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The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

bowsSo I found the greatest gift ever… and it’s free!!!  Head over to Costumes Convoitise and get the December Gift.  Or at least the red Bows from the gift.  *LoL*  The big red bows are free, but the contents within the present are for my someone special.  Click on the bows and they fall off!  There are two bows for the ladies and one for the men.  You must activate your group tag to get this one.

Some of my favorite non-free hair is from Laqroki.  I was amazed by the freebies that are in the store!  There is a nice tan skin for the ladies that comes with five makeups.  The skin gift also comes with a pair of eyes and a shape (not shown).  The shape is nice, but I only wear the shape I made on the day I first rezzed into SL and I feel odd in any other form.   There are four free hair styles for the ladies and one for the guys.  Kismet is an over the shoulder ponytail, Camellia is bun pigtails, Mermaid is Pigtails, and Toothache is ribboned pigtails.  The medium length hair I am wearing in the last picture is not free, but it is from Laqroki and it is my all-time favorite hair!  I picked this hair up when I was at the hair fair a few months back.

laqroki-liv-01 laqroki-liv-02 laqroki-liv-03

laqroki-liv-04 laqroki-liv-051

white-babydoll-with-black-sash-strappy-heels-laqrokiAlso, there is a free outfit for the girls and guys at Laqroki.  The freebie outfit for the ladies is this white babydoll with black sash.  It comes with sheer black stockings and strappy black heels.  I dragged Syler out to grab this one, so maybe he’ll make an appearance soon and show you the outfit!

leopard-print-tricia-casual-dress-ivaldeToday’s advent gift from Ivalde is a very nice leopard print Tricia casual dress.  I am so appreciative of the Ivalde gifts.  The outfits from there are always so nice and very much welcome in my bulging closet.

gold-link-earrings-elemiah-designElemiah Design has out the advent day number 2 gift.  Today’s gift is gold link earrings.  These earrings look nice with the leapord print dress, don’t you think?

At C&D Designs there are three boxes and the POE hunt gift.  Three of the gifts are from the Stringer Store has several freebies for you.  There is the green Funky Anime Hair, plus two beautiful skins.  The Gothic Princess Skin has black lips and nail polish and a marking on the forehead.  The Sparkle Dust Blue Skin has a shimmery powder of blue drifting down from the right eye.  I think both these skins would be great role playing skin, even though I’ve never set foot in a rping sim.

gothic-princess-skin-tsm sparkle-dust-blue-skin-2-tss1

While you are at this location pick up the C&D Designs people-sized Snowglobe from the POE gift.  This snowglobe sits four and would make an adorable picture for your christmas cards.


The black DooMee mules and blood red BB’s Industrial Mules are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  I know, I wear shoes from Shoe Fly Shoes a lot, but this designer is so generous and I must have a ton of free shoes from Shoe Fly Shoes.  The black DooMee mules are still in the freebie ring and the blood red industrials are the POE hunt gift.


*Costumes Convoitise: December Gift – Bows (L$0)
Clothes ( 194/145/40 )

*Laqroki: Skins, Hair, Outfit (L$0)
Laqroki ( 153/66/23 )

*Ivaile: Advent Calendar (L$0)
Ivalde ( 109/126/29 )

*Elemiah Design: Advent Gift 2 (L$0)
George 5 ( 80/247/21 )

*C&D Designs: Peace on Earth Hunt Snowglobe & Stringer Skins & Hair (L$0)
Mapinguari ( 227/46/301 )

*ShoeFly Shoes:  Freebie Ring Shoes & POE hunt Gift (L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


Must Have POE-hunt goodies – part one!

Update 12/4/08: Apparently some of the slurl weren’t working! I updated them.. sowwy for the inconvience!

OMG, i’m going to try to post a whole lot of goodies I’ve found during the Peace on Earth (POE) hunt… it’s going to be a hard job.. cause there is soooo much to collect.. and hunting also takes time! Well here goes:


Shown here:

Globe #048 Ingenue – Red Dress
Globe #148 On The Catwalk Studio & Skins – Christmas Angel Skin (all skintones)

Globe #182 .:.:LBD:.:.LeeZu Baxter Designs – White Flower Jewelry (earrings, necklace and ring

Globe #202 Zhao Shoes – Devilish Heels

Globe #206 Mela’s – Ponytail Hair Nina
Globe #324 Enkythings Shoes – Earth, Stars Ankle Bracelet
Globe #157 Bax Coen Designs – Black Handbag (animated)

Globe #142 [RockBerry] – Lily Skin (all skin tones)

Globe #269 ::::: MAGIKA ::::: – Peace & Love Hair (all color pack)

Globe #057 Crash Couture – Dont Feed Models-shirt, Grey Sweater

Globe #173 DYN Clothing – Pink Hoodie Sweater w DYN logo

Globe #117 FD Style – Candy Cane


Globe #195 Prim & Pixel Paradise – Jeweled Peacock Dress and Heels

Globe #101 A Piece of Candy – Cheongsam Dress Blue
 Globe #307 []::Tuli::[] – Folklore Dress
 Not shown: Globe #051 KatKreation – KatKreations’ gift for the POE are a few shapes which are mod/copy so you can adjust them to your own standards. (not shown here)

xxx Farah