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Advents, Sub-o’s, and more gifties!

do-not-open-til-xmas-shell-skin do-not-open-til-xmas-shell-skin-back-view

So I showed you the tan ‘Do Not Open Til Xmas’ Skin from Vanity Body…. and remember how I said something about how I really wish it were in a lighter skin tone?  Well, check out the newest ‘Do Not Open Til Xmas’ skin in the Shell skin tone!!!


I’m really digging the skin I got in the CHAI Skins hunt!  I’ve never been to CHAI Skins, but after seeing these skins I know I’ll be back!  There are 12 jewels hidden throughout CHAI Skins.  Look in the hallways, dressing rooms, main hall, outlet store, and everywhere.  There are eight Brisk skin tone packs to find each complete with freckle & cleavage options.  (Of course, I am wearing the freckled option in the light tone!)  You can also find a free shape, festive nails in four shades, and two shirts.  I only found the gorgeous skins, but they are in plain site!

Check out the group gift pink Fleur boots from She’s So Unusual Shoes!  These booties are a great addition to the inventory!


red-miss-santa-middrift-pants-damiani-fashionsHave you been keeping up with the gifts at Damiani Fashions?  Here’s some of the goodies you might be missing.  The good thing about the advent calendar at Damiani Fashions is you can still get these dollarbie gifties!  All of the gifts are still within the calendar.  There are gifts for the ladies and then men of SL, plus they are fully transferable and will make great Fabulously Free Christmas Gifts!  Today’s gift is for the 13th and is the red Miss Santa mid-drift and belted pants.

red-glory-dress-scarf-damiani-fashion black-zanit-plaid-skirt-long-black-sweater-damian-fashion-gift-10 blue-got-the-blues-dress-damiani-fashion-day-8 burnt-orange-anti-christmas-bleeding-candycane-sweater-damiani-fashion


The advent calendar presents from Ivalde are not transferable and I’m sad to say I’ve missed a few of these wonderful gifts!  Today’s gift is the black and white Helina Houndstooth sweater.

Here are some of the past advent gifts from Ivalde just to show what you might be missing.



SYSY’s gave out a very nice black sparkle cocktail dress to the group members on December 10th.  Join the subscrib-o-matic and look in the history to get this dress.  Also in the store there is a dollarbie red sparkle cocktail dress and a scarf for free.


No one can deny that the red and white candycane lingerie from BadKatz is sexy. This lingerie is one of the many gifts under the Christmas tree at the front entrance.  You can also get the black Barbed Wire mini dress and tattered stockings, Gold Star silks, and a Big Silver mini dress.  All of these gifts are free, so grab them today!

barbed-wire-free-outfit gold-star-silks big-silver-mini-dress


If you don’t have a sexy Santa outfit yet, then Glam Couture has has you covered.  They have their sexy Santa outfit completely free today.  This outfit includes the Santa hat and the red shoes!


I’ve been stalking out the chair at Haute Style & Co. and I finally won!  I love this classy white dress with the black lace flowers!

The black strappy heels are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  The heels are free after using a 200L gift card.  These 200L gift cards are always free from the gift card vendor.  All you have to do is click the vendor and you will receive a free 200L gift card to use on any purchase in the store.  I used the card to make these shoes free.

The Fox ponytail hair is free for a fatpack of colors!  I am so tempted when I walk in the hair section of this store…  there are so many styles that I really want!  This Fox style was recently added to the freebie wall at Laqroki.

Last but not least head to Nooby Doo’s and grab the commemorative Bettie Page Dress, Bettie Page crop v-neck, and Betty Page Flame v-neck tees.  Make sure you grab both of these because the dress is so cool that when you take off the skirt you are left with cutie panties!  Also, while you’re there take a look at all the budget items!  Everything in Nooby Doo’s is either free or a dollarbie!



*Vanity Body: Christmas 2008 skin (L$0)
Broken Daylight ( 99/233/24 )

*CHAI Skins: CHAI Hunt (L$0)
Port Obscura ( 129/129/487 )

*Laqroki: Fox Ponytail Hair (L$1)
Laqroki ( 94/146/30 )

*Damiani Fashion Designs: Advent Calendar (Advent Gift – L$1)
Plush Meter ( 66/142/23 )

*Ivalde: Advent Calendar (L$0)
Ivalde ( 109/126/29 )

*SYSY’s: Black Cocktail dress (L$0), Red Cocktail dress (L$1)
Rigby ( 68/183/24 )

*Glam Couture: Sexy Santa Outfit (L$0)
Tampa Bay ( 108/165/23 )

*Haute Style & Co.: Flowered Lace Dress (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Opium ( 149/201/24 )

*BadKatz Clothing: Presents under tree (L$0)
Radjin 3 ( 214/176/22 )

*Nooby Doo’s: Bettie Page Dress (L$1), Bettie Page tees (L$1)
Granymyr ( 177/146/28 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Pink Fleur Booties (Group Gift – L$0)
Thistledown ( 236/117/33 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Black Strappy Heels (Free with 200L gift card – L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Stellar Designs: White Holiday Sweater (L$0)
Stellar Isle ( 81/125/24 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )