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Sweet Candy Corn at Tea Lane!

I love grand openings!  Desigers often do fun things to celebrate.


LaynieWear and SYD: Style Your Destiny have merged into one brand called ~Tea Lane~.  To celebrate the grand opening these two designers decided to have a Candy Corn Hunt!  There are 60 candy corns hidden around the new ~Tea Lane~ and Nooby Doo’s stores.  Each candy corn cost $1L.  This enormous hunt began at 6PM SLT Friday and will last until Sunday night (10/19).  Most of the candies are hidden around the new main store for Tea Lane.  But there are also candy corns hidden in the locations at Hairspray, Juicy Bella, Bewitched Hair Mall, and a few at Nooby Doo’s.


For this hunt there are at least 26 novelty female skins, 11 novelty male skins, 6 pairs of novelty eyes, 25 special editions of hair, 2 special edition Mina, 1 special edition Elsa, 1 special edition Erik, and 1 special edition Sylvia.  There might be more cause you never know with these girls… they like surprises!


Here are pictures of just a few of the things you can find in this hunt:

Agave Skin – Janet, Agave Skin – Nancy, Agave Skin -Priscilla, Birch Skin – Hellen, Birch Skin – Nancy, Briza Skin, Cane Skin – Aurora, Cane Skin – Nancy, Hickory Skin – Nancy, Hickory Skin – Renee, Honey Skin – Columbia, Honey Skin – Flaran, Honey Skin – Flaran(freckle), Honey Skin – Nancy, Honey Skin – Priscilla, Malt Skin – Nancy, Malt Skin – Neve, Maple Skin – Nancy, Molasses Skin – Frida, Molasses Skin – Nancy, Sugar Skin – Lenore, Sugar Skin – Nancy, Treacle Skin – Nancy, Treacle Skin – Priscilla, Vanth Skin

These skins are great for the Halloween season and will add just the right touch to that costume you’ve been eyeing!  You can also find this Pumpkin Elsa Sweater, Pumpkin Sylvia Gown…  plus much much more!

~Tea Lane~ Main Store
-29 pieces of candy
~Tea Lane~ Bewitched Hair Mall(Lemon Island) (exit Bewitched, make a right, Tea Lane is one of the shops on the left side of the street)
-7 pieces fo candy
~Tea Lane~ Hairspray (use teleport board to get to the shop OR head west, make a right before the green building, it is the the right store at the end of that row)
-7 pieces of candy
~Tea Lane~ Juicy Bella
-7 pieces of candy
Nooby Doo’s (check out the playground between the main store and Nooby Doo’s)
-3 pieces of candy
-7 pieces of candy

Oh and check out the lucky chair!  There are some great prizes to be won!

Some of the lucky chair items are the Birch Skin – Nae, Birch Skin – Nae (freckle), Molasses Skin – Nae, Molasses Skin – Nae (freckle), Sugar Skin – Nae, Sugar Skin – Nae (freckle), Green Blue Eyes, Banana Elsa Sweaters, and the Bery Sylvia Gown.

If all that wasn’t enough… For anyone under 30 days old, there is a free special pack of newbie skins.  Also, if you are older than 30 days and your Rezday falls between Laynie and Teagan’s Rezday then you can get this pack for only 200L.  So if your Rezday falls between October 16th and October 27th, this fat pack of 10 skins tones (regular and freckled) is just $200L!

(Sorry no pictures…  my Rezday isn’t even close!)