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Grid Wide Gorean Hunt

If you haven’t had your fill of hunts yet, there’s another!


Here’s the information from the notecard:

Greetings! Thank you for joining the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt!
It’s real easy to participate.
1) Find a Talender in the same store you found this sign at.
2) Buy the Talender for 0L, some of them you might have to click.
3) Use the LM inside the talender to move to the next location!
It’s easy as that!
Warning to all who will make a talender cheat sheet:
On behalf of all the stores, we hope you have fun and enjoy the hunt!

Just to whet your appetite, here are some of the finds.

gorhunt2Left: Damaged skirt and belt from Ripped. Center: Spicy Silks from Soul Garden. Right: Pristine Silks from Ripped.

Poses by LAP.

gorhunt3From Inca Temple, one of three gifts.

gorhunt41My reaction when I rezzed this was o m g. This tent is HUGE, and gorgeous. That’s my loft it’s sitting on.. and my loft is pretty big. Tent is from the starting point in the hunt:  Gorged.

Starting point:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tramore%20South/128/128/2

One for the Guys

Hawk told me about some great, regular freebies for guys.

First up is Vitamen. Vitamen has a free item that changes every month and a lucky board. These are some good quality items, very nicely textured.


At Ache there is a group gift that changes fairly regularly. Upstairs at Ache, you can also find three lucky boards that change letters roughly every ten minutes.

acheVitamen:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Japarid/112/111/25

Ache:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tsuchino%20co/16/28/23

~ Shang


I’m seeing GREEN… Joyful Green!

diva-je-republicThis Diva Dress is only 1L at JE*REPUBLIC!  I had to wear the Runway hair style from House of Heart with this dress and it went perfectly together!  There are several dollarbies on the second floor of JE*REPUBLIC.  You can also pick up two hair styles and a pink heart shoulder bag, for just 1 linden.  This hair style is included in the new release gift from House of Heart.  This gift contains five different styles for the ladies.  The Runway hair is free in the lychee color.  You can see all the freebie styles on my post here, but if you’re anything like me and want the hair in the shade you normally wear then you can grab the color pack of your choice for only L$195!


green-double-strapped-mulesJoyful Designs has this adorable green Perfectly Plaid skirt set free.  You can also grab the pose stand with 8 free poses and the #19 pose free!  Great for all you photographers in SL.  When I saw this skirt outfit I had to head to Shoe Fly Shoes and pick up these double strapped mules.  These green mules are not free but are a bargain price when using one of the gift cards from the gift card vendor.  If you happen to see CCTV Giant in Shoe Fly Shoes let him know how much you love the GREEN double strapped mules.  Yesterday, the color of these shoes were the great debate between CC, Scotti, and I.  He swears these mules are NOT green, yet Scotti and I agree they are green… palm green.  So what color are they?


Want to grab some very cute skin?  This freckled Irene Acebo skin is from Imagen Skins.  The Este skin is slightly darker than the Norte tone, but both have freckles over the entire body!  There is also a dollarbie  Mannequin skin in the store on the left wall.  The Mannequinn skin is perfect for showcasing beautiful clothing.  Hurry because this skin is only free for 24 hours or so.  *Update* the skins are no longer available free in store, it was a 24 hour gift only and removed on the 8th.


Lemania Indigo has some beautiful gifts as always!  I can’t help but love this orange Lotus Lovely flowered pants outfit!  This gift comes with matching shoes and a gold bangle bracelet.  This outfit has a certain hippie flair which I absolutely love in RL and SL!  There is also a beautiful Eggplant Elegance evening gown and the red and white Poke My Dot dress for only 1 linden.  The white strapped MaryJanes that I am wearing with the Poke My Dot dress are free at Rha Designs.  There is also a Midnight Mania dress available and last I looked it needs much more people to click it before we win the purple latex ball gown.  So get down there and touch that midnight mania poster!


Also… for all you darker skin tone women of SL grab the dollarbie Moon Dust skin at Lemania Indigo.  This skin has a shimmery silver dust over the face giving it a mysterious look.

moon-dust-skin-liI am wearing the Renee hair from House of Heart (named after yours truly)!  The release gift comes in the pigeon color, but I am wearing it in brown (of course).  If the new release pigeon color isn’t your shade, this hair is worth every linden at L$195!  There are sooooo many choices for the headband color and you can even wear it without the headband!


*JE*REPUBLIC: Diva Dress (L$1)
Screamin Eagle Bay ( 44/5/34 )

*Joyful Designs: Poses (L$0), Perfectly Plaid Skirt Set (L$0)
Cavedweller ( 194/16/93 )

*Lemania Indigo: Moon Dust Skin (L$1), Lotus Pantsuit (L$1), Poke my dot Dress (L$1), Eggplant Elegance Gown (L$1)
S Crystal Springs ( 149/162/30 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Green Double Strap Mules (Not Free)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Rha Designs: White Strapped MaryJane Heels (L$0)
Jeogori ( 153/126/98 )

*House of Heart: New Releases Styles (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 157/88/24 )

*Imagen Skins: Irene Acebo skins (L$1)
Daffodil Island ( 16/97/23 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



SYSY’S/Donna Flora/ALB

red-tasha-mini-dress-donna-flora2black-tasha-mini-dress-donna-floraOne of the newest designers added to the Fabulously Free in SL group is the designer of the Donna Flora line.  There are bunches of gifts on the table at the main store.  Most of these gifts are 1L but I did snag some nice black boots for only 10L.

The Tasha mini dress accentuates every curve.  You will surely stand out from the crowd while wearing these red or black floral print mini dresses.

The black thigh high boots are only 10L and on the floor by the table of gifts at the main store.

The ruby velvet dress and pink Tafta dress are also on the table.  Both of these would make excellent party cocktail dresses.  The picnic hat is another dollarbie from Donna Flora and worked perfect with the Rock-Star new release hair from House of Heart. The new release gift comes with five different styles for the ladies.  The Rock-Star style is free in the double dipped color, but I am wearing it in the brown color.  You can grab the color pack of your choice for only L$195!


black-lace-up-boots-donna-floraThe black boots from Donna Flora are quite sexy for only L$10.  These boots go past the knee and lace up the back.  I must say the boots are rather sexy with the free Little Black Dress from SYSY’S!


This single strap little black dress has lace edging across the bottom.  It is a wonderful little black dress, perfect for any occasion!  The freebie box from  SYSY’S also contains Candy blue bra, panties, and matching stockings!  This box is located in the main entrance of the store.  There are also black and white sheer stockings in this gift!

If you’re wanting some sexier lingerie… AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion gives us this seductive white Romance lingerie set.  This lingerie set is located to the left of the staircase.  You either will look devilishly decadent or irristiably innocent depending on how you flaunt it!



*Donna Flora: Gifts on Table (L$1 – L$10)
Garman ( 218/87/102 )

*SYSY’s: Little Black Dress (L$0)
Rigby ( 72/179/23 )

*ALB Dream Fashion: White Romance Lingerie Set (L$0)
A’ksha Dunes ( 234/45/51 )

*House of Heart: New Releases Styles (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 157/88/24 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



OMFG.. are you kidding?!

From the owner of OMFG:

Sealed in this underground vault is nearly 300 individual items. Some in packages, some in sets, all are high quality items totalling in over 100,000L$ in value per person.

Q: Why are all the items only 1L$?
A: Because I no longer depend on my store for my real life income. So I am donating my works to the people of sl for their enjoyment.

Q: Will you continue to make more items?
A: Yes, I will continue to make items for my shop in my free time. Items I make that I decide not to put into my shop will be added to this growing collection.

Q: Do you expect anything in return?
A: No, I only ask that anyone that can promote this place, tell your friends about it, blog about it etc. If you find anyone attempting to sell my items anywhere else please IM me immediatley.

I wish for this to be what I have devoted my second life to, A collection of valuable artwork and artifacts for the enjoyment of everyone. While this work may or may not make any difference in the lives of others I figure this is one thing I can do until I can find a way for my creative abilities to better help improve the lives of others….

Such a method I am still searching for…

Thank you Kindly…

Perefim Cao, the Prim Reaper


I’ve shown just a small selection of the dollarbie items. These are very high quality items with incredibly unique design, beautiful in their rustic grunginess. I love stuff like this!

OMFG:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zamyatin/239/13/2990

~ Shang


Haute Style and Envy

Haute Style has a cute set out that is quite appropriate for a day at the office. This is a sweater vest and shirt with a neat pair of trousers.  These pants have prim legs to avoid that messy ‘skin meets clothes’ look at the edge. I’ve loved prim legs for pants since I picked up my first newbie pack of pants from Pixel Dolls.

bootsWith the clothes from Haute Couture I’m wearing shoes (subscribo gift) from Envy. These are some of the coolest colour change shoes I’ve seen yet. They use a HUD. You edit the hud to select a colour, then once you’ve selected the colour, exit edit mode and click on the HUD. This gives an almost unlimited number of colours. So cool!  NOTE: I picked these shoes up last night, and when I checked the subscribo (Jan 02 message) a few minutes ago I got a message saying they had been taken out of the  history. Thanks, Cheri Pye, for bringing this to my attention.

While you’re in Envy, check the counter for a gift. These are the boots shown in the above picture. They are script size-adjust which allows you to adujust the boots for a really close fit. No more huge gaps between your legs and the tops of the boots!

Haute Style:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Opium/167/210/29

Envy:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glenn/96/36/28

~ Shang