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Oh so Glamourous!

So have you been to the Glamour Expo yet? If you haven’t gone by there yet, you really should.  The Glamour Expo opened on September 27th, 2008 at 9am SLT and will last until the end of October.   There are 55 international designers represented, both well known designers as well as newcomers.  The designers at the expo are showcasing their latest party fashion and formal wear for men and women.  Nearly every designer has a gift out for free or nearly free.  It is really worth the time to look at every store.  All of these glamourous outfits I am wearing can be found at the Glamour Expo.

In the top picture I am wearing a white gown with black Snowflake top.  This dress is named London Calling and is from the Sascha’s Designs booth.  The red strappy long satin formal evening gown (below) is from the VictoriaV Fashion booth.  I’ve actually had this dress in my inventory for a while and I wear ball room dancing a lot.  The black classy pants jumpsuit is from Ibizarre Colette.  The marroon “Cayon Classic” evening gown is a dollarbie from the LMC booth.  You must be a group member to purchase this gorgous Lilleth Mills Couture dress.  The black and red low cut frilly cocktail dress is a freebie from Fredas.  There is also a really nice men’s gift at this booth.

The Shabby Chic booth has an adorable little picture frame and this cute grey “Let them Eat Cake” cocktail dress.  This dress is really cute and would even look nice on a child AV.  The black seductive feather cocktail dress is from paquet cadeau.  This dress moves quite nicely and is unique as well.  There are also a few outfits that aren’t as dressy for the more relaxed look.  I felt like I was back in the 80’s in the grey leggings and pink “Dress Rock and Glam” tank dress from the Emery booth.  The blue “Hangin Around Home” crotched jumper jacket over the flowered tank with stipped biker pants is another gift that is at the Fredas booth.  L.K.DESIGN has really nice casual Fly Pants and a rosa spitzen shirt as the Glamour Expo gift.

While I was trying all these wonderful dresses from the Glamour Expo, Fine Delight passed me her latest dollarbie.  These Ruby Red Slippers can be found at Something Different.  Oh and there’s a new group member shoe at Shoe Fly Shoes.  The silver and black Chained Heat #1 pumps are free for all group members and can be found in the entrance of the main store.  The designer CCTV loves to give gifts to his groupie girls and these shoes were specially made to celebrate the 2000 group member mark.

Lemania Indigo wins the most unique expo gift award with her dollarbie Glam Warrior Fight Lag! skin and outfit.  The outfit includes a Warrior mini skirt and Hat.  This golden look can only be found at the Expo and is perfect for fighting the lag!

Hazel posted on the dollarbie Ariel skin pack before, but this skin from Beauty Avatar is very beautiful and comes with and without a beauty mark over the upper lip.  The box includes the black Illusion dress (see picture below) and six different skins.  This skin pack wont be out long so grab it quick!  I am wearing the free Taevin unisex hair from the Curl up and Dye Salon.  I normally wear longer hair but it’s really hard to capture the beauty in all these dresses wearing long hair.



*Glamour Expo: Gifts from most designers (L$0-L$10)
VANITY UNIVERSE ( 135/121/601 )

*Something Different: Ruby Red Slippers (L$1)
Mitten ( 247/242/39 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Chained Heat #1 Pump – 2000 member Group Shoe (Group – L$0)
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

*Curl up and Dye Salon: Taevin Hair (L$0)
Inari ( 35/188/400 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Beauty Avatar: Ariel Skin Pack (L$1)
World of Beauty ( 82/108/25 )



INDI new release and i’m going back to college

Guys hold onto your hats…take a look at what Philotic Energy has out to offer your hair collection.  I have to say i was super excited when i tried on the boyd collection (pictured below).  Took me back to my hackey sack days.  All i need now is a frisbee. Anyway, it is definitely worth grabbing.  There is also several other hair options there in every color you could imagine.

INDI Designs has started its new series of dollarbies.  The first release is his great pair of brown pants that every guy could use for his casual look.  So go grab this one and mark you calenders for next week to pick up the second release.

Over and Out.

Sexy Things by ZIBWARE, Damiani & Tousled

Here I am with something different – not cute this time but sexy :-))

“Elle hair 2 tone” is the October group gift by TOUSLED (touch the subscribe-o-matic to be added as a member, touch it aain, go to History, its the frist notice). You get “Elle” in black/pumpkin (worn), black/wheat , pumpkin/wheat, pumpkiin/black, wheat/black (worn) as well as in pumpkin  only. The colors are perfect for your Halloween gear. Also, I think it´s the next perfect hat hair …. just in case you want to wear a witch hat :-))

ZIBWARE offers a new freebie, it´s sitting on a table at the main floor along with other freebies/dollarbies. “Desiree Black” is sexy, hot, amazing … in my opinion, but I´m just a  “girl next door type” …. perhaps, I´m wrong. At the other hand … I can´t be that wrong because I tend to type “Desire” instead of “Desiree” 😉  However, I liked this dress at first sight. If you dare  wear it with a tiny top only, I didn´t. I`ve worn it without a top at all :-))

But just because I want to show off this wonderful “Gabrielle sunkissed Deco Tribal Skin” by Damiani Fashion Design. It isn´t free, you have to stump up 10 Linden if you want to own “Gabrielle Skin” – that´s a steal! Take a look at the eyes … just the “eye decoration” is worth much more than 10 Linden! You find  the skin pictured on a big sign at Damiani`s skin section.




My Strawberry Dream by katatOnik & Dakota Lubitsch

I hate Mondays. But I love strawberries … the color, the taste … and how they smell! Sooo … I tend to like Mondays a bit more when I can wear an adorable cute “Strawberry Dream” dress by katatOnik 🙂 This dress can be yours, too, if you are lucky and your letter comes up on the Lucky Chair.
I can`t stop staring at the dress … all those lovely details as bows and laces … and strawberries, of course! The texture is very well done!  Gloves and fishnet stockings are parts of your price, so all you need is a pair of matching shoes. I didn´t search for a long time because there are my beloved Loli*Sweet shoes by MAc. They go so well with this kind of dresses.

A dollarbie skin is slumbering in my inventory for a long time, and I´m sure this skin was dreaming of strawberries, too. Look at the lip color – strawberry lips 🙂 This ElohMod skin is simply called “1 LD skin by Dakota Lubitsch”. You find it as a pic on the wall at Dakota Lubitsch`s store.
My hair is not free, it´s just one of my favorites styles, no matter it´s a male style. “Michikan” by Bryce Designs, worn here in brunette-black, is 200 Linden (3 shades/pack).



She’s So Unusual… Dancing into the Halloween Spirit!

So ya know how I told you about the beautiful Blue Ornamental Tunic that I won from the lucky chair at Marinoco Fashion.  Well, there’s camping chairs for gorgeous outfits and a huge freebie wall as well.

Hazel actually pointed me in this direction.  I was telling her that I have tons of ball gowns but I wanted something new.  She asked, did you look at Marinoco Fashion?  Umm, I guess I was too busy wishing the letter would change to R to look at anything else but the Blue Tunic.

When I saw the lovely gowns on the freebie wall I knew I had to have them.  I absolutely love the details in the pink formal flowered ball gown, white flowered wedding gown, and black flowered wedding gown.  Yes, the last two are wedding gowns…  and yes, I’m single.  But these two dresses make such beautiful ball gowns and this single girl loves to dance and party!

If ball room dancing isn’t your thing but you still want an extremely nice dress then you really must grab the black gown with silver borders.  This simple evening gown is the perfect dress to complete your wardrobe.  The dress is stunning alone, but with the right jewelry this is absolutely breathtaking.  The black and white polka dot dress is great if you want the more casual look.

If you’re not really a dresses and ballroom girl no worries, Marinoco Fashion has something for you too.  There are gray striped Capri pants, a classy Snake skin top, pink sweetie pie top, turquoise polka dot bikini, and even long ponytail hair!

So by now you have probably noticed the oh so cute pumps I am wearing.  Aren’t these shoes adorable?  I was so excited to get the Cat Eye Pumps, Ghostly Pumps, and Skully Pumps from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  These Halloween pumps can be won from the lucky chair.  Syler and I have been on the search for Halloween costumes lately and these shoes are the first festive thing I’ve found that doesn’t cost a fortune.  If you happen to see any fabulous free (or almost free) costumes out there please let one of us know!

The Taevin hair is a unisex style free from the Curl up and Dye Salon.  I’m not really a short hair girl, but this hair is fun and sexy.  There is also a wearable color demo called Liberty and two chairs to camp for hair.  I am wearing the Natural Freckled Megan skin from the RockBerry lucky chair.  I can’t seem to take this skin off lately, it’s really beautiful.  If you haven’t won one of the eight skins yet tp over there and try your luck.



*Marinoco Fashion: Freebie Wall (L$0)
Sunny Island ( 169/173/22 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Cat Eye Pumps, Ghostly Pumps, Skully Pumps (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Unusual Isle ( 71/53/29 )

*Curl up and Dye Salon: Taevin Hair (L$0)
Inari ( 35/188/400 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*RockBerry: Megan Skins (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 20/57/67 )


RockMeAmadeus but SweeterThanCandy … DEJAVU (or just a dream)?

Good morning … it´s 6.30 am … too much coffee to keep me awake … now I´m sleepless in Vienna …:-))

Let´s start with the amazing hair, it´s a groupgift from +++DEJAVU+++. Look at LilKim Lovell`s (owner of DEJAVU) profile to join for free because the group is a bit tricky to find. The “HalloweenGift!!!” is dated 9/23, it´s still in the archives but hurry before its gone.  The blonde hair is named “Gokumori Ageha”, the black hair “Yuruhuwa Ageha”. Both are that pretty with all the butterflies 🙂

Sweeter Than Candy sent out a new group gift today to her subscribe-o-matic group members. “Ocean Blue Leather Mini” is a hot, little dress. And beautifully textured, too 🙂 Tp over to Sweeter Than Candy to be added as a group member by touching the subscrib-o-matic next the entrance. Oh, and have a look at the tons of freebies, dollarbies and bargains!

Rock Me Amadeus offers “Babydoll Duo” as a dollarbie. For only 1 Linden you get both pretty dresses – Black BabyDoll and Red BabyDoll.

I´m off for a very short nap … dreaming of shimmering butterflies … dressed in babydolls …stars and bows on it … fluttering across a blue ocean … full of sexy leather minis



Draconic Kiss from Biedermann

Like what you see? Cute, isn`t it? 🙂 This hat is part of the “Koneko Autumn” dress by Draconic Kiss.  You have to wait until your letter comes up. Yes, Lucky Chair time! Trust to your luck … and I`ll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)) “Koneko Autumn” comes with bloomers (pants), top, skirt, socks, ribbon (bow) and bonnet (hat) … put on the lovely detailled dress… ooh, look … so what have we got here? … a pretty little doll 🙂

Biedermann has sent out a notice announcing a new store and new releases. Nosey me tped over to Biedermann, Berenice Mall,  to have a look, and tripped over a freebie. “Berenice” hair is a perfect “hat hair” because it´s straight, but the frayed split ends give it that extra something. “Berenice” comes in black, blonde, bright red, brown, cocoa, golden blonde, charcoal, fiery red, bright silver, and strawberry blonde (worn black, bright silver, fiery red, golden blonde). The freebie bag is sitting on a table near the entrance.

The pretty skin “Megan A Tan” is a Lucky Chair prize (or was it on one of 4 Lucky Boards ….?) from Rockberry.

Good Luck!


Haven Ribbons for the Fall

I must confess some Lucky Chairs I keep going back to. I happened to get lucky at Haven Designs and there was a ? waiting for me when I arrived. This outfit is called Festival Ribbons and it covers all your important parts with ribbons and leaves in fall colors. The chair became a ? again and I was able to get Renee a copy too. While we were there, the owner, Delora Starbrook, came by as well. She is newly partnered to Queue Marlowe from Analog Dog. Congratz, ladies!

Rather than hunt around for the perfect skin, I used the colors on the leaves to make makeup for a Tropical skin for the FabFree update group.   Do a search in groups for the group called Fabulously Free in SL. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fabfree and it is the only choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 9/26/2008 with the subject Another Free Skins. (You might want to grab anything else in the archives.) You are now the proud owner of a box that contains a skin from Fabulously Free in SL. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives or until I makes some ads at put it at the HQ. So hurry!

Fabulously Free in SL: Tropical Haven Skin($0L group gift), Fantasy Eyes – Brown Rainbow($0L)

Haven Designs: Festival Ribbons($0L Lucky Chair)

Here Comes Trouble: Cumie – auburn($1L)
Troubled City(135,205,24)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea


Hazel is lazy. You may have noticed my short posts .. sorry, there´s so much free stuff and so little time. Also, I tend to struggle with my english more than usual when I´m terribly tired, and I AM tired! 🙂

Well, “me” is posing around in a cute, black “Halter chiffon dress” surrounded by romantic “branch lights”. Sounds cool, huh? :-)))) However … both items are dollarbies by **DP**yumyum. You find them sitting on a table on the second floor. “Halter chiffon dress” comes with  pants, shirt, skirt (3 sizes) and socks, decorated with a lovely lace.  “Branch lights” – it´s a decent decoration for Halloween as I like it – also comes in 3 sizes (shown here is size L).

Enjaaaaawww *yawns* Sorry! 🙂


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Adam n Eve: Picks Reward Gift No 3 and a Lucky Chair!

Adam n Eve`s picks reward gift has changed! This time we are pleased with a cosy, grey “Horizon” sweater. Quite my style! 🙂 Ooh, and you get both versions, male and female. All you have to do to get this gift is having Adam n Eves`s store in your profile picks, and click the picks reward sign.

And for all of you who loves “nature related furniture” and plants and flowers and all that jazz … there´s a Lucky Chair on Artis Nature (nature sim by sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla, you have to see it, great!). A few steps away from your landingpoint is a teleport sign. Choose “tree shop”. Once there you can see (at some distance) a group of toadstools. And a toadstool is your prize if you are a lucky one. The prize will change from time to time, so check back often.

Have fun!