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Just a thought…


I was talking to a few bloggers and the term “Freebie” seems to be used a little loosely in-game. So I proposed a glossary of terms to be used to cut down on confusion. These are just suggestions but I hope they are helpful.

$0L- Freebie

$1-5L- Dollarbie

$6-10L- Cheapie

Anything about $10L – Discounted or Deeply Discounted (depending on the original value of the item)

I do this because many people write designers with complaints of false advertising. We appreciate the designers for offering their products and our group members for reading our blog and participating in Fabulously Free In SL. *HUGS*

7 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. Well, if people are confused with the word freebie, and they don’t think a 1L$ item is a freebie, then to avoid confusion i guess the suggestion should be:

    $0L- Freebie

    $1L- Dollarbie

    $2-10L- Cheapie

    Since the one dollar one is the only one that is one dollar..you know. 🙂 To avoid confusion. ^^


  2. I honestly thing a dollarbie should be a dollar. It USED to be a dollar – LOL. Good luck with your initiative!


  3. hmmm I’d say “dollarbie” is quite literal: $1L. The rest above that to 10L are cheapies to me.

    But right, it’s all suggestions.


  4. I think this is a pretty good idea! I’ve been using roughly these same terms for a while and i think they are fairly solid.


  5. good idea. 8D


  6. I hope people take you up on your suggestion. Will make it so much clearer.


  7. I’ve often wondered why people refer to dollarbies as freebies.


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