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Cupcakes Main Store Opening Hunt

Hi FabFree Faithful! I had to tell you about the Cupcakes Main Store Opening Hunt. Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral have relocated to Le Zoo and have a beautiful store with presents scattered throughout. You can find the presents in white boxes with red bows and you can buy for $0L. Included are the Tangerine Skins (plain and freckled) and new Cupcakes designs. There is also a wall of classic designs at the left entrance, all for $0L. It’s a newbie jackpot. The hunt is on until next weekend. Enjoy!


Cupcakes: Tangerine Skins [Brandy, Iroko, Janna, Shell, Terra], Holly Dress, Stripey Dress, Lacy Tank Top ($0L each)
[Le Zoo (74,163,22)]

ETD: Melinda in Mahogany ($1L fatpack)
[ETD Isle (194,192,31)]

Total Cost – $1L



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Mimikiri has moved to it’s own sim, and to celebrate, there are gifts of a sweet pink dress with matching SOlbers shoes. Just teleport in, go in the main door, and turn to your left, the gift boxes on on the counter, just click.. and take. This outfit is pretty, feminine, and oh so ladylike.

Just make sure you get there before the week is out, because after that.. it’s gone.


Also shown is hair by Maitreya, and skin by Blacklace.

Mimikiri:    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mimikri/125/129/22



BeBae Skins.. then ‘Bounce’ over to Magi Take!

This skin is breathtakingly (is that a word? English is not my native language.. lol) beautifull!! It matches my avie perfectly… and I don’t even need to change my shape!! I ❤ it!!


It’s from Bebae, i don’t know how to pronounce that, but ok! All you do is join the group and get it from the notices-history. The group is hard to find in search… soo I suggest you do what I did… search for ‘Torie Senne’ the creator of the skins. Look in her profile and click *Bebae* group and join it for 0L. The shop will re-open soon…

– Bebae – Winter Excl. Gift – 0L (groupgift)

ETD – Hair Celia – 25L (sale till Dec. 26th)


These boots are tooo hot! You have to work for it (meaning camping 45 min./pair) but then you’ve got yourself some amazing boots! They are modify, but make a copy first before stretching (as i forgot to do!). The boots are from Bounce and are called ~Bounce~ Sexy Engine Leather suit. Get in line… or be quick… as the place is packed with ladies.. alll looking very scary! My heartbeat really raised while watching the timer… LOL. While you’re there also look upstairs, lots of freebies too!

Bounce – Sexy Engine Boots – 0L (45 min. camping each color)

And last but not least… this very amazing shop called Magi Take:

All clothes shown are from magi take! And they look amazing! Very high-detailed nice clothing.. and soo much to choose from… I didn’t knew where to start! Everything in this shop is under 10L, fatpacks are from 20-50L.. which is amazing!! Makes you want to spend all you money!


magi take check shirts [ yellow ] – 10L

magi take color down jacket [ red ] -10L

magi take downvest colors [ green ] – 0L(groupgift)

magi take white collared shirt – 0L(groupgift)

magi take denim skirts [ camo ] – 0L(groupgift)

magi take Over Knee Socks [ yellow ] – 0L(groupgift)

 magi take leather gloves [ black ] – 5L



magi take leather jacket [ purple ] – 0L(groupgift)

magi take colorpants [ blue ] – 5L

magi take overall [ indigo ] – 10L

magi take duffle coat [ gray ] – 10L (NEW  release!)

magi take letterman jacket [ blue ] – 10L

magi take belt [ Roma RedBrown ] – 5L

magi take glove [ orange ] – 0L(groupgift)

I’m a huge fan! Head over to Magi-Take Shop!

{Bingo} – Starry Thights – 1L (color pack) (upstairs)

ETD – Hair Perky – 25L (sale till Dec. 26th)


xxx Farah

GoDiva, Grab Your Man For These Skins & Gifts That Are Sweeter Than Candy!

outrageFirst on the agenda is a party at OuT.Rage!  The grand reopening party is going on now and will last until around 10pm SLT.   There will be live music, reduced price items, and item giveaways during the party.  Plus, there is a nice dollarbie sweater to grab as a party gift.

The black jeans that I am wearing are also from OuT.Rage.  The jeans are not free but they are a new release and are quite sexy, accentuating every curve.

This is my first SL Christmas and I’m all about the sexy Holiday clothing!  I think I may just show you at least one holiday outfit for each post.  Sweeter than Candy has the cutest Elf One outfit stuffed inside the lucky chair!  This red fur trimmed dress comes with boots and the hat!  It is an adorable outfit and a must have for this holiday season!



black-70s-print-blouse-skirt-chocolate-bravura-63-ssSin & Secrets has a wonderful gift under the tree.  The dollarbie Chocolate Bravura skirt and blouse outfit can be found under the Christmas tree.  Also, while you are in the store grab the dollarbies in every corner and chect the lucky chair for your letter.

