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London Fashion


In case you missed the group notice, SL London Fashion Week is going on and there are some great freebies to be had.  This event will be ending on October 8th so hurry hurry hurry. SL London Fashion Week will end on Oct, 5th  If you are interested to join the events check back here:


Platinum shapes and skin offers a free male skin.

SFD has a huge box of goodies including shirts with piping.  They have the whole spectrum of color so no worries about clashing with your dates.

KMADD has a large number of eyes to choose from as well as some great jeans, some tees, and a pair of boxers (pictured above).

Over and Out.

3 thoughts on “London Fashion

  1. Sorry to bug ya, but where exactly is the skin? I’ve been flying around for ages!


  2. the lm should drop you right in front of the box. there is a huge display for platinum skins and shapes and then two boxes are sitting on the ground. i’ll double check the lm, but it should be where it drops you off. 🙂


  3. Okay, so i’m horrible. My nc had the wrong date on it. It ended on the 5th not the 8th. *shakes head in shame* my apologies for the flying around for ages.


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