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Grace Winnfield Hunt

Bridal, Formal & Casual Women’s Clothing at Gracie’s has moved, and to celebrate Grace is holding a series of events, including a hunt for five complete outfits. Teleport to the landing point, and click on the little box on the events board to pick up your clues. Once you have your clues start hunting!

This is not a difficult hunt, and the outfits are very pretty (pictures to follow).

Bridal, Formal & Casual Women’s Clothing by Gracie;


Happy Hunting!



Casual Styles and Halloween goodies (p.s. help me pick a costume)




So before i get started on some of the great Halloween gifts out there I want to make sure you guys go and get INDI Designs new release and AB Apparel’s gift. 

AB Apparel has an all menswear in operation with Digit Darkes.  They are offering a great casual freebie – vintage tee with some nice detailed jeans.  Perfect for your everday walking around in SL.

INDI Designs release for this week is this great pull over.  Dress it up, dress it down it will go with anything.




Okay, so now onto Halloween and why it rocks my socks.  One, we have a reason to dress up in costumes (not that we didn’t before, but now it seems almost like we have to- which totally works for me)  Halloween is one of those great times in Second Life when the creative minds of all the designers start bestowing their awesome creations upon us.  Not only do we get some great new creations, but we also benefit from the the already generious hears and minds of these designers.  Here are just a few for this week to go check out.

So first lets talk about how Minnu has a set of male halloween skins.  There are 8 options to choose from.  You can have chest hair or not, be bald or not, or have intense make up or just a nice hint of eye liner.  All look rather dashing and are perfect for any costume (or emo) look.

Are you ready for OCTOBERPALOOZA!?!?!  If you aren’t that is a shame and you need to get over it cuz I’m freaking excited about it.  Octoberpalooza is a month long event and is constantly having new things added so this is definitely a LM you want to keep on your “must go every time i log in” list.  Of course, you can shorten the name of that list, but it make sure whatever the title you go.  There are three graveyards filled with pumpkin dollarbies.  I mean you are surrounded by them.  There is lots of stuff for the ladies and some great grabs for the guys.  Some of the stuff is non fashion related, but still a great addition to the inventory.  My house now has a really kick ass ghost sculpture and bat emitter to give a more festive atmosphere.  Be sure to check out the lucky chair.

I happened to get two S’s in a row and got a great gag costume and some really awesome costume shirts.  Here are some of my Halloween costume options.

Which should i pick?

Me as mustard – yum yum

Ahhh!!  Scary ghost shirt………….Don’t hate me cuz i’m a smart.

My new Diet…………………………………………….Big pimpin’

Tool bag goes formal………………………..Tool bag gets medical degree

So here are the three landmarks to the different grave yards.  There are supposed to be some really funny couple gag gifts.  Like a ball and chain or a plug and socket.  Renee and i looked around but didn’t seem them  Let me know if you find em!

graveyard 1

graveyard 2

graveyard 3

Happy Hunting!!  Over and Out

Brewing Witchy Fashions!

There are so many Halloween treats out right to help you celebrate this October holiday season!

Ladies, you can pick up the light tone Moscow Halloween skin from Minnu Model Skins.  There are four free skins in this pack.  Personally, skins number 3 and 4 are my favorites.  These skins are in the lobby on the counter and will be available through the end of the month.

At SYSY’s Designs, you can grab the orange Halloween pumpkin dress for only 1 linden and the peach flair top and mini skirt are free from the lucky chair.

The pink and black ribboned Sexy Halloween Witch dress is from VictoriaV.  Find the pumpkin in the store and you can get this dollarbie festive dress and hat.  I love that it is pink and black and can be worn year round, not just for Halloween!

The dollarbie gift from Elemiah Design is the orange top and black frilly skirt.  This oufit also comes with a black sculpted Halloween witch hat.  I love the details in this outfit and it is very classy looking.  This gift can also be worn year round!







I Bet you’re wondering how you can get these amazing New York boots.  These black boots are free with the lucky poster at B&T Fashion.  I have yet to win the Royal Blue Sweater and worn black jeans that is also in the lucky poster.

The free gift of the week from G&N Quality Design is the orange and black Halloween Punky Witch costume (above).  This gift includes the black witch hat and witch’s broom!  Hurry because I know this one wont be out much longer.

Directly inside If The Shoe Fits & Twinky’s Treasures you can pick up the absolutely free Pumpkin Spice Lace skirt and top with the yellow stilettos.  If you’re a fan of the color orange definately grab this one!

The purple Halloween Web outfit is great for a fun Halloween pajama party!  The purple stripped ribbon leggings and webbed tank are free from LaLa FooFoo.

The brown shoulder length braids and sexy over the eye short hair is from White Well.  The braided style can be won from the lucky poster.  There are two different styles in these boards and the letter changes every  minutes.  The short hair is a freebie that can be found under the lucky poster boards.  There are also several really nice styles for only 10L in the store.



*SySy’s: Halloween Pumpkin Dress (L$1), Flair Peach (Lucky Chair -L$0)
SyDesigns dAlliez ( 159/139/25 )

*VictoriaV: Sexy Halloween Witch (L$1)
VictoriaV Island ( 126/166/26 )

*Elemiah Design & Lingerie: Orange Top with Black Skirt (L$1)
George 5 ( 49/213/21 )

*G&N Quality Design: Halloween Punky Witch (L$0)
Pepita ( 68/161/325 )

*LaLa FooFoo: Halloween Web outfit (L$0)
Tropical Escape ( 151/196/22 )

*If The Shoe Fits& Twinky’s Treasures:  Pumpkin Spice Lace outfit & Yellow Stilettos (L$0)
Eros Cove ( 222/209/23 )

*B&T Fashion: Black New York Boots (Lucky Poster – L$0)
Brilliance Island ( 49/55/23 )

*White Well: 8 different eyes (L$0)
ECS ( 83/107/22 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Cassiopeia Isle ( 62/37/22 )

*Minnu Model Skins: Halloween Madrid Male & Moscow Female Skins (L$0)
Glam World ( 190/219/23 )