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9 Wishes for 2009… and 1 to grow on!

Happy New Year!  The staff of Fabulously Free in SL have discussed our wishes and hopes for 2009.  Since this list involves all of you, we wanted to share it.

Writer Wish List for 2009:

1. Designers: Please add a picture and landmark of the freebie in the notecard notices that are sent, sometimes we can’t find them and we can’t write on them if we don’t know where they are.

2. Designers: Reposting the same gifts week after week does not make us love you any more…. Free FaceLights and Pose Stands are not gifts.

3.  Designers: It would be helpful to title the notecards with something other than just “Sales” or “New Release”, perhaps if the store name is somewhere in the title we will be more likely to find the notecard again and come to your store!

4. Everyone: The definition of free is free (i.e. 0 lindens).  Dollarbies cost one linden dollar, 1L.  Cheepies are anything under 10L depending on the actual value of the item.

5. Designers:  Can we get some more men’s wear before all the guys leave SL for good?

6. Bloggers of SL:  We should all remember that we are not blogging for ego gratification: It’s about providing a service to the readership and the designers.

7. Fabulously Free in SL readers and group members to be kind to each other and gracious to the generous designers.

8. Designers: Be sincere in advertising, always!

9.  Group members: Please respect one another and let the moderators moderate the group.

10. Readers: Providing us with feedback (good or bad) lets us know what you like.  We know you’re reading, we can see that by the stats, but we thrive off of your feedback.  We do however censor comments that we feel are cruel or un-necessary.