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For everyone who can’t get enough of hunting! Savvy Avvy is having a hunt at theis shop! Some great gifts to collect! Find a total of 12 presents wrapped in holiday-green-red-paper! Have fun! Here some of the gifts I found.. and other stuff…




Savvy Avvy – Holiday Hunt (12 presents) (wool coat from hunt)

  *ottico* – FreeGlasses – 0l

*Little fish* – Pants and Shoes – 0l

{Bingo} – Black Starry socks

Savvy Avvy – Grey Coat – 50L

*UnToneQuilt*  – Check pants – 0L

Truth – Balmoral Pumps – 0L    


Savvy Avvy – Holiday Hunt (green dress, black coat, sweater, legwarmers, snowman, headphones)

Sock Shop – Holiday Socks – 1l (6 pairs)

::RD:: Gift  – Cream Skin (shown left) – L$5, also click Model Magazine at the entrance, and you get a second skin (shown right, skin will appear in body parts folder)


Remember this breathtakingly-beautifull skin from Bebae? It’s was a groupgift and now the shop has opened! I already blogged the skin earlier, but because the shop opened now… I wanted to share the location of the shop with you! So have look at Bebae, this skin, Winter Gift, is also still available in store! 

Bebae  – Winter Exl. Skin gift – 0L
 Other links:

ETD – Hair – 30L (sale till Dec. 26th)

Tres Blah – Starlust Shorts Denim – 1L 

Ruffian – Dark Wood Jewelry Set- 1L,

 On the Catwalk – Skin – 0L (lucky chair, also freebies in store)

[LAP] – Free poses – 0L

xxx Farah

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This one’s for the Fabulously Free Men of SL!


So I thought I would do an all guys post just so the Fabulous men of Second Life didn’t feel forgotten!  I often make notecards of the nice men items I find in world and I send the little notes to friends… maybe I should send the little notes to the group as well.  Anyway…

So… Xtreme Reality Skins has over 60 free men skins available free!  Yes, I said 60!!!  And yes they are totally and completely free!

Woah, I never knew there were so many options for you guys.  There are four skin tones.  Plus many facial hair options… a goatee, mustache, clean shaven, tiny bit of hair under then chin, and a prickly shadow of hair…  Plus, each of these has three body hair options… no hair, light hair, and lots of hair!  These are some great skins, plus there is a really nice shape included.  (Yes, the shape is pictured!)  Ladies, there are free skins for you as well so take your man shopping and pick some female skins up for yourself while you’re there.

belleza-poe-gift1 belleza-female-poe-gift

As if all those choices weren’t enough, there are still more free male skins!  Belleza has the POE tattooed skin.  Yes, ladies there is a version for you in the gift as well.  How hot are these tattooed skins!  Sexy don’t ya think?

fleur-skins-bryce-hairFleur is giving their noobie skin to everyone!  you can get this and the female skins for absolutely nothing!  Each skin pack includes several different skin tones to choose from.

All of the hair is from Bryce Designs.  This mistletoe Santa hat is adorable, you or someone around you may click on the hat for a Christmas kiss!  The hat comes without hair, so anyone can wear this festive hat!  The POE gift includes two men’s hair styles.  The brown style shown in most of the pictures was bought at the Hair Fair.

One of my all time favorite menswear stores is Hell Bop.  There really is some awesome clothing (for the men and women) in this store!  Guys if you Their is a little POE globe to be found which includes the red sweater, grey pants and even the red toolbox!  Make sure you join the subscribe-o-matic group, because on December 3rd members received a 100L gift card to commemorate the designer’s second rez day.  This gift is not available for redeliver, but join to be eligible for future gifties!  Grab the corded marroon sweater from the Alphamale POE gift while you’re tping the grid!  Alphamale is another store I would like to go on a spending spree with my male friends!

hell-bop1 marroon-sweater-alphamale1


SIP Men has a nice Christmas gift for the guys.  In my opinion, there is never enough variety with nice suits.  SIP Men offers this Black Suit with the Christmas Lights Tie.  So guys grab this festive suit and take your Significant Other out on the town!

laqroki-free-male-outfitLaqroki has this nice pair of slacks and vested shirt in their clothing department.  There is also a free men’s hair (not shown) in the hair section.

Make sure you stop by J’s and grab these amazing black Engineer boots!  Join the update group and then activate the tag and click on the Santa to get these unisex boots free!  Yes, ladies, I did say unisex!


There are a ton of male vampires in SL.  I know this because many of you have tried to bite me!  So all you male vampires (and female ones too!) head over to Colorskins and get the second round POE gift!  There’s a new batch of skins in the gift with holly tattoos.   The globe contains four holly male skins and four for the females.


*Xtreme Reality Skins: 4 male skin packs (L$0)
Mystical Island ( 104/102/31 )

*Belleza: POE Gift (L$0)
Belleza ( 128/212/24 )

*Fleur: Male Skins & Female Skins (L$0)
Fleur ( 163/115/27 )

*Hell Bop: POE Gift (L$0)
Saimaa ( 240/29/23 )

*Alphamale: POE Gift (L$0)
Alphamale ( 170/42/36 )

*SIP MEN: Black Suit w/ Christmas Tie (L$0)
Snowshoe ( 136/135/39 )

*Laqroki: Freebie outfit (L$0)
Laqroki ( 100/207/30 )

*J’s : Black Engineer boots (L$0)
TSUKISHIMA ( 213/221/22 )

*Colorskins: Gothic Peace Dove Skin (POE Hunt – L$0)
Gilbut ( 28/171/576 )

*Bryce Designs: POE Gift (L$0)
Tully ( 172/145/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )