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B@R Gives Me the Royal Treatment

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B@R is having a cool scavenger hunt that awards some pretty nifty gifts for solving clues from a story. No need to work, this scavenger hunt is easy. The only tricky part might be the last two clues (think flight feather and on #4 and sit on #5). For your work as a super sleuth, you get two wonderful dresses for girls a great suit of armor for guys, and a crystal dragon avatar (mm.. gender to be determined).

To start the hunt, teleport here and buy the book on the pedestal for 0$L. Read the first chapter, and follow the hints to get the first parts of the treasure. You will have to get each chapter of the story to complete the hunt. HINT: Do NOT right click on the objects.

B@R Treasure Hunt Starting point: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/26/218/402

Good luck worthy adventurers!

Happy Hunting!
~ Shangreloo

One thought on “B@R Gives Me the Royal Treatment

  1. Hi,

    There is also an additional item in the Bare Rose Hunt.

    Additional Hunt: If the hunting was easy, please try following this one too… HINT – In Black Cat: Dragon tear, two gargoyles watching it.

    (As copied from Bare Rose notecard) =)


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