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OMFG.. are you kidding?!


From the owner of OMFG:

Sealed in this underground vault is nearly 300 individual items. Some in packages, some in sets, all are high quality items totalling in over 100,000L$ in value per person.

Q: Why are all the items only 1L$?
A: Because I no longer depend on my store for my real life income. So I am donating my works to the people of sl for their enjoyment.

Q: Will you continue to make more items?
A: Yes, I will continue to make items for my shop in my free time. Items I make that I decide not to put into my shop will be added to this growing collection.

Q: Do you expect anything in return?
A: No, I only ask that anyone that can promote this place, tell your friends about it, blog about it etc. If you find anyone attempting to sell my items anywhere else please IM me immediatley.

I wish for this to be what I have devoted my second life to, A collection of valuable artwork and artifacts for the enjoyment of everyone. While this work may or may not make any difference in the lives of others I figure this is one thing I can do until I can find a way for my creative abilities to better help improve the lives of others….

Such a method I am still searching for…

Thank you Kindly…

Perefim Cao, the Prim Reaper


I’ve shown just a small selection of the dollarbie items. These are very high quality items with incredibly unique design, beautiful in their rustic grunginess. I love stuff like this!

OMFG:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zamyatin/239/13/2990

~ Shang

4 thoughts on “OMFG.. are you kidding?!

  1. Wow! Thanks to Perefim Cao for doing this and thanks you for blogging it 🙂


  2. This is truly amazing. Thanks to the designer and to you, Shang, for writing about it. I’m definitely going to check it out.


  3. I’m truly still in awe over this, I’ve been to OMFG several times just to look at the stuff there — it’s true artistry. In his note, Perefim has asked bloggers to blog OMFG.. so feel absolutely free to pick up on this on post it in your blog too. Perefim wants the promotion.


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