The black Mid Calf Walking Boots are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These gorgeous boots are in the premium lucky chair.  Today is the last day to get these boots from the lucky chair.  Also, the freebie ring disappears today so make sure you click on the ring and get one of the past group shoes.  The beachy texture changing wedges are the group shoe for this month.  These wedges have the option to change the beads, wedge base, or the upper texture.  All of these shoes will be gone tomorrow so wait no longer!

newsprint-2 newsprintI showed you the adorable caged kitten stilettos from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  Well here are the newspaper pumps that are in the lucky chair as well.  When I saw these shoes I knew I had to pair them with the newsprint dress from Nooby Doo’s!  I love how each and every newspaper outfit I’ve seen on the grid is unique and different.  Even though many designers have played around with the idea of this wearable print, each idea comes out very different than the next.  Just goes to show the wide array of originality and imagination.

pink-sock-hop-outfit-nooby-doos1While I was in Nooby Doo’s I saw an outfit that I had to have!  I’ve always wanted a Sock Hop outfit in RL.  I suppose the poodle skirt makes me think of an era I have never known or been a part of.  If you don’t like pink, there are many other colors to choose from.  Plus take a stroll around the store.  Everything in Nooby Doo’s is a dollarbie!

alex-skin-2 alex-skinAlso, guys… There is a dollarbie male Alex skin at GoDiva.  This skin will only be free today.  I have an obsession about hairy chest and that might be why I think this skin is super sexy!  Perhaps my fascination is similar to men’s fascination over boobs.  Men I know how hard it is to find anything free or even cheap for yourself, so rush over there!  Ladies drag your man to get this fantastic offer. The boxers are not included with this skin… and I’m not sure where I picked it up.

SL is becoming more and more geared towards women.  If I could make one request it would be this:  Designers… please make more men stuff before the ladies take over and there are no more men in SL.

Ladies, don’t feel left out there is always a freebie skin for you!  The Fleur Update group has three free skin for the ladies.  Do a group search for “Fleur Update” and join for free.  Then search the notices for the November 29th gift and open the boxed attachment.  You will then be the proud owner of three Fleur Skins.  This special skin is only available to group members.  If you’re a light skin girl like me you will love these three Shoujo Dai Ni Ban (that means second edition) skins!  The Fleur Shoujo DNB Lily skin is a light ivory tone with pouty pink lips.  The Fleur Shoujo DNB Azalea skin is slightly darker in a more natural skin tone.  The Fleur Shoujo DNB Lotus skin is another beautiful pale tone.  Each of these skins has a pink flower painted by the left eye.

fleur-shoujo-dnb-lily-skin1 fleur-shoujo-dnb-azalea-skin fleur-shoujo-dnb-lotus-skin

After seeing a recent post from FabFree’s blonde Bombshell Farah, I decided I needed to tp over to Here Comes Trouble and see if there were colors for the brunette beauties.  There’s actually many fat packs to choose from including the two styles that I’m wearing.


*OuT.Rage: Purple Sweater (L$1), Black Keiko Jeans (Not Free)
Young ( 226/165/29 )

*Sweeter Than Candy: Red Elf One Costume (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Arrakis ( 86/200/32 )

*Nooby Doo’s: Newsprint Dress (L$1)
Granymyr ( 177/146/28 )

*Sin & Secrets: Lucky Chair Outfits (L$1)
Nemnem ( 152/219/31 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Newspaper Pumps (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Thistledown ( 236/117/33 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Group Gift Wedges, Freebie Ring Shoes, Lucky Chair (L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*GoDiva: Alex Skin (L$1)
Nagarjuna ( 167/203/55 )

*Fleur Update Group: Fleur Shoujo DNB Skins (Group Notices – L$0)
Fleur ( 135/128/27 )

*Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*Here Comes Trouble: Mariela Hair (L$1), Micha Pigtail Hair (L$1)
Troubled City ( 198/193/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


Lemania Indigo Christmas Prezzie Hunt

Ok.. so maybe not a hunt since you just walk around the sim and pick the outfits you want (1L$ each). Warning, there are A LOT of presents to be picked up, I saw at least 50!

Lemania Indigo has a lot of hunts in and around her shops, and I hadn’t been to her sim in a while. I’m glad I stopped by, because I was able to pick up two cute outfits, one to suit my fantasy fashion taste, and the other for the Who in me.

lemaniaindigoThe first thing I picked up was this Desiree Fairy outfit, which inicludes the wings, in Dragon and Rose. The entire outfit is included, and the wings alone are worth more than 1L$. Skin shown is from the Jarnia skins gift box, Hair is from Helena Stringer Mausoleum.

Next thing I got (I just couldn’t resist) was the Cindy Lou Who outfit. Although the outfit comes complete with a Cindy Lou Who hair, I’ve worn the Tekuteku X’mas Special (cream) hair, which was not free.

lemaniindigo2Lemania Indigo Designs : http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/189/123/22


Howdy.. biker-girls & guys!

I’ve had this biker jacket for a while in my inventory now… and lot of girls and guys keep asking me where I got it… sooo thought I’d share it on FabFree. And a whole lot of other stuff… enjoy!


