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Crazy Little Tricks or Treats at Loco Pocos!

Ready for some Virtual Trick or Treatin’?  Head over to the Loco Pocos Island and take part in some door to door trick or treating and win lots of virtual candy and other goodies!

Once you start the game you receive a free Trick or Treatin’ candy bag, which is necessary to wear through the game.  You might want to grab both the Human and the Tiny version so you can use the Jack-o-Lantern treat bag with multiple avaitors.  After you are wearing the cute treat bag you can start knocking on doors and Trick or Treatin’.  At the houses you will either get a trick or a treat.  The treats include Big Candy Corn
Candy backpack, Candy Corn Ice lolly, Halloween Cookie, Liquorice Whips, and Head Bolts costume accessory.

Plus, at one of the houses you will receive a rusted key.  This key will grant you access to a chest containing free Freddy and Freida Loco Pocos aviators!

You can also grab free male and female ‘Loco Pocos’ t-shirts in the main tree house store.  Also there is a baby monitor in the little hut to the left before you enter the store.  And if you complete the treasure maze you will find the Swag Bag filled with jewels.

*Loco Pocos: Trick or Treat (L$0)
Loco Pocos Island ( 183/153/140 )

Damien Fate is the amazing creator of Loco Pocos Island.  He mentioned that the Halloween Trick or Treatin’ design is based on a RL City Street.  It’s amazing how close the SL version is to the RL alleyway.  The Shambles is an old street in York, England, with buildings dating back as far as the fourteenth century.

Syler and I had a lot of fun with this and we thought we would share.

So… Without further ado, we give you the adventures of the sl brother and sister duo, Renee Ferret and Syler Ferret.

Renee Ferret overheard that there was some Trick or Treatin’ to do at Loco Pocos Island.  “There’s gonna be candy and prizes and more candy!  Can we go?  Can we?  Can we?  Huh?” she asked.  So after many hours of waiting on her brother he finally gave in to her persistence and Syler took his baby sister trick or treating.  They went to many dark scary houses that cold night.  The two little ferrets got many tricks and many treats.  Little Renee Ferret was so overwhelmed with all the candy they received that along the way she began eating the candy from her Jack-o-Lantern treat bag.

The next evening, they sat around the campfire outside the little huts.  “Syler, can I have a piece of your yummy candy?” Renee whined.  “Where is all of your candy?” Syler asked.  “I lost it,” Renee said.  “You mean you ate it,” Syler grumbled.  He told Renee that she could have one of his treats and tossed her a Candy Corn Ice lolly.

Renee finished the Candy Corn Ice lolly and wanted more of the Halloween candy.  She even put on her Swag Bag filled with jeweled treasures that she found in the maze at Loco Pocos.  But stubborn Syler shook his head, refusing to share any more of his delicious treats.

All night long Renee eyed Syler’s Jack-O-Lantern of treats, but he refused to give in.  Wearing his Big Candy Corn backpack and Halloween Frankenstein Head Bolts, Syler sat quietly ignoring his begging sister.  Eventually, Syler gave Renee a few of his red Liquorice Whips.  But, Renee let out a sigh as she watched her brother eat the delicious orange Halloween Cookies.

Late that night, at an hour when all good little ferrets should be sound asleep, Renee snuck into the kitchen and filled her ferret cheeks with all the candy Syler had collected.   Little Renee had such a sweet tooth.  She ate the last of his candy corns, licorice whips, delicious wrapped candies and even all of the Halloween Cookies, which were Syler’s favorite.

Syler suddenly awoke to the cries of his sister.  He raced to the kitchen to find Renee crying.  She held her stomach and moaned of a tummy ache.  He looked to his empty Jack-o-Lantern treat bag and grumbled.  “Renee!” he exclaimed.  “What have you done?”

Syler was mad and upset that Renee had been so selfish.

“Renee, what a bad little ferret you are!  You ate all of my Halloween treats!”

Looking at his sick little sister he sighed, “But it seems you have learned your lesson.”