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Advent Calendars & Tons of Gifties!

red-pj-pants-long-sleeve-shirt-with-slippers-damiani-fashionDamiani Fashion Designs has an advent calendar that you’re really not gonna want to miss!  Yesterday’s gift was this adorable red pajama set and red slippers.  There is a blue set for the guys.  Both of the pajama sets have a monogram D over the left chest, but it still is an adorable gift even if your name doesn’t start with a D.  Plus, since there is a gift for both the men and women one set is transferable for your special someone.  I already know just who I’ll be giving the blue set to.  Don’t take more than one gift, because if the gifts are abused then the transfer option will be taken away!  So one per group member, please!

green-winter-charm-fur-trim-dress-damiani-fashion-designThe second dollarbie calendar gift is open as well.  Day number 2 is this green holiday glitter dress and stockings. This outfit comes with two stockings so if you don’t care for the ones I have on, just wear the others.  Last I checked you can still grab the gift for day one, so you haven’t missed it yet!

There is also an Advent calendar at Elemiah Design.  The gift will disappear after each day, so don’t miss out on today’s black and red  sleeveless Christmas2008 dress.  And don’t forget to drop by there tomorrow!  The December Gift of the Month for Haute Style & Co is out as well.  I love this red Christmas dress with the big black belt.  This dress is perfect for the holiday season!

blackred-sleeveless-dress-christmas2008-elemiah-design red-sleeveless-dress-with-black-belt-haute-style-co haute-style

blood-red-bbs-industrial-mule-stiletto-sfsThe blood red BB’s Industrial Mules are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These stiletto mules are part of the grid wide hunt.  If you missed out on the black DooMee Mules from Shoe Fly Shoes, they are still in the freebie ring.  I am wearing creamy white linen wedge pumps from Shoe Fly Shoes, in the pictures below.  I won the creamy white linen wedge pumps from one of the lucky chairs at Shoe Fly Shoes, so try your luck while you are in the store.

alchemy-snowflake-christmas-2008-giftIf you are looking for a beautiful Christmas gown, head over to Alchemy.  Their is a Snowflake Christmas 2008 gown out for free.

Also, while I am on the topic of gowns let me tell you about Ivalde…  I love the way a nice ball gown flows on me and Ivalde makes some of the nicest gowns in my closet.  They also have an advent calendar, so make sure to drop by there every day and get the gift.  You must have your group tag activated to get this gift.  There is also a lucky chair and two camping chairs.  Plus, upstairs there is a discount room.  The back wall has several really nice dollarbie and free items.  So here are some of the great free and dollarbie things I have gotten from Ivalde.  Yesterday’s advent calendar gift was the blue Silja flowered sundress.  Today the advent gift is the navy blue casual sava shirt dress. Ivalde is also a participant in the gridwide hunt.  Their peace on earth gift is the adorable black and red traditional Norwegian costume.

blue-silja-flowered-sundress-ivalde1 navy-blue-shirt-dress-sava-ivalde blackred-norwegian-costume-ivalde

The beautiful red Bianca bustle and the Conny midnight blue bustle gowns are in the camping chairs.  Both these camping chairs are set at 60 minutes which is great for when you need to break from the hunts and clean out the closet.

red-bianca-bustle-ball-gown-ivalde blue-conny-midnight-bustle-gown-ivalde

Dollarbie and Free gifts upstairs include the Kia spider dress (L$0), the Judy leodress (L$1), The isabelle blue vintage dress (L$1), the multicolored Esteer shirt & skirt set (L$1), dark demin nelly capri set (L$0), black demin nelly capri set (L$0),and the demin nelly capri set (L$0).  I didn’t show you the capri sets, but they are wonderful and free!  I just wasn’t in a capri mood.

red-spider-dress-ivalde judy-leodress blue-vintage-isabelle-dress-ivalde

blue-ester-skirt-shirt-set-ivalde green-ester-skirt-shirt-set-ivalde red-ester-skirt-shirt-set-ivalde white-ester-skirt-shirt-set-ivalde1


*Damiani Fashion Designs: Advent Calendar (L$1)
Plush Meter ( 66/142/23 )

*Elemiah Design: Black/Red Sleeveless Dress (L$0)
George 5 ( 80/247/21 )

*Haute Style & Co.: December Gift of the Month (L$0)
Opium ( 149/201/24 )

*Alchemy: Snowflake Dress (L$0)
Emilia ( 28/106/76 )

*Ivaile: Advent Calendar plus tons of gowns (L$0 – L$1)
Ivalde ( 109/126/29 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Group Gift Wedges, Freebie Ring Shoes, Lucky Chair (L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid version Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


Mythec (Note: No longer available)

For those medieval/goth fashion fans, Mythec has an Advent calendar that will give a gift a day until Christmas. Think of it.. 25 additions to your wardrobe!

