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Rock Me Amadeus with Pink Fuel Ribbon Icing on top of these skins!

The *ICING* store has several gifts out .  The maroon dress with the black sweater is perfect for the fall weather.  The cute thing about this dress is the buttons on the sweater are little silver robots.  Plus, the white Princess Pearl Bracelet is perfect for completing any look.

The hair is also from *ICING* and is called Valedictorian Hair.  I love the pencils used as hair sticks.  The pencils give this style a school girl touch.  This hair is also available at Savoir hair along with close to 50 other styles for 1L or less.

There are several other dresses available free at the *ICING* store.  The black strapless Night Mist dress is perfect for any classy event.  The Amethyst La Vie Boheme skirt and white tank are perfect for lazy stroll on the beach.  The blue pasily Petit Basier sundress is summery but still approprate for those warmer days.  There is also a Cherry Charm Anklet and some Color Changing Wooden Wedges free in the freebie Armoire.

Farah Palmer the designer for Ruffian sent me four Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets.  Each of these bracelets are 1L each and all income from the bracelets for the month October will be donated to the Amercian Cancer Society.  Each dollarbie comes with a bracelet for either wrist.  I am wearing the Charm Bracelet Pink Ribbon on the right wrist and the White Pearls, Black Pearls, and Pink Pearls bracelets are on my left.

Liberte Fashion has a freebie/dollarbie section with many great outfits for the ladies.  I picked up the beige and black Susan casual dress and the hot pink and black Mia Marie low cut dress.

Rock Me Amadeus has a pack of Burlesque Lingerie out for only one linden!  This lingerie comes in black, red, and turquoise and is great for any romantic encounter.  In the first picture with the black Burlesque Lingerie, there are several Black Bandaged Kittens from Pink Fuel on me.  I won these little kittens from the lucky chair at Pink Fuel.  This Black Bandaged Kitten’s Orange eye blinks and can be held, sat on the head, worn on the shoulder, and clung to the leg or arm.  There are five kittens in each prize!

If lingerie isn’t sexy enough for ya, why not just wear an apron and nothing else?  The seductive white Maruja Apron with red trim is from bdreams.  This Apron can be worn with or without undies.  While you are there check out the beautiful dresses in this store they are really quite esquisite and reasonablly priced.

The pale tone skin I have on is called Envin Skin and is from OPS!.  This skin can be found amoungst the pumpkins in the October-Palooza hunt at Cassiopeia Isle.  There are so many great things you can grab at this hunt, including the red and black Cob Web Cute mini skirt and long sleeve mid-drift shirt, the Haunted House Hottie mini skirt and grey long sleeve mid-drift shirt, the orange Pumpkin Girl Sweater and mini skirt, and the beautiful red and black Vampires Temptress which are in pumpkins all from all from LVS & CO.

If you are looking for festive skin for Halloween, look no further.  The Pale Tera Witch Skin and Tera Moonkissed Fairy Skin from J&J Skins are a great addition to any costume.  Both of these skins come with wings that you can attach and they are both free!  The sexy over the eye short hair is a freebie that can be found under the lucky poster boards at White Well.  The Black Gladiator boots are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These boots are not free, but they are my favorite boots and they were only 50L after I used a 400L gift card I won from the premium lucky chair.  There is also currently a 200L gift card available in the gift card system.

Simply Rose has a dollerbie Halloween Skin.  This dollerbie skin was released today and will be available till Monday 27th.  There is also a lucky chair stuffed with tons of prizes and a newbie pack for women under 60 days free.

**After all the naked skin poses I have done lately, I have added something I really need to my wishlist.  This wish is for poses…  actually modest poses for naked skin shots.  Maybe an arm crossing over one boob with the hand covering the other nipple, while the other hand is covering the lower region or maybe a seductive pose while covering up.  There are so many possibilities!  My main wish is for a cover up pose made for well-endowed women, so nothing juts through my hands!  Just something good for showing naked skin that I wont have to change my shape for.**


*ICING*:  Dresses, Wedges, Jewelry (L$0)
Mischief ( 111/191/25 )

*Liberte Fashion: Beige Susan Dress,  (L$0-L$1)
LOL Island ( 55/95/26 )

*bdreams: Maruja Apron (L$0)
Navaria ( 169/112/23 )

*October-Palooza: Pumpkin Hunt,  (L$0-L$1)
Cassiopeia Isle ( 183/28/22 )

*Rock Me Amadeus: Burlesque Lingerie (L$1)
Edgemont ( 107/58/21 )

*Pink Fuel: Bandaged Kitten – With Orange Eyes (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Hector ( 231/90/548 )

*Ruffian by FP:  Pink Ribbon Bracelets (L$1)
Numazawa ( 59/184/22 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Black Gladiator Strapped Knee boots (Not Free), Gift Card (L$0 – Lucky Chair)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*J&J Skins: Tera Moonkissed Fairy Skin (L$0), Pale Tera Witch Skin (L$0)
BAIASTICE ( 109/212/25 )

*Simply Rose: Halloween Skin (L$1)
Sunset Arts II ( 132/131/22 )

*White Well: Short Hair (L$0)
ECS ( 83/107/22 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )