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Truth-fully i’m in love…

…with this hair.  Get yourself over to Truth to check out this great freebie male hair.  There is also a sub-o gift free male skin (though SL has not been too kind to me and it has yet to be delivered) if this hair is any indication as to the level of quality I’m sure the skin is fantastic.

Over and Out


London Fashion

In case you missed the group notice, SL London Fashion Week is going on and there are some great freebies to be had.  This event will be ending on October 8th so hurry hurry hurry. SL London Fashion Week will end on Oct, 5th  If you are interested to join the events check back here:


Platinum shapes and skin offers a free male skin.

SFD has a huge box of goodies including shirts with piping.  They have the whole spectrum of color so no worries about clashing with your dates.

KMADD has a large number of eyes to choose from as well as some great jeans, some tees, and a pair of boxers (pictured above).

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More Gifts

Witchin`Dress by Reasonable Desires – group gift (activate your group tag & click the sign instore)

Dress “Hecate mw 50” by Dragon and Rose Castle – Lucky Chair prize

Dress “Desperate Housewives” by Sin & Secrets – 1 Linden (small sign in the middle of the store)

Soraias Pumpkin Fun by SURAKAN (top pants, pumpkin nails) – free instore

Witch Hat tintable & halloween scarf by Gritty Kitty – 1 L instore

Skirt & Hat by Grim Bros – freebie box including more halloween stuff

Hair MaryJoanna (worn in black 2, red 2, white head) by EXXESS Design

Skin Eva 2.0 Norte Rosa by Imagen, Rezzday Hunt 1 Linden,

Bone Choker (worn with all dresses, free) & Almost Free Boots (1 L) by (=Cats of a Feather=)



Clover Mall Fall Hunt

“Welcome to our hunt! For your enjoyment we have placed some pumpkins in and around our shops here! You are looking for orange pumpkins. Some may be small and some may be large…you never know! Look high and low or you might miss one.
This hunt lasts from 10-01-08 to 10-31-08! Check back with us, because we may with the items inside our pumpkins!!!
Stores include:
Earth Jewel
Indigo Ink Tatoos
Made For You
Layla’s Closet
Skins and Shapes
O.C. Creations
Have fun:)”

Shown here are only a few of my great finds.

The 3 pretty dresses are by Phista!Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Black Latex Underwear and Purple Corset Shirt as well as the adorable Black Battered Leather Boots are by Clover. MadeForYou offers hot Blue Leatherpants. Layla`s Closet has hidden pumpkins containing a lovely red Butterfly Dress,   Sapphire Brocade Dress and Zig Zag outfit (comes with top, pants, belt, necklace, bracelets and earrings). A cute Green Beach Bikini can be found at Orage Creations.


Happy Hunting 🙂



Hunts @ LC Designs / DaneMarkZ / Paris Dreams

“33 Jack O lanterns ….Guys, Ladies and Unisex gifts all 0 L …. These pumpkins include our recent tattoo designs (that were just on sale last week last chance to get them before they are retired) ,  guys clothes , ladies clothes, and more… Each pumpkin has a free gift from our store and a fun freebie halloween item .. Jack O Lanterns are hidden all over the Sim and inside the Castle .. Good Luck Hunting”

LC Designs, Highlands IX 222, 108, 39

“From today, oct 2nd till all hallows eve DMZ has an extra reason to visit. In the shop and the fenced garden we hid Ten Small pumpkins – each containing a free present for you!!
All designs are DMZ Originals of course – amongst them two brand new halloween themed dresses that will only be available during october and only as hunt prizes!!
Find the pumpkins and buy them for 0 L$!!
They are numbered so you can keep track of wich you have and wich you  still need to find.”

DaneMarkZ, Zvjaginsev 197, 179, 51

Find 10 pumpkins in-store to get the complete outfit.

Paris Dreams, Terra Bordeaux 143, 162, 23

Jest Lucky Chair Waiting at Lemani Indigo

This Jester costume includes the dark skin and a Jester Dance animation and is a dollarbie at Lemani Indigo Designs.  The pink candy ponytail is called ALiCe.  This style was at the Hair Fair, but it is also a dollarbie gift from Sparkle Skye Designs at the Glamour Expo.

I just love Lemania Indigo’s creations.  They are all very unique and you will look and feel like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  While at the costume department, be sure to pick up the dollarbie Morticia skin.  In the main store you can grab the weekly dollarbie.  It is called Alligator Lace.

I was able to snag one of the dresses from the lucky chair.  This lucky chair is packed and I don’t know what all is in it.  I won three outfits so far.  The Beaded Butterfly Art Deco dress is great for a classy night club.   I adore the pink Happily Ever After dress, it is quite stunning.  For all of you costume hunters, the Bride of Frankenstein costume is great for any scary Halloween party.  The Bride of Frankenstein includes hair and skin.

The heels I am wearing with these dresses are the Black Vampish Lucite stiletoes from Shoe Fly Shoes.  This weekend you can grab a free 200L gift card from the gift card vendor.  Using this gift card I was able to get the 150L Vampish Lucite heels absolutely free.  With a 200L gift card there are 14 free pairs, 35 pairs that are 50L and under, and around 200 pair between 75L and 350L.  I am wearing dollarbie Kensei hair from Truth.  The Kensei hair is a unisex hair.  It is a dollarbie from Truth.  There are four other dollarbie styles next to the Kensei hair.

Also…  Mark your calendar because on the 11th there will be a Halloween hunt at Lemani Indigo Designs.  I will be there wearing one of Lemania’s low lag skin creations.  If you haven’t gotten one of these lowlag looks, you can grab one at the Glamour Expo.



*Lemani Indigo Designs: Jester costume (L$1), Morticia Skin (L$1)
S Crystal Springs ( 18/29/22 )

*Lemani Indigo Designs: Alligator Lace (L$1), Happily Ever After (Lucky Chair – L$0)
S Crystal Springs ( 168/140/23 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Clear – Black Vampish (Free after 200L Gift card – L$0)
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

*Truth: Kensei Hair (L$1)
Truth Island ( 125/99/25 )

*Sparkle Skye Designs @ Glamour Expo: Pink ALiCe (L$1)
VANITY UNIVERSE ( 135/121/601 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )