen, but that still too cold for me.. soo for now only this one shown here! Skin is from On the Catwalk, shown above!

 Slowkitchen – Dress, Socks, White see-trough Shirt – 1l

Ru paul – brittany stilleto – 0L

Nodoka – hair with hat – 30 l

xxx Farah


Fashcon sent out a notice earlier today from Yuli, she has some new stuff in her shop.. and some dollarbies. Now, here’s a secret: don’t buy the items from the wall displays, but them from the box sitting ut n front of the pictured dollarbies. All of the dollarbies you see in on the wall are inside that box. Instead of spending 5L$, you can get away with spending only one.

Now, on to the pictures.

11-janThere are several mix-an-match seperates in the box, these were some of my favourites. This cute white tank top might become one of my favourite wardrobe staples.

11-jan2These are the reasons I went to Yuli’s. Dresses you can dress up or down any way you want. Perfect for a gallery opening. These are included in the dollarbie box in front of the pictures. Poses are from LAP.

Yuli:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sina/175/191/23

~ Shang


Group Gift Goodness

Philotic Energy has sent out a gift to all its group members. If you happened to miss the notice, (bad SL!) check group messages to pick it up. The gift includes a male and female version of a cute hairstyle.

peAnd Di Yifu, of Inca Temple, has sent out yet another gift to her group members. If you missed it, check group messages for it. Sorry guys, this time it’s a gift for girls, Di says in her message that the next one will be for you.

incatemplePE:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Imogen/212/77/251

Inca Temple:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beggars%20Bowl/12/27/368

~ Shang