This UNISEX biker jacket is from a Japanese shopowner, I actually forgot the name of the shop (sowwy :()! Anyway… it’s great! Comes with prim attachement which makes it look hot! Female and Male options! From that same shop i’m wearing the cap, necklace and smoking cigarette (I know smoking is bad, even in SL!)

19 Sosaku-Kobo – Onenine-Riders Black Bikers – 0L, Mesh Cap – OL, Necklace Silver – 0L, Holding Cigarette – 0L, Spiked Bracelet – 0L

edge grafica – white and black pullover – 0L, Overknee Socks Gray – 0L (shop is hard to find, wait for everything to rezz, then search for a small shop with a red sign saying edge grafica, right behind the market stands)

Tres Blah – Starlust Shorts Denim – 1L 

Peppermint Blue – Boots – 0L (come with the Black- or Yellow coat)

Ruffian – Silver Bangles – 1L, Aviator Sunglasses – 1L

Truth – Hair Izzy Ponytail – 1L

– Also wearing [mel]DistressedCoupleCigaretteArmbelt – 0L (which I once got from Onrez. And they are still there! (I attached and modified it to fit my leg ;))

On the Catwalk – Fair Mod Skin – 0L (lucky chair)

 Other links:

[LAP] – Free poses – 0L


xxx Farah

Jarnia Closing Sale (30 Nov)

Jarnia Underground Fashions is closing its doors today. There are some nice free items, and everything in the store is 50% off. If you are a fan of Jarnia Fashions.. go there today, it’s your last opportunity to stock up on some of their great looks.

Note: In the skins freebie box there are several male skins.

Capri outfit and skins shown are all Jarnia freebies. Hair is by Exile, shoes are by Maitreya.


Jarnia Underground Fashions:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sezuan/18/8/28


Stringer Mausoleum and Rosy Mood

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the Stringer Mausoleum one year anniversary party (like ~cough~ at least one blogger, no names mentioned, eh?), the good news is that the gifts are still available. I don’t know how long they’ll be waiting for you to pick them up though, so you might want to hurry. You’ll find gifts from helena Stringer, DoD, and Ruin. I’ve feature the hair and wings from Helena Stringer, and the elemental hands from DoD in the picture below. I haven’t shown them, but the antlers Helena has made for the anniversary party are CUTE, grab them while you can!

stringerrmAlso shown are a sweet holiday skin from Rosy Mood (Rosy mood and Stringer Mausoleum.. hmm.. odd pairing, but it works!), as well as the freebie swim suit offered in the Rosy Mood shop. There are several other freebies and dollarbies at Rosy Mood, including a special holiday edition skin for guys.

Stringer Mausoleum:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lyashko/154/172/50

Rosy Mood: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alleni/133/251/39


Xmas with Ztique, LalaFoo and DarkMouse!

I wanted to wait until Dec. to start posting on Christmas-items but this one I can’t wait for even one day! I always think they start to early with all these Holiday-season-madness… especially in SL!! Ah well… It’s almost December… sooo it’s ok for me now… I guess!!


I went to Lala Foo to get the items from the Lucky Chair, but I wasn’t lucky I guess…. but I did find out about the great sale she is having! Everything is marked down to 25L, which is amazingly cheap for Lala Foo! Yay! I got the cute babydoll-dress and some amazing stockings!

I don’t like a lot of xmas-thingies… but these cute shoes are way to beautifull not to blog about! They are the christmas-gift from Ztique-shop and are called “All Wrapped Up” in Green Velvet. They come with a handmuff for cold hands! (I had no idea what a hand muff was… but just wear it! It’s gorgeous!)

The necklace i’m wearing is from DarkMouse… a big shop with jewelry and furniture. The necklace is the Christmas-freebie for the Holiday-season… really great job, very detailed! Next to the X-mas gift there is also another box with amazing jewelry-dollarbies!

Lala Foo – BabyDoll Crimson – 25L,  Stockings – 25L (sale till Dec. 15th?)

Ztique – All Wrapped Up Heels – 1L

Dark Mouse – Christmas Balls Necklace – 0L, More Jewelry in gift-box (not shown here) – 1L

Other links:

Zero Style – Hair “You” – 0L (all color pack)

Belleza – Skin – 0L (groupgift)

Ruffian –  Silver Bangles – 1L

xxx Farah


House of Nyla

House of Nyla has a cute freebie out, this one is Christmas themed (spank me Santa). Nyla doesn’t put out gifts often, and her designs are always drop dead gorgeous. Her Naughty Santa outfit brings to mind the song “Santa Baby”, by Madonna.

This outfit comes complete with the dress, hat, jewelry, gloves, and boots. It doesn’t get much better than that!

nylaHop on over to House of Nyla and grab this cutie before it’s gone.  And to see some of her real life designs at her website, www.houseofnyla.com. I just love how she’s paired real life models wearing her real life designs with their Second Life counterparts.