The first item I picked up are blue neko eyes (2 Dec). The eyes were still available when I checked this morning, so you can still can get them if you hurry. The 1 Dec gift was no longer available to me, so I can’t show it to you.


The 3 Dec gift is a vinyl lace-up pant set. Hair in this picture is from Laqroki (0L$).


Just teleport to Mythec, turn left inside the doors, and you’ll see this gorgeous white outfit.


For the Advent calendar, turn left past the display for this outfit, and turn right to walk through a bit door, the calendar is in the back.

Thank you to Carina and Aeldyn for correcting me on the information in this post so that the rest of our Fabfree readers can find these gifts more easily. Fabfree readers are the best!


Note: Skin is a past gift from Stella di Roccia. White hair is Zorya GenII (silver) from Tekili-Li, and was not free. Metis skates were a Thank You gift from Dark Eden, and were previously blogged.


When I tried to teleport to Mythec this morning, the sim was no longer there. This note was in Mythec group messages:

“I´m sad to say that Mythec in the style you know it, doesn´t exists any more. Linden deleted the avatar from KiraLightwind Merlin without telling the reasons. Mythec without Kira is no Mythec anymore. You can leave the group, we will meet us under a new logo and a new name. Those who love my designs will find me, so keep your eyes open. Thanks a lot for your loyalty and lots of fun for the future. KG Kira”

I apologise for any inconvenience the dissoution of Mythec has caused Fabfree followers trying to locate the items I have posted.



Dark Eden (not so girly) Skates

If you love ice skating but get bored wearing the ho-hum skates that are available form the free skates venders, Dark Eden has the skates for you. Two pairs of Metis skates (complete with a skating animation) are available in the Dark Eden main store for absolutely free!

Get the white pair as a Thank You for joining their subscribo group, and the black pair for 45 minutes camp time. Now we can skate through Second Life in style! Thank You Dark Eden!


Dark Eden:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olive/159/234/41



Antonia Marat makes some of the rockingest retro gear on the grid, and her Christmas gift to Artilleri group members is no exception. When I saw this little number I said, “Woot!”


So bop on over to Atilleri, don your group tag and pick up this sweet gift she’s left under the tree. You can’t miss it, trust me on this. There will be more great gifts from Artilleri to come.. so remember to stop by daily.


/artilleri/ deanna lingerie *candycane*: 1L$

Artilleri: http://slurl.com/secondlife/artilleri/93/123/26


Peace on Earth Hunt : Starting Points!

The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt starts off today.. Dec. 2nd. and lasts till Dec. 31th.

Sooo don’t worry.. plenty of time to start hunting. Although with 350 vendors participating you’d have to collect about 10-15 globes each day to get all the goodies!


 And this is the Globe you are hunting for! It’s not that small, so you’ll notice them easy enough!



#001 iGems

#051 KatKreation

#101 A Piece of Candy

#151 Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery

#201 Couture Chapeau

#251Amberdragon Designs

#301 Vain Inc.


As you can see the starting points are numbers. When you buy the globe (L$1), the folder in you inventory also contains the number. Inside the folder is your present and the landmark to the next stop. Where you can find another globe with a number.. and so on… (the next number doesn’t have to be the actual  next numer in line)! With the numbers it’s easy to see which numbers you still need to find! The starting points are at all different locations I suppose soo everyone doesn’t start at the same spot…. I guess!

Grid Wide Hunt > Peace on Earth!

– What?  A Grid Wide Hunt! (= lots of freebies, goodies, gifts.. yay!)

– When? December 2th. – 31 th.

– Why? to achieve… Peace on Earth!  

– Where? A Grid Wide Hunt! (need i say more?)

– More info? PEACE ON EARTH blog!



xxx Farah