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Find your Destiny at the Hair Fair!

Day 9 – HAIR FAIR ‘08

One of the most generous participants of the Hair Fair is from LaynieWear and Style You Destiny.  At this booth you can get dollarbie hair, clothes, skin, and poses.

First off from the LaynieWear booth the red/white Emilee hair with the Fire Fairy Cornsilk skin and costume.  Halloween is just around the corner and this look would be great for all you SheDevils!

Next, I am wearing the Burgundy Helen dress and Dark Faerie skin with the short carnival black Adra hair style.  The light cool brown Cindi hair with cat earred hat is perfect for girls of all ages.  I am wearing fun black stripe skin with Midnight Basic cuffed Capris and a long sleeve gathered Wench top.

With the medium auburn Astra hair, I am wearing a short sleeve gathered shirt and Midnight Basic Jeans. medium auburn Astra style.  The subtle skin I am wearing with the Astra style is called Nude4.  I am wearing Sparkle 3 skin and the blue Amie Peacock dress with the ash blonde Kate hair and hat.

The cuffed pink Basic Capris are adorable paired with the buttondown blueberry shirt from LayieWear.  With this adorable outfit I am wearing Vixen Silver Stripe skin and jade black Kate hair. There is also a pair of pink basic jeans in the huge dollarbie box of clothes.  I am wearing the belted blueberry buttondown shirt with the Snowflakes skin and black and white Marissa updo.

I am wearing the purple Swirly skin with the black/violet Dahlia hair style.  The green Cilantro Tabitha dress is another one of the many outfits in the dollarbie clothing box.  The Aztec makeup comes in 10 different skin tones.  If you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere fast just put on the brunette RoflCopter hair from LaynieWear and get there in a flash.  This hair puts out exhaust fumes and is based on a real life hair style.  I am wearing the dark denim Basic cuffed Capris and a pink belted button down shirt both of which can be found in the dollarbie gift at the Layniewear booth.  The Aztec makeup skin from SYD comes in ten different skin tones and can also be found at the Layniewear Hair Fair booth!  I am wearing the Barley skin tone.

For the guys you can get the sexy Kevin hair from the Calico Ingmann Creations booth.  And ladies, the medium length Alora style is in a gift for you.  Both of these styles come in a huge variety of colors.  The sexy brown and pink Veronica shorts and top are another gift from the LaynieWear booth!

The male skin is a freebie from Belleza.  I seriously need to find another place that has male freebie skin!

The black Ultimate Gladiator Mules are a special 1500 member group shoe from Shoe Fly Shoes.

*Catch me tomorrow for more free and dollarbie hair that you can only get at the hair fair.*

Here’s a list of the Hair Fair Participants (there are asterisks (*) by the hair I’ve covered thus far).

Hair Fair Participants:
* Adam n Eve
Adimu Specialty Salon
* Alice Project
* analog dog
Armidi Beauty
* Atelier Caraway
Baskin Bobbins
* BishHair
* booN
* BP
Bryce Designs
* Calico Ingmann Creations
* Color Me Couture
Comme il Faut – Le Salon
* Crimson + Clover
* Crush Factory
* Curio
* Curious Kitties
Curl Up and Dye Salon
* DamselFly Designs
Deviant Kitties
* Dernier Cri
* Discord Designs
* Diversity Hair
Draconic Kiss
Eat Rice
* Exile
Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
* Goldie Locks
* GuRL 6
* Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
* Hair Solutions
* Here Comes Trouble
* House of Heart
Jolie Femme
* Kin
* Kiss
Laydi Bailly
* LaynieWear
LOTSA Hair & Fashions
* Magika
* Maitreya
* Marlys
MAU’s & MEJ’s
* Mirada
Miss B
* Moonshine
* Mystikal Hair Designs
* Philotic Energy
* Pixel Dust
Pixelated Dreams
* Ravenwear
* Refuge
* Sanctum Hair
Sirena Hair
Sky Everett Designs
* SkyShop HairResort
* Sparkle Skye Designs
Tekeli-li! dark artistry
The Stringer Mausoleum
Tickled Pink
!TM – Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
Virtual Creations
Vixen Hairs
* Wilted Rose
Zero Style
Hair Fair 2008 – Pink, Rezzable Discover ( 205/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Red, Rezzable Discover ( 51/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Purple, Rezzable Discover ( 205/206/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Orange, Rezzable Discover ( 50/205/23 )

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Inga Wind + Skin Within + House of Heart = Delicious Results

Finally, a busy day has come to end … almost 😉 One more blog post … or two, maybe :-))

INGA WIND offers in her store in Pitreavie 160, 187, 38 a bunch of beautiful freebies and dollarbies (freebie wall in the back of the store). Shown in my pics are Lily Dress in black as well as in white -both are lovely designs and free -, the adorable Tango in gold dress (free) and one of Inga Wind`s dollarbies the cute swing with frame 🙂 I never can´t resist when I find this sort of stuff 🙂 The swing has 7 prims plus 1 prim for the frame. You can use it without frame, too.

Inga Wind`s free dresses come on 1 layer, each with pants, tops and skirt inkluding the belt. Very well done, pretty dresses! Also available for free or 1 Linden is jewellery. Take a look 🙂

Next we have a free gift (on the counter desk) given away be Delicious Results, Seeping Mire 53, 31, 24: the little, sexy Katelyn dress in grey.

The beautiful Ravishing Ruby dress can be found on the wall next the entrance to the catwalk. But hurry, I´m not sure how long this dress will be available for free! Head over to Delicious Results NOW 🙂

Oh, and don´t forget to check out the Lucky Chair and prize camp chair!

Skin Within offers a new “Profile Pic” gift, this time it´s the pretty Nadia Skin (natural, trimmed). Also included in the gift pack are Nadia shape new, brows and gold eyes. Shown here is only the skin, which will never be selled. It´s a special gift skin. Former gifts as Adhira Skin, eyes and manicures/pedicures are still offered.  To get all the goodies you have to add Skin Within to your profil picks. For more information and instructions please read Skin Within blog 🙂

A different version of Nadia skin you can get on the Lucky Chair 🙂 Good luck!

All hairstyles worn in my pics are the new HOH House of Heart gift (new release gift August 29th). Must I mention that all 4 hair styles are absolutely great?  More than great … Dirrty Gurl- birch, Margo – burgundy, Sable – cream and Wild Isabella – heather are adorable hair styles 🙂

Please, check out GRIDSTYLE.COM for infos about the ongoing Pickin Daisy`s Hunt ! Almost in front of you at your landingpoint is a hunt sign, where you can get infos too. I have to make it there later. Hopefully, I´m not too “laggy” 🙂

Shoes worn with Ravishing Ruby dress are Rachel heels in white (1 Linden) by Ruffian, a small dollarbie shop which I`ve already presented here. Check it out, maybe there´s something new 🙂


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Rahz Island – Opening and Hunt


Kyra Pfeffer was so kind to inform me of the opening of Rahz Island , Rahz Store 188, 66, 26, and the ongoing hunt, thanks again 🙂

Quote notecard (parts of it):

” The chain of stores .::Rahz Store::. open the  Rahz Island, totally devoted to fashion world . The Brazilian Fashion Circuit -??
Now you can find in a unique place the best of international fashionists stores,  Mega Free Studios, Forests and Theme SIMs: Rahz Island. It´s  66.000 sqm distributed in a SIM, whole devoted  to image and style.
So to commemorate we will  give for our clients  a funny hunting. There are 15  gifts boxes around the island, which it has theme sceneries to register  good times. The gifts are original products and some from old collection,  as clothes, acessories, shoes and boots. Come on and participate.

Date: 08/30/2008  – 10AM (Brazilia Time) / 4 PM PDT (Second Life Time)  until
09/02/2008 – 12 AM (Brazilia Time)/ 8 PM PDT(Second Life Time)

Rahzinha Pera

Just a few words about the hunt (sadly, I missed the grand opening): you are looking for boxes scattered all over the sim (look at my pics). At your landingpoint you will see a sign  (not part of the hunt): get shopping bags and boxes for free when you click the sign, funny stuff 🙂 Near this sign is a teleporter. Use it to get into the different areas of the sim (flying is not allowed).Take your time, walk around, the boxes aren´t small but not too easy to find.

The sim is adorable, great ….. I`m in love with this place 🙂 All my pics are taken on Rahz Island, at various areas (Wheat Field, Alana Dagger Photography, Schutteltanz Square ….). I will come back to take a very, very close look … and taking more pics, I´m sure 🙂

Of course, not only the sim is wonderful, also your hunt gifts! I´m in an incredible hurry today … I didn´t manage to find all 14 (I think there should be 14 …) boxes (purchase for 0, nada, nothing, free!). I don´t list the designer of my finds, my apologizes! Please, look for yourself who´s the designer of your gifts. They are all great! Thank you 🙂

What I`ve found is what you can see in my pics: Bombom Bikini pink, Bombom Bikini blue, Dagger Shortcut Shoes 6, Social Maron (pants+jacket), Aztec Jewel Tunic, Blue Dress (pants, top, skirt), Green Pants There, Dawnboots II Summery Suede, Social Sexy (black skirt with belt, white blouse). I hope, I didn´t forget anything 🙂

Worn in all pics:

Hair Julia Dark Blonde (comes in a brown shade, too), latest gift from Tousled (head over to the store and click the subscribe-o-matic, it´s the first notice). It´s a cute style 🙂

Tanned Skin – I like the eye make up! –  Royal Design, 1 Linden (a box sitting on the ground instore)

On to the pics!  Have a great day, enjoy 🙂