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Got the blues?? Or do you need shoess ??

Have you got the blues? This wil probably cheer you up! >>>>>>SALE!!! YAY!!


Royal Blue has every blue item in store on sale for 10L!


I don’t know for how long this sale will last.. soo don’t wait too long to get your blue-items!

Royal Blue – All blue items – 10L (each)

Shoes for MEN or women? (you tell me!)


Now Hoorenbeek has these great sneakers out for free! They are in a huge present ‘under’ the christmastree (the present is soo big that it doesn’t fit under the tree anymore)! The sneakers are called “[hoorenbeek] – Woman – Superstar”.. but too be honest.. I think they’ll look better on MEN! They are big enough to fit (small/medium)  men feet… well that’s what I think… Let me know if i’m wrong guys!

[hoorenbeek] – shoes – 0L (unisex?)


These lovely winter boots are the new groupgift from *COCO*! They are sculpted and really nice textured! Also some cute christmasboots available in store from *COCO*!

*COCO* – Brown Leather Boots- 0L (groupgift)



This beautiful skin is from []::Tuli::[]…. it’s the new skin, called Kalista, which is available in store now! It’s a groupgift and therefore NOT a completely free gift skin, as the enrollment fee to join the Tuli-Update-Group is 250L. If u can afford it… it’s definitly worth is.. as you get beautiful, gorgeous skins, eyebrows and even shapes!

[]::Tuli::[] – Kalista Skin – groupgift (250L enrollment fee)


Other links:

ETD – Hair, Heels  – 30L (sale till Dec. 26th)

 On the Catwalk – Skin – 0L (lucky chair, also freebies in store)

 xxx Farah


LE LOOK… and more!

LE LOOK! is an recently new-opened high fashion/ ‘haute couture’ mall.. with all the great (read expensive) shops! I love to wander around that mall cause everything is just soooo gorgeous… not just the products but also the mall itself!

Especially for Christmas, LE LOOK! is offering some great gifts! Get yours at LE.LOOK!


*Zaara – Pants, Tanktop, Jewelry Set – 0L

*(not at LE LOOK) – Vixen Fashion – Red/Black Slingbacks – 0L


*Zaara – Dress – 0L, Indian Bangles – 5L


*Damiani Christmas Skin – 0L (blogged earlier by Renee, but it is now free to everyone, not just GroupMembers, pack also includes ‘Miss Santa’ Outfit and boots!)


*Koumb – Digital Dreams – Lovely Cuddly Animations Poses – 0L (… I unfortunately had no-one to show u the poses.. but it looks soo cute.. they must be great!)


* AuMa – Hat and Scarf (scripted with texture and color change options) – 0L

Get yours at LE.LOOK!


And last but not least… this cute dress from Gigi Couture…. a silver dress.. comes with a bag and a Gigi-couture logo-tank! It’s reallyyy sexxyyy…..

Gigi Couture – Silver Dress – 1L

Other links:

ETD – Hair, Heels  – 30L (sale till Dec. 26th)

 On the Catwalk – Skin – 0L (lucky chair, also freebies in store)

Ruffian – Golden Bangles – 1L, White Heels – 1l, Silver Bangles- 1L


xxx Farah