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Wonderful Gowns from Wunderlich


Teagan Blackthorne showed me a wonderful hairstyle from Wunderlich that she’s blogged here. Loving period clothes and hairstyles the way I do, I had to visit the shop. To my delight, there were two pretty gowns for me to pick up.. for absolutely free!

From the notecard provided with the gown below: The Victorian ball- or dinner dress freebie was made using photos of an actual existing, extant dress using a special software and technique for seamless, photorealistic textures. It’s mostly historically correct (whereas ‘mostly’ is due to the fact that there are shaping restrictions in SecondLife…) for a period around 1860-65.

gown1The other gown available from Wunderlich is a very pretty gown that is appropriate for the wamer months. This gown also includes a system skirt that can be worn in lieu of the prim skirt in sims where lag might be an issue.

The wonderful Croc necklace shown in the pictures is by our very own Farah Palmer. You can pick it up in her store, Ruffian, for 1L$.


And what does a girl wear with period gowns? Why these gorgeous shoes from Laughing Academy of course! They’re available at the Candy Land location for a limited time.


Wunderlich:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/ZoHa%20Islands%20E/188/82/32

Laughing Academy at Candy Land: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Candy%20Land/137/153/58

~ Shang

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Gowns from Wunderlich

  1. Heya,
    thanks for the entry 😀
    However, I have to say this….
    First, what kind of bodice are you wearing with the chiffon dress? It’s not my dress bodice (or rather, it has something *over* it that’s not mine…)? (I almost assume you’re wearing it accidentally, so I thought I should ask…)
    Second, why are you wearing the prim skirt and the system skirt together on the chiffon dress (which looks a bit weird) even if the notecard states twice that they should be worn seperately (=system skirt only if lag occurs, and then without the prim skirt since this prim skirt has 85 flexi prims in it…)?
    And third – there’s yet another freebie at my store. It can be found in the ‘Rococo’ department, near the ‘Victory’ gown – actually, it’s a simple version of the ‘Victory’ in blue-gold. Maybe you want to check that one out too? 🙂
    Best wishes,
    Naergilien Wunderlich


  2. Gosh that dress in the first photo is amazing…I do hope I still have a chance to get it!! Thanks Naergilien Wunderlich for the tips about the dress. I really appreciate it. Great article 🙂


  3. Hi Naergilien,

    whoopsie.. thought I’d worn only the dress parts in your package. I’ll certainly fix the picture, thanks for letting me know.