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Some Like It Hot by Cilian Shepherd


Cilia Shepherd was so kind to inform me about her store Cilian`gel, Valefar 42, 188, 292. Thank you, Cilia!

The store isn´t officially openend but tp over and have a look for yourself, it´s worth your time. Check out the whole place … the pretty designs in-store a well as the outside area. It´s not only a shopping area, you can also find very nice places to relax 🙂

As a “pre-opening gift” Cilia Sheperd offers a dress called “Some Like It Hot”. This sexy thing comes with panties, top, jacket, bra, gloves, stockings, short and longer skirt.

Another cute freebie is the “top Bonbon rose”.

You can find both freebie boxes on the third floor.

In your freebie box you will also find a notecard with landmarks to explore this place.

Enjoy,  and look forward to the Grand Opening (end of September) of Cilian`gel 🙂

Skin: Calla “Morning Light Browns Deep Gold Marilyn” (former group gift)

Hair: Stringer`s “TSM Lasher in black” (Texture Testers, free and wearable demos)


Author: hsm


2 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot by Cilian Shepherd

  1. The boxes are on the 3rd floor now.


  2. thank you, Lisa, I´ve updated the post.


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