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Southern Charmed Santa’s Belle

lavender-snowflake-ball-gown-southern-charmed3At Southern Charmed there are 6 gifts to pick up.  One gift has several holiday house decor items.  (I would show you the cute Christmas decorations but I don’t have a house.  So homeless me has no door to put the cute wreath on or table to put the adorable snowmen candles on… I know I know I need a house, but I have yet to find a freebie home).  The other gifts are this beautiful outfits perfect for the winter season.  The lavender snowflake ball gown will make you feel like a princess at any formal occasion.  The olive cashmere turtleneck dress with matching beanie and the striped green leggings and matching turtleneck dress are both great for those colder SL shopping days.

olive-cashmere-turtleneck-dress-with-beanie1 southern-charm2

Any holiday lover will appreciate the green knit Rudolph turtleneck dress.  The red Christmas tree sweater is probably my favorite holiday sweater thus far.  The black midcalf boots I am wearing are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These boots are still in the premium lucky chair.

green-knit-rudolph-turtleneck-dress-southern-charmed1 red-christmas-tree-sweater1


Ivalde will stock your closet with dresses this season if you go by and grab the daily advent gift.  Today’s advent gift is the sleeveless red Elika dress.  Be sure to check the lucky chair while you’re in the store and the camping chairs are always great when you need a break to sort through all the Christmas goodies you’ve picked up.


The red Santa’s Belle outfit is a dollarbie at Rattenscharf.  I love the peppermint stockings and the peppermint attached to the center of the corset top.  This costume also comes with a red Santa hat (not shown).

Head over to *ZIF* and grab this beautiful black Sophie ball gown for free!



At Kinvara Village you can grab this red, gold, and green stripe dress.  Plus, get the red holly heels for free while you are there.  Also, there is a Christmas hunt going on from December 3 to the 31st.  Fnd the little blue boxes and get plenty of gifts for the ladies and men.



*Southern Charmed: Christmas Gifts (L$0)
Akdeniz ( 53/151/25 )

*Ivalde: Advent Calendar plus tons of freebies in the store (L$0 – L$1)
Ivalde ( 109/126/29 )

*Rattenscharf: Santa Belle (L$1)
Beaulieu ( 50/150/57 )

*ZIF: Sophie Gown (L$0)
Coco Beach Kelina ( 153/146/27 )

*Kinvara Village: Christmas Dress & Shoes (L$0)
Magellan Kinvara ( 165/121/22 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Black MidClaf Boots (Premium Lucky Chair – L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid version Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


Must Have POE-hunt goodies – part two!

Hi, i’m back with more “must-have” POE-goodies! Enjoy!


This colorful outfit from Tea Lane is like nothing i’ve seen before! It is totally inspired on the theme Peace on Earth. To me the rainbow represents all colors… as in all colors of the people of the world… brought together in one outfit! Love it! World Peace!

Globe #297 ~Tea Lane~ – Full outfit Rainbow and Globe


Globe #132 Diversity/AD – Wild Yellow and Red Infected Skin   – Men Clothes Brown (men skin is from Belleza Skin Gift)
Globe #126 Digit Darkes – RockStar Hair and Silver Bikini

 Globe #004 PixelDolls – Beige Top (ladies), Blue Vest (men)

Globe #044 Alphamale & Blacklace – Alphamale Gift Bag – Red Sweater (men)

Globe #120 Essentia Jewelry and Bridal store – Gold Blue Necklace and earrings

Globe #023 Unique Needs! – Bellychain (also includes same necklace, not shown here)


 Globe #044 Alphamale & Blacklace – Blacklace Gift Bag – Midnight Jazz Lingerie

Globe #169 (Elate!) – Emma Skin (all color pack)

Globe #143 +plus – Gold Wide Bangle and earrings (folder also contains other gold bangles and Greek Dress)


 Globe #062 Casey’s Creations – Ice Queen Outfit and Skin

Globe #052 Hooligan Streetwear – Dirty Dolly outfit


Globe #121 *Little fish asian fashion store – Golden Plum Dress

Globe #130 +++BLUE BLOOD+++ – Tango Black Outfit with Boots

Globe #207 Maria Bonita – Black flower dress (also with babydoll skirt, not shown)


  Globe #243 Twisted and Spoiled – Snowflake Dress and Jewelry

Globe #165 {Bingo} – Green Dress

Globe #091 Voo Doo Dolls – Tartan Pants

Globe #221 ~*{ The Black Canary }*~ – Harajuku Streetwalker Heels Red (also in Green, not shown)

Globe #334 .::Rahz Store::. – Gold Red Sara Dress

Also POE gift, not shown here:  Globe #045 Belleza Skins and Shapes – Belleza’s POE gift is the same skin I already blogged earlier, but with a peace-symbol tattoo on the hip: click here!

xxx Farah


Indi Advent Calendar and Jingle Bollocks

Hawk turned me on to the Advent calendar at INDI, and WOW! This is a fantastic outfit.. period. This is for sure a keeper, and goes great with my new skates from Dark Eden (which I have worn continuously since I got them).

Hawk modeled the male Advent gift, which is as nice as the one for girls. The shoes Hawk is wearing are actually skates, complete with skating animation, from Jingle Bollocks.


INDI:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blue%20Sky/216/13/24

Jingle Bollocks:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tranquility%20Islands/178/231/21