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LVS & Co. Picks Reward Gift

This amazing “October Rust Gown” is the Picks Reward gift by LVS & Co ! Ravenlynn Templar, designer and owner of LVS & Co., describes how to get this beautiful dress in her blog.

Many pics for a single gown, I know … but I´m in “October Rust” love 🙂

Hair by Bewitched Hair – Miranda sunny – Release Gift Sept 16th

Skin by Pulse “Skin1 Tone0 m4″ – group gift Oct 7th

Pics taken at Rose Garden, forest feast



Thanks to Laynie Link for dropping me the Press Release Notecard about a great event! Sooo … all hair addicts and fashion victims, passionate hunters and party people! Read what´s going on and mark the date in your calenders 🙂


Short and sassy, long and flowing, whatever your preference may be, it’s clear that we all LOVE hair! Come celebrate with us as we open Hairspray 2- the second full sim devoted to nothing but beautiful, luscious hair.

The original Hairspray opened in Early 2007, and was quickly filled with wonderful designers. Before long, the waiting list grew to the point that one thing was clear- the people of Second Life wanted more!

Hairspray 2 is now better than ever, proudly featuring Mirada, Savoir Hair, and Panache! Now there is twice as much to see and buy, all together in one location!

Join us for a party from 6-8pm SLT, with music by DJ Kennef Riggles. Or perhaps you’d be more interested in the “Stars of Hairspray” hunt, showcasing items from our fabulous designers? Whatever you do, it’ll be a great time on Hairspray 2!

Date: October 8, 2008

Time: 6-8pm SLT


Hairspray 2, Hairspray 2  246, 128, 50


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S.Y.D. by Sy Designs – TRUTH – Moontan`s

SySy Chapman, designer and owner of S.Y.D. by Sy Designs, was so kind to drop me her wonderful gowns “Look Elite Model teal” (subscribe-o-matic-gift) as well as “Look Elite Model midnight” (Lucky Chair item). Yesss! there´s a Lucky Chair now !!  And the letters are changing every 5 minutes 🙂 The cute dollarbie “Halloween Pumpkin Dress” can be found at the Halloween section outside the mainstore on the left. There will be more dollarbies during October 🙂 Thanks again, SySy!

I matched the dress “Look Elite Model midnight” with Moontan`s lovely jewelry “Silver Leaf Blue Set”.  My favorite jewelry by Moontan is the “Fine Mess Necklace”. Sorry, this is a former freebie. Perhaps it is available as a normal prized item.

Truth also sent out a generous gift through the subscribe-o-matic – “Rejuvenate skins” are amazing! And I´m sure the guys will be happy with “Style Tank Tops” in several colors and layers !

Skin (shown here Rejuvenate Lychee halloween & Fossil halloween, other colors & Style Tanks for guys not shown) by Truth – subscribe-o-matic gift

Hair10 cylvia wine & Hair23 estelle mauve (shown here in dark, comes in light too) by Little Heaven – Lucky Chair prize

Hair “Halloween Hair”, shown here in orange, by Kurotsubaki – group gift

Look Elite Dress in Teal – subscribe-o-matic gift

Look Elite Dress in Midnight – Lucky Chair prize

Halloween Pumpkin Dress incl. necklace – 1 Linden

by S.Y.D by Sy Designs

Silver Leaf Blue Set (free) & Moontan Fine Mess Necklace (former freebie)  by Moontan Jewelry @ Kakaue


Crazy Candy Hunt feat. Witches of Eastwick by Cilia Shepherd

Big thank you to Cilia Sheperd, designer and owner of Cilian`gel Boutique, for dropping me a notecard about the Crazy Candy Hunt as well as her amazing costume “Witches of Eastwick Jane” !

This is what the notecard says:

Starts 8th of october 9:00 am SLT and goes for a week
At Rainbow Arcade Mall
Endless Love 241,234,21
It wouldn’t be almost Halloween without thinking about trick or treating and all that candy!
Here at Rainbow Arcade Mall we have collected candies from around the world…you have your usual chocolate bars, lollipops…and then you have the CRAZY CANDY!
Search the mall and waterfront area…you’ll find all that candy…but what you are looking for are things like Toxic Waste Candy…Hose Nose Candy Slime….even Toilet Bowl Candy…yum!
That’s where the gifts are…a complete list of CRAZY CANDY is available at the landing point!
That’s the trick…the treats are ALL NEW gifts…all perfect for Halloween!  Best of all, we have a GORGEOUS new costume for the ladies from Cilian’gel Fashion Designs…it’s a 12-piece custom outfit that’s sure to bewitch anyone!  All the parts of this costume are hidden seperately…you need to find all to have the complete costume! Happy Halloween and have a great hunt!

TP to Crazy Candy Hunt (starting point)

The costume comes with pants, shirt, bolero, little cloak, hat, stockings  and belted skirt. You get a lace version and a velvet version of it.

The beautiful skin is “Skin1 Tone0 m4” by Pulsetoday`s group gift (10/7/2008)



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” Diversity Hair/AD SKINS-CLOTHING  Would like to announce their brand new store, now with YES SKINS! as well as with the usual hair and clothing.  To celebrate this new build, we are holding a 48 hour hunt where 15 skins are hidden around the NEW Store , thats 3 different skins in 5 tones, two are themed skins and one is the natural make up skin. “

This is what you are looking for:

Here´s your TP to DiversityHair/AD Skins-Clothing

Sorry for my short posts, and quoting (part of) notecards … but I´m up to my eyeballs in blogging free stuff at the moment … so let´s keep it short, simple and sweet 🙂



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Quickie: AOHARU Group Gifts / .::KMH::. / League / M&R Cupcakes

Hurry! If you aren´t already a member of AOHARU group join now (use the phrase “Aoharu”, group is free to join)! You will get 2 pretty gifts but they are available only for 3 days (until 8th, if I remember the NC right, but might be japanese time)! Head over to AOHARU, you will find “Knit Boots” as a small pic on the wall in the shoe shop. The “Check Shirt dress” can be found in Aoharu Boutique. Don´t forget to watch out both Lucky Chairs, they have great gifts to offer!

The lovely “metallic shine leggings-gold” are a “Welcome Gift” by League. Touch the subscribe-o-matic to be added, touch it again, go to History, right now it´s the 3rd message.

The cute 60`s hairstyle “Halloween Special Gift Hair No001” by .::KMH::. is a Lucky Board prize. It comes in many colors, and you can wear it with or without bow.

Last but not least, members of 3Cupcakes Update Group again received a generous group gift: Birthday Suit Skin in all 12 tones! Adorable skins, freckled or non freckled …absolutely adorable! Have I ever mentioned 3Cupcakes Update Group (M&RCupcakes by Mimi Coral & Rosemary Galbraith) is worth the join fee? :-))


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Domesticate your Skin!

Okay… so these skins aren’t free, but I thought it was too good of a deal not to tell you.  Domestic -V is having a huge blowout sell and all of the skins are only 5L each.  You can either buy the skins individually or buy the fat pack of over 70 skins for only 100L.  Isn’t that a fantastic deal???

I think you have until today to grab these, so HURRY!  and sorry guys… I didn’t see any male skins.

The Natural tone Kate Is Great Skin, Natural tone Cheeky Sheen Skin, Ivory Special Edition Skin, Ivory Tainted Love Skin, and the Ivory Think Pink Skin are the skins I picked up.  All of the skins are really pretty and the ones I picked up have a light hint of freckles.  I am wearing dollarbie Berri hair from Truth.  I really like this hair and it looks amazing when I’m all dolled up heading to the Dance floor.

*Truth: Berri Hair (L$1)
Truth Island ( 125/99/25 )

*Domestic V: Any Skin (L$5)
Hali Kay North ( 136/103/603 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )