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RockBerry Costumes / Ashia Design Halloween Skin

RockBerry offers 2 amazing freebies in-store. They are pictured on the wall. I love to be a “Sad Jester” 🙂 This beautifully detailed costume comes with shape (not shown), skin, eyes, collar, gloves, socks, pants, top, ruffle, pants, tops … what you see is what you get 🙂

The great “Vamp Costume” comes with several options (and on 2 layers) to wear as long/short pants, full skirt or skirt tails. Also you get a red and a black hat.

Worn with “Vamp Costume” is “Timeless Halloween Skin” by Ashia Design. It´s a subscribe-o-matic gift, but perhaps it´s gone. If so, I´m sorry for the late posting … I`ve just discovered this skin in my inventory. And I like it .. thank god, it´s a “non-scary” halloween skin 🙂

The pretty hair is “Bewitch Me”,  worn in cream, by Mirada Hair@Hairspray – a gift from the Star Hunt at Hairspray 2.


Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar / HOH Spook-tacular Release Gift

Please, update your landmarks, Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar has moved to SilkRoad 13, 238, 26.

And now hurry up and tp over! Alice07 Barzane has put out a bunch of Assistance Sets for free, also for guys! All sets are limited time freebies as well as “Pampkin Sofa” & “Miniature Garden Aki” !

Shown here are only a few freebies, and only parts of

080829 Ff0 Assistance Set Special Option (Prozak Shred Jeans/LeatherKicks/SkullTank/EagleTank, and more)

081011 AnotherSkin SeMa Assistance Set for guys (B11 CheckShirtHalloween/PowerRunningHalloweenShirt/KamikazeDenims, and more)

081010 Cf0a Assistence Set MakeUp 01 for girls (B11 CheckShirtHalloween/B11DenimShortSkirtBrown, and more)

080627 Rf0 MakeUp03 Assistance Set (B11 denim black shorts, LaPerla transparent blouson/bra, and more)

080823 Ff0a Assistance Set Makeup 03 (Izumiya CheckSkirt with suspenders/Tanktop/Socks/ChainNecklace/Boots, and more)

Pampkin Sofa

Some Assistance Sets you can also get at Don`t Ask!

Skins worn here are ElohEliotMods by Alice07 Barzane.  Each Assistence Set includes skins, shapes and eyes.

The spectacular, great hair worn in all pics  is the Spook-tacular Release Gift from  HOH House of Heart.

Voodoo in natural blonde comes with lovely skulls :-)) Scarecrow in burgundy can be worn with or without the cute Halloween hat. And Nyla in rosewood has to be touched if you want pretty bats buzzing around your head 🙂


M & R Cupcakes New Releases and Freebies

What a nice suprise today when I logged in! M&R Cupcakes sent out a group notice about new releases and freebies to their update group … secret sale, ladies! 🙂 Hoover your mouse over the lovely designs … and see what you get:

Button Dress Gold, free, comes with cute hat

Modern Suspender Set Modern Brown, free, several options to wear

Fun Tee Rosebud, free

Long Silk Tank with Cardi Orange Brown, free, several options to wear

Corduroy Skirt/Leggings Olive/Gold, free

This is what I´ve found, perhaps there are more pretty goodies for you. So head over to M & R Cupcakes and have a look for yourself. Ooh, and better go now –  I´m not sure how long the freebies will be there!

Skin: “M&R Birthday Suit Skin -Cameo Freebie 3 (nopubes/freckles)” – group gift 10/6/2008

Hair: “Boarder Chamagne” by Bryce Design – Star Hunt gift at Hair Spray2



Missed Hair Fair Last Month?

So you’re still upset that you missed the hair fair?  Well, get over it and get over to the Hairspray 2 Sim!

There are so many goodies to scoop up at Hairspray 2.  First of all, many of the stores are participating in the Star hunt.  Stars are hidden in and around the participating shops.  Some stars are large and some are tiny tiny, but each of these gold stars contains special items.  You can purchase each star for 0L-1L.  The hunt for the Stars lasts until Saturday (today), so you might want to hurry!  In addition to the Star hunt many of the designers havegoodie bags in the shop, plus I found out that several of the color demos are wearable styles that are really very nice!  Also while at Hairspray 2, make sure you check out the huge array of free and dollarbie hair in the new location for the Savoir Hair store.  Savoir Hair is located near the main tp point and currently has 44 designers with free or dollarbie hair.

Here are some of the many things you can find free or nearly free at Hairspray 2.  Some of these Items are only for the star hunt, while others are additional gifts from these generous designers.  I’m not telling you which styles are only for the hunt, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

I love the classy Sway With Me 2 and Sway With Me ponytail styles from the Mirada store!  This hair is so pretty, the long flowing curls are elegant!  Both hairs look very similar but the Sway With Me is longer than the Sway With Me 2.  Other gifts you will find at theMirada store are the punkish “Bite Me”, long straight Bewitch Me, spiky Sora , and capped Tyler styles.  Each of these finds come in a large variety of colors.  There is also a lucky chair on the back wall of the first floor and upstairs there are free clothing for men and women!

There are a ton of gifts from Tea Lane including the festive Candy Corn Lolly dress with witch hat, green witchy Elphaba Skin, Demon eyes, Halloween orange Marissa hair, candy corn Cindy hair, purple green Adra hair, striped leggings, Sugar Male skin, Sugar female skin, and a stuffed Salmonella .

In the Biedermann’s Hair store at Hairspray 2, there are two different styles to grab.  One hair is from a star and the other is in a gift bag.  The adorable short Berenice hair comes which comes many colors options and the cutesyDorka ponytail style which comes in three natural shades.

In the House of Heart store you can find Hollywood in cloud, Dirk in steel, Julie in irish red, Allie in wheat, Callie in lychee, Lindsey in blood, Doll in pigeon, and one specifically for the guys.

At the Audacity store you can search for Kaya in Strawberry Blond, Rebekah in Ginger, Hilary in Grape, Arden in Eggplant, and Nan in Cotton Candy.

AVZ has some very unique styles.   The Tri Bal hair in black/pink hair comes with a goggled hat.  Dark Garden style comes in black/red and has the unusual silver headpiece.  The Organix Sense hair reminds me of Medusa because the ropelike strands slither around.

At the Moonshine store you will find the Fionn Candy and pigtailed Jamie styles.

The MAU’s & MEJ’s store has the long pulled back Samara hair and the messy Nell ponytail.

SkyShop HairResort has the grey chunky layered long Sakura II hair and the grey short Nicky hair.  The Nicky style would look nice on either a female or male AV.

Tousled has the long ponytail Heather hair in a fat-pack of colors.  Sirena gives the Jenny ponytail.  The free hair from Zyrraphotic is actually a wearable color demo.  Goldie Locks has the Lil Bob as their color demo.  From Dead Kitties you can pick up the fat pack ofChiaru hair and the Cruella hair, which is a great style for the Halloween festivities!

The Calla store has more gifts than I can find.  Search for the Bellflower in Dark Silver Candy Apple Tip, Flax in Dark Steel Blue, Spindle-tree in Black Cherry,Sage in Dark Silver, Sunflower in Plum Deep Rose Tip, Tuber Rose in Black Cherry, plus several more!  These beautiful styles seriously have me wanting to buy them in brown shades.

These are just a few of the gifts from the generous designers at the Hairspray 2 Sim.  There are many more styles to be found for the women and men!

Don’t forget the Star hunt ends today, so grab them while you can!


The stores located at Hairspray 2 are: Adimu, ATH All That Hair, Analog Dog, Audacity, AVZ, Biedermann’s Hair, BooPerFunk, BP*, Bryce, Calla, Calico Creations, Curl up and Dye, Deadkitties, Discord Design, Diversity Hair, Eolande, ETD, Exile, Find ASH, Fizzies, Gearhead, Goldie Locks, Gurl 6, Gwendolyn Cassini Creations, Hair Solutions, Hairapy, Hairstyles by Tami McCoy, HCT, House of Heart, Hype, Jada Style, Jolie Femme, Lala Moon, Magika, Marlys Vintage Hair, Mau & Mej’s, Mirada, Moonshine, Panache, Pazazz, Pixelated Dreams, Philotic Energy, Pixel Dust, Priestkings Code, Rattus, Redlic, Sanctum Hair, Savoir Hair, Sirena Hair, SkyShop HairResort, Stranded, Tea Lane, Tousled, Unbeweavable, Virtual Creations, Vixen, and Wilted Rose.


*Hairspray 2: Gold Star hunt, Hair freebies (L$0-L$1)
Hairspray ( 246/128/51 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*RockBerry: Megan Skins (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 20/57/67 )


INDI’s new release, Male skin, and a great pair of jeans

Okay guys, go and set a LM now for Self Expressions. The designer runs free and dollarbie promotions quite often when new items are released. One of the last promotions was one of the *shane* male skins, and normally sells for 900L, but was only 1L.  I know what you are saying…how does this help me now?  Well, have no fear!  I was assured another release is on the way.  It will be another *shane* male skin but with chest hair.  (I see your eyebrows lifting ladies)  So tp in and check out the place.  There are some great items to be had.

Okay, the new INDI Designs release is out (gray long sleeve shirt) so go grab the next piece to your INDI outfit.  We all know that fall is coming in fast and we need a nice casual shirt to get us through those chillier sl days.

The jeans are from the male gift available at Beauty Avatar.  There is also a button up shirt in the male gift box.  Seriously, these are my new favorite jeans.  Take your girlfriends, friends who are girls, or just that random girl who needs something cute and free because there is also a gift for women available and i’m sure they’d appreciate it if you showed you cared.