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I love hippie style and “retro touched” stuff, you already know it! I`m a cat lover. No matter what size the cats are, I love them all. You already know this, too. Did you know that I´m a bit crazy sometimes? Well, after reading my post you will be informed about my “lunacy” *LOL*

Dany Bimbogani left a tip on our hotline (thank you!), and I decided to take a look at LEYDA STYLE`s dollarbies. I saw jeans, great! But when I saw the new dollarbie offer “Baba Cool Outfit” … and started to do the “Hippy Hippy Shake” … *LOL* An old Beatles song, I think most of you are too young to know it 🙂 However, “Baba Cool” was a must have, quite my style again :-). Then I shaked it to the left, I shaked it to the right *giggles* (sorry, still humming this old song!) …… but there was no way for me to left LEYDA STYLE´s shop before I had “Leopard Jacket” (it´s 1 Linden) and matching pants (not free, 5 Linden) in my bag! For Godness`sake, here are the lyrics, so that you know what I´m talking about :-))). Crazy me, but I´m just in a awful good mood, and I`m happy with my new outfits :-))

What shoes to wear? I remembered a notice about dollarbie heels, tiger striped … so I “tped” head over heels over to LUNACY to grab the great “Prozaak Heels Tiger Stripe” for 1 Linden before they are gone (there´s a wall/sign with Prozaak heels, but only the tiger striped heels are a dollarbie).

Next stop was at VACANO & STINE. The store is redecorated now, it looks really cool. Also the Lucky Chair filled with some retro furniture and cute ballerinas is still there. The free offer are the cute “Pike Fetish Deluxe Plum Shoes” . You`ll find your “fetish” on the table amongst other normal prized shoes. But they are plum … easy to find :-)) I wear them together with the “Baba Cool” outfit. I know, it´s more “a retro-fetish meets hippie style” but quite charming 😉 Quickie time … better go now for both pair of shoes (if you are in the need of a fetish or prozaak *coughs*) Huh? Oooh, yes, of course, I already had my medicines today :-)))

Okay … to come to an end: my pretty skin is “Rose Petal”, a dollarbie by SYD, and the gorgeous hair with hat is “Liv natred” (part of wearable “Natural Color Demos”) by BEWITCHED.

Enjoy, have fun! And beware of a crazy, old chick (in german: verrücktes, altes Huhn*ggg*) called

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B@R Gives Me the Royal Treatment

B@R is having a cool scavenger hunt that awards some pretty nifty gifts for solving clues from a story. No need to work, this scavenger hunt is easy. The only tricky part might be the last two clues (think flight feather and on #4 and sit on #5). For your work as a super sleuth, you get two wonderful dresses for girls a great suit of armor for guys, and a crystal dragon avatar (mm.. gender to be determined).

To start the hunt, teleport here and buy the book on the pedestal for 0$L. Read the first chapter, and follow the hints to get the first parts of the treasure. You will have to get each chapter of the story to complete the hunt. HINT: Do NOT right click on the objects.

B@R Treasure Hunt Starting point: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bare%20Rose/26/218/402

Good luck worthy adventurers!

Happy Hunting!
~ Shangreloo

Sweet Kajira is a Sinner ;-)

Hallo, meine Lieben – Hello, my dears 🙂

Do you have an “inner Kajira”? I do 🙂 I received a Fabulously Free in SL group notice from A Dae of Elegance (thanks Daeden Jessop for letting us know!) and I had to see “Daeden`s Sweet Kajira”Rainbow. This Kajira outfit is free for a limited time only, so you better go now! Quickie Alert 😉 For the case you want to buy it for 400 Linden, go later :-))) Don´t forget to look around at the store, there aren´t only Kajira outfits but also some other pretty stuff as hats, masks and more. A Dae of Elegance also offers “50 Linden Gift Certificates” for free!

“Daeden`s Sweet Kajira” comes with an amazing skirt, bustier, arm bands and anklets. I like the skirt a lot 🙂 I think, it can be worn along with a nice top, too. And panties, don´t forget to wear matching panties underneath :-)))

SINdecade`s group gift – “Auri Vroom Sinner Edition Skin” – was perfect to complete my very own Kajira style 🙂 The bright, colorful make up amazed me …. I couldn´t stop staring at the mirror :-)) To join (free) SINdecade`s group, go to group search, use the phrase “sindecade”, it´s the only choice. This great group gift is still in the notices archives, dated 8/26/2008.

What else? Uuuh, yes …. you should always be a nice and grateful Kajira 🙂

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More Hair… and Clothes!!!

Day 6 – HAIR FAIR ‘08

I have more beautiful hair to show you!

The Hair Fair gift from BP includes four styles.  I think all of these styles would look adorable on a child AV; they are so innocent.  The brown Happy girlhood pigtail hair with hat, black short Wig Hair, gold twin tail style with watermelon ball ties,  and the ash child twin tail with leather ball pigtail hair bands can only be found at the hair fair booth.

Bishwear gives us this black S1Midnight style.

The gift from Exile comes with four pair of jeans, three shirts, and two short hair styles in many colors.  The Shay hair comes in citrus, cosmic, darkshade, desertrose, mulberry, and nightshade.  I am wearing the darkshade in the Shay style.  The shorter Aries hair comes in berry, citrus, cosmic, darkshade, desertrose, nightshade, and scarlet.  These styles are cute for the ladies, but they would look just as nice on the guys, if not better!

The outfits in the Exile gift include these dark wash jeans and purple/brown tied shirt, orange pants and wool shirt, grey snake bitepants and grey textured shirt, and a pair of blue jeans (not shown).

Now I’m off in search of shoes!

*Catch me tomorrow for more free and dollarbie hair that you can only get at the hair fair.*

Here’s a list of the Hair Fair Participants (there are asterisks (*) by the hair I’ve covered thus far).

Hair Fair Participants:
* Adam n Eve
Adimu Specialty Salon
Alice Project
* analog dog
Armidi Beauty
Atelier Caraway
Baskin Bobbins
* BishHair
* booN
* BP
Bryce Designs
Calico Ingmann Creations
* Color Me Couture
Comme il Faut – Le Salon

* Crimson + Clover

* Crush Factory
* Curio
* Curious Kitties
Curl Up and Dye Salon
* DamselFly Designs
Deviant Kitties
* Dernier Cri
Discord Designs
Diversity Hair
Draconic Kiss
Eat Rice
* Exile
Find Ash~Find Attractive stylish hair~
Goldie Locks
GuRL 6
* Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
Hair Solutions
* Here Comes Trouble
* House of Heart
Jolie Femme
Laydi Bailly
LOTSA Hair & Fashions
* Magika
* Marlys
MAU’s & MEJ’s
* Mirada
Miss B
Mystikal Hair Designs
* Philotic Energy
* Pixel Dust
Pixelated Dreams
* Sanctum Hair
Sirena Hair
Sky Everett Designs
SkyShop HairResort
* Sparkle Skye Designs
Tekeli-li! dark artistry
The Stringer Mausoleum
Tickled Pink
!TM – Hair Styles by Tami McCoy
Virtual Creations
Vixen Hairs
* Wilted Rose
Zero Style

Hair Fair 2008 – Pink, Rezzable Discover ( 205/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Red, Rezzable Discover ( 51/51/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Purple, Rezzable Discover ( 205/206/23 )

Hair Fair 2008 – Orange, Rezzable Discover ( 50/205/